Thursday, December 24, 2015

Top 20 Countdown Continues! Number 8: Kill La Kill (Toonami): "Into the Night". キルラキル

We head back to Kill La Kill in our Number 8 spot as a battle is already in progress after daughter betrays mother in the last episode...yeah, that happened. Coming in with Number 8 in our Top 20 Countdown is Kill La Kill, “Into the Night”.

Recaping from last episode is that Satsuki betrays her mother, Ragyo, by stabbing her in the back, well front, saying that her and Honouji Academy saying “You know what, fuck you, we’re not playing your little game anymore.” And that’s why we have this battle going on between them and Ragyo, even though Ryuko wants to fight Satsuki and Ragyo. So shit, Ryuko, what now?

Also from last episode, everyone in the stands turned into life fibers, everyone except for Mataro, who pretended to have the life fibers that everyone wore. Anyway, while the battle is taken place, Mako told everyone to evacuate as the battle is already in progress, told by Gamagori and the rest of the Elite Four. Luckily, everyone evacuated safely as the battle progresses.

Of course, Ragyo got out from Satsuki’s sword and mind controlled the One Stars and used them as her own army and fight against Satsuki, Ryuko, the Elite Four, and Nudist Beach. In which in one part of the episode, Ragyo even took over Ryuko for a bit before being break free via willpower...and slapping the sense out of her before fighting against Nui.

It’s mother vs. daughter in this scene between Satsuki and Ragyo and...things aren’t looking too good for Satsuki, who is getting her ass handed by Ragyo head on. So much that she broke her sword and robbed Junketsu from her and beginning wearing it and threw an badly injured Satsuki to the wall before activating the wardrobe.

By the time she activated Junketsu, she attacked Ryuko head on by ripping her heart out of her body, finding out that Ryuko’s heart is filled with Life Fibers. Meaning that Ryuko is Ragyo’s long lost daughter. Talk about an “Empire Strikes Back” moment when revealing that you’re a long lost relative to that somebody, even if that somebody is a evil person.

So why did this episode got the Number 8? Mostly around the ending of the episode when revealed that Ryuko is Ragyo’s daughter. Pretty shocked when I first saw that moment, reminded me of “Empire Strikes Back” when finding out that Darth Vader is Luke’s about poor parenting skills when about to kill your long lost relative. The ending was shocking and the episode itself is all action and suspense filled in one episode of this series. And when I first saw on Adult Swim back in June, man, this is crazy. This episode is crazy. Any who, that’s it for our Number 8 spot of the Top 20 Countdown of the 2015 Fandom Season. Have yourself a Happy Holidays and a New Year for you guys and if you don’t celebrate it, then have a safe and pleasant tomorrow. Stay tuned for our Number 7 spot of the Top 20 Countdown as we head back to the Whoniverse for a perfect season start up, just in time for the Christmas Special. That’s it from me at Top 20 Countdown and I’ll see you tomorrow!