Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Semifinal Countdown of the Top 20! Number 3: Rick and Morty: “The Wedding Squanchers”

We have finally reached the semifinals of the Top 20 Countdown and coming in at Number 3, as the year 2015 is coming to an end, it’s the wedding of the galaxy, ruined when the government interfering this special day. Here’s Number 3, Rick and Morty, “The Wedding Squanchers”.

Okay Rick and Morty fans, admit it. You were either shocked and/or depressed over this episode. Because, holy shit, you would never imagine this would end the second season of Rick and Morty, and now we’re left here...standing in the cold...or locked up in a intergalactic prison...waiting for Season 3 to come. 

And how all of this started? Well, it started with the Smith-Sanchez family getting an invitation to a wedding between Bird Person and Tammy, which you, the reader, might question, “They’re going to a wedding, how is this ranked Number 3 in the Top 20 Countdown?” Well Paul, it’s simple, you’re going to have to wait and see what happens at the reception. Anyway, while the invitation robot took Jerry, the family are excited and ready to go to the wedding...everyone except for Rick, which he should be happy because it’s his best friend’s wedding.

Of course, the wedding overall looks fantastic. And of course, Rick had to follow Morty’s advice and be happy for once now that his best friend is getting married. Speaking of that, the two finally tied the knot and the reception scene is amazing, most importantly around Rick’s speech. I mean, it’s not like something bad happen? Right? Right? Right? Okay, you already know something bad happens.

When Tammy makes a speech at the reception, she revealed that she worked for the Galactic Federation. Not to mention, killing Bird Person. Not to mention, bringing in officers into the wedding. Not to mention, creating panic in the wedding. Not to mention, have to give up his portal gun, but not before overriding the gun enough to kill some of the officers in it’s path. And as Squanchy takes on the officers, Rick, Morty, Summer, Beth, and Jerry escapes from the scene of course, not before fending off against Tammy’s parents...or was Tammy’s parents. Remember parents, or soon to be parents, don’t name your child “Tammy”. 

We have revelation on Rick, which kind of hinted back in “Mortynight Run”, that him and the government don’t get along. As in, Rick teamed up with the late Bird Person and a group of rebels to fend off against the Galactic Federation. It’s like Star Wars with the Empire and the Rebellion...or The Resistance and the First Order. Haven’t watched the new Star Wars movie, so do not spoil anything! Anyway, the family would head back home to Earth to forget this ever happen...except for one major flaw...or two...that the Federation will look for them if they return to Earth under Federation control. That means that the family now need to find a new place to live, which to Rick, there are 765 planets that looked like Earth, but found only 3 that are not controlled by the Federation. Here’s the first one...

...the first planet they found seems fine to them, despite landing in a cornfield, on a planet where plants, animals, objects, everything is on a cob. That’s where Rick tells the family to get on the ship and leave the cob planet and head to a new one.

However, the second planet they have landed has a screaming sun that lasted for 42 hours. don’t want to live in a planet that has a screaming sun in the sky for 42 hours. So, they had to go to the last planet...which is a small planet. And no, it’s not Pluto.

Of course, while in the small planet, the family heard that the Earth is now under Galactic Federation control and as Rick heads out to explore the planet, and enters the cave, he overheard Jerry arguing with his family over Rick, stating that he’ll be the one to Rick in to the Federation. But Morty, Summer, and Beth refused to do that, willing to put up with Rick’s antics. And to Beth’s response, don’t want Rick to leave her again. In which when Rick finished overhearing the family, he had to make the ultimate sacrifice, as in order to get the family back to Earth without getting harmed, he has to turn himself in to the government. But not before saying goodbye to Morty first, thought he’s going to go get some ice cream. But Morty said to Rick that he CAN handle Rick’s departure, but it’ll break Beth’s heart. Total sacrifice written in the books. And when Rick got out of the small planet, he called the Federation, pretending as Jerry, to turn Rick in at a random bar at a random planet and of course, getting the family back to Earth safely. And by the time Rick drinks his final drink as a free man, he got out of the bar and turned himself in. And for the family...

The family did safely got into Earth all thanks to Rick turning himself in. And by the time they got back to Earth, under Galactic Federation rule, and Jerry now has to report to the employment office, which is good for Jerry, but for the about mixed feelings. And for Rick...

Locked up in prison. With no bail or parole possible. I mean, he got locked up for everything, everything he has done against this intergalactic government. And for the look of things, a possible setup for Season 3 of the show. I’m guessing Morty might be the one who may free Rick from prison. And that’s where Season 2 comes to an end, with Rick locked up in prison.

Let’s not forget about Mr. Poopy Butthole breaking the fourth wall at the post credit scene. Nice to see him still recovering after Beth accidentally shot him in the nerves. Attacking the pizza man with questions about the outcomes for Season 3.

So why did this episode got the bronze medal in the Top 20 Countdown. If you’re a fan of Rick and Morty, oh man, you guys never knew that the show is taking a whole new direction with this episode. Thought it’s going to be a normal Rick and Morty adventure, but that when the reception scene happens and...shit, did not see that one coming. And what’s more shocking in this episode is Rick’s unintentional surrender to the Galactic Federation. And the song they played for Rick’s time in prison, oh...perfect. Perfect piece of background the show can offer to close out the second season. And like I said, perfect setup for Season 3. And the ending is so crazy, that I think that after the episode premiered, Adult Swim put up a hotline on the ending. Could be wrong on that. But Season 2 comes to a bitter close, and it looks like we’re going to have to wait for Season 3 in like a year and half or maybe longer. But that’s it for our Number 3 spot in our Top 20 Countdown, and holy shit, we have now reached our Final 2 Countdown of 2015. So...stay tuned tomorrow as I revealed the Number 2 spot of the countdown as we prepare to end 2015.