Sunday, December 13, 2015

Top 20 Countdown Continues! Number 19: Rick and Morty: "Auto Erotic Assimilation"

Continuing with our Top 20 Countdown of the 2015 Fandom Season is something that mixed emotions in the duration of the episode, revolving around our favorite scientist of a granddad and his relationship. Coming in with Number 19, Rick and Morty, “Auto Erotic Assimilation”.

This is the third episode of it’s second season and I never imagine, or in case, the fans, to get that emotional revolving around the character Rick Sanchez.

So it is revealed that Rick was once in a relationship with an alien girl named Unity, who controlled her entire planet, not to mention, the minds of every alien being in that planet. I’m guessing that their relationship is possibly around after Rick left Beth and her family and reuniting with his daughter and moves in to the garage.

Of course, everything went downhill when the citizens of Beta 7 got their memories back and cause major chaos around the planet. If it weren’t for Unity saving Morty and Summer from the crossfire, they would be in deep doo-doo.

Of course, what Summer and Morty did not noticed is that both Rick and Unity were partying. I mean, following the mess that is going on right now with Beta 7 and it’s people, you decided to party with your ex-lover and not give one shit about to ongoing situation? This is what I don’t get about politics, man. Anyway, Morty and Summer want to go back home, in which Rick denied and had to send Morty and Summer back without him because of the fun he’s having, which worried Unity. And by the time Rick returned from using the bathroom, Unity left the building, leaving a note, stating that even though they have the perfect time together, it’s not going to work out. Which leaves Rick, after returning back to Earth, depressed, trying to attempt suicide via death ray, which of course, knocked him out day in and day out.

So I’m guessing the reason why this episode fall into the Number 19 spot is of course, the ending, as in before the post-credit scene with Rick trying to attempt suicide via death ray. That ending may have sadden most of the fandom because when you looked at Rick’s facial expression after Unity went off to god knows where, that’s a side of Rick that we haven’t seen since the series started. That is character development at it’s best. And the song used for the ending, “Do You Feel It” by Chaos Chaos, perfect fit for the ending of the episode. But wait till Episode 10 of the Second Season, because that’s where another song at the end will top this song from the third episode. So, I like to apologize for giving away spoilers. Anyway, that’s enough with Number 19 in our Top 20 Countdown of 2015, tune in tomorrow with our Number 18 spot with an invasion following a failed cease fire. That’s interesting, so stay tuned for tomorrow.