Sunday, December 20, 2015

Top 20 Countdown Continues! Number 12: Regular Show: "Brilliant Century Duck Crisis Special". レギュラー

Coming in with Number 12 in our Top 20 Countdown is an episode that you never imagine seeing a full episode taking a homage of Anime and Manga and Capitalism and put it into one. And this one should blow your minds. Coming in with Number 12 in our Top 20 Countdown of 2015 is Regular Show, “Brilliant Century Duck Crisis Special”.

How do I describe this episode of Regular Show? Oh yeah, pretty insane for the most parts. Mainly because this episode is one huge pile of Anime and Manga references and there’s a lot to talk to about as we progress in this countdown.

So, according to the synopsis of this episode, it states that Mordecai, Rigby, and the gang faced an epic battle with the toy company. Mainly due to Mordecai and Rigby getting the Carter and Briggs action figures that was cheaply made and not the money they spent to get the figures. One of the parts fell to Benson’s food and before he got mad at the two, we have Pops coming in panic mode, thought it was some prehistoric creature. Revealed to be a Cassowary by Skips (which the Cassowary are still around today), Benson told Mordecai and Rigby to contain and get rid of the Cassowary from the park, but failed.

It wasn’t call the “Brilliant Century DUCK Crisis” for nothing as the Baby Ducks make their triumph return to help out Mordecai and Rigby getting rid of the Cassowary. That was until a limo arrives at the scene and it found out to be the owner of the toy company that made the figures and it was revealed that the Baby Ducks were given an opportunity to sign a deal with these guys, but they kept on refusing. And the owner want Mordecai and Rigby to sign the contracts, which of course, they refused.

Besides the Ducks making their return, it’s the Geese that making their return as well, siding with the toy company. And of course, that’s where the epic battle is about to commence.

The battle in the second half of the half hour special...woo...where do I begin with this? I mean, this battle, by far, the most tense I ever watched in any Western Animated Shows, for 2015 at least. You see a lot of references to any Anime and Manga in the duration of the battle from any of the Gundam series to Power Rangers, hell, even Gurren Laggan when pulling out the weapon, forming all ships into one powerful ship, even splitting the freaking moon. Which for a Cartoon Network show like Regular Show, perfect homage to Gurren Laggan, which ended it’s run just earlier this year on the Toonami block on Adult Swim. Not to mention, in the climax of the battle when Benson told Mordecai and Rigby that they’re right on not trying to sell out and that it’s the principle when the owners of the toy company tried to use force on the ship Mordecai, Rigby, and the gang were piloting. From agreeing on signing the contract to not trying to sell based on the principle, it’s like Benson’s mind was made up in just 15-20 minutes time. Let’s also not to mention that one part during the fight when the toy company ask the kids in their show room what they think about their upcoming product. Yeah.

Even though it’s the third episode that featured the Baby Ducks, it also the third episode to see the Earth or this case, Park, turned into dust. Thought Benson was going to be mad, same old, same old, but in this episode, he got excited. Not to mention that the Ducks and the Geese became allies and the toy owners survived the blast, and the gang signed the contract at the end of the episode as a last resort. Say no on getting an action figure but say yes on getting a video game...can’t be that bad, right?

As for the opening of the episode...

Yeah...the opening of the episode is similar to the opening of the hit 1990s Anime, Neon Genesis Evangelion. Hell, the visuals are the same like the ever so popular anime opening. When the fans first saw this on the day of the premiere, pretty sure they’ve lost their minds on what’s going on and doesn’t even know what direction the show is taking with this episode. But it did get some anime fans’ attention when that happened. But at least this episode got the right idea where this episode is heading with huge robots fighting it off in space. Ah, wonder if the Anime Community on YouTube know about this back when it premiered? Just wondering.

So why did this episode got the Number 12 spot? Holy shit, where do I begin? The episode overall is one huge homage to the anime community, mostly around giant mecha suits fighting against each other like the any of the Gundam series, Evangelion, or Gurren Laggan. Not to mention, adding capitalism into the mix when Mordecai and Rigby are threatened to sign the contract know, the principle. Anyway, the battle clearly won the episode because like I said, something that I haven’t seen this year alone for Western Animation. This episode is not the only one that has both action and suspense for the audience to enjoy because you might want to tune it tomorrow for our Number 11 spot in the Top 20 Countdown of the 2015 Fandom Season.