Monday, December 21, 2015

Top 20 Countdown Continues! Number 11: Star vs. The Forces of Evil: "Storm the Castle"

Like both Rick and Morty and Steven Universe, you would never imagine seeing this fandom making it to the Top 20 Countdown. And this episode is a mission to save a friend, with a sacrifice about to be made. Coming in with Number 11, it’s Star vs. The Forces of Evil, “Storm the Castle”.

One or two words to describe this episode was phenomenal, yet either emotional or suspenseful, for the most parts, mostly around the second part. Anyway, the beginning of the episode seems to have a slow start with Marco and Star going on another adventure, this time retrieving a sandwich, when suddenly, the plan goes downhill as the monster awakens when Star almost got the sandwich. Marco wants out but Star still wants to retrieve the sandwich. They got back to the Earth dimension, nearly got killed, and their relationship are in the rocks when when heading back to their rooms. Where she falls asleep at the room till she wakes hours later and felt bad, but by the time she head towards Marco’s room to apologize, he went missing and got a message that if she wants to get Marco back, she has to hand over the wand. And that’s where Star is heading out to find Marco on her own.

And unless you may have lived under a rock is that at the end of last episode, Ludo was overthrown by Toffee following his failures of getting the wand from Star’s hand. So where is Ludo now? With Buff Frog, who is also got thrown out by Toffee (and Ludo). While bickering, here comes Star, rushing towards the castle when notices both Ludo and Buff Frog and attacked them, thought Ludo have Marco held hostage but she didn’t know is that Toffee overthrown him. Which is kinda surprising that Star don’t even know who Toffee is, but Toffee knows about Star. And with no other choice, Star teamed up with both Ludo and Buff Frog to save Marco.

I totally like the idea of Marco taunting Toffee when being trapped in a glass cage. Dude called Toffee a “lawyer” because of the way he dressed and the way he talked. Despite that Toffee is not a lawyer, he’s just an evil mastermind that doesn’t give two shits on what you said. This is why Toffee is the perfect antagonist at the job, so chill and relaxed without going mainly insane or acting like a whiny douche. Or an asshole like Donald Trump.

Anyway, Star saw Marco trapped and begin to charge head on, fought against the Ludo’s henchmen, with the help of Buff Frog, to get Marco out. The only problem is that the cage is magic proof. Star continues to use magic to break the glass, again, doesn’t work. Until Star use her most powerful attack to break the glass, which it worked, she broke the glass till...yeah...the glass fixes itself. And by the time the glass cage about to squish Marco to the ground, Star hand over the wand to Toffee. But...Toffee don’t even want the wand to begin with. Does not want to be compared to Ludo. No, he wants Star to DESTROY the wand.

Yes, Toffee wants Star to destroy the wand. In which Star doesn’t know how but Toffee knows that it’s the first spell that her mother told her when retrieving the wand, the Whisper Spell. And it looked like Star has no other choice, it looked like a sacrifice has to be made in order to save Marco.

The part where you see the wand falling apart, that was the most hard to watch if you’re a fan of this show. You can see the wings of the wand about to fall off, the star turning black, even the unicorn in the wand got out and whispers to Star’s ears. A sacrifice being made when saving a friend. And thought the job was done, nope, because the wand self destruct, releasing massive amounts of energy, enough to blow up Ludo’s castle. So much that we don’t even know what happened to either Toffee or Ludo, even though Ludo popped out from an egg, which...congrats, you witnessed the miracle of birth. Of course, Star and Marco survived the blast because they went to the box for safety.

Of course, we got an updated version of Star’s wand when the crystals appeared out of nowhere. Let’s talk about the new version of the’s the same but the wings are high up, the center where the star is placed is light blue, the handle design is different, and of course, only the first half of the star is on the wand. Anyway, by the time Star retrieved the new wand, the Mewni army arrived at the scene and who contacted the army? Marco’s parents. By the time they went to Mewni to talk to Star’s parents, Star’s Mother hugged Star, thought she be angry at her, but glad for her to be safe and ready to make a new wand. And as Star and the Diazes chased Mrs. Diaz in a wild horse chase, the Butterflies contact Glossaryck, in which Glossaryck responded that the wand can be fixed, as long as the other piece of the star is not left behind... got left behind. Left behind in the monster dimension. Can someone say setup for Season 2? Because this feels like the perfect setup for the upcoming second season. Will the other half of the star falls to the wrong hand? Or will Star and Marco will retrieve that other half? Looks like we’re going to wait and see.

So why did this episode got the Number 11 spot? Mainly because this feels like the perfect end to Season 1 and the perfect setup for Season 2. Because, who knows what will happen next as we enter the new season. We did get some action from Star as she charges in against Toffee and the rest of Ludo’s henchmen to rescue Marco. Hell, the moment where Star give it her all to break the glass box, that’s something that we haven’t seen in like ever. And the part where the wand begins to fall apart via Star activating the Whisper Spell, pretty hard to watch. But of course, this episode is deemed rewatchable. Anyway, we are done with the first half of the Top 20 Countdown of the 2015 Fandom Season and it looks like we are now only 10 days left till the end of 2015 and of course, 11 days till 2016 starts. So anyway, stay tuned tomorrow as we enter the Final 10 Countdown as a special day for a character turned into girl problems with the other.