Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Top 20 Countdown Continues! Number 17: Kill La Kill (Toonami): "Past the Infinite Justice"

Number 17 in our Top 20 Countdown revolves around the final episode of a series that just ended it’s run months ago on American T.V. and let’s just say, this episode of this certain series had it all. Coming in with Number 17, it’s Kill La Kill with the final episode of the season, or in this case, series, “Past the Infinite Justice”.

Where we left off with Episode 23 of the series, the final battle draws near as Ragyo put on the ultimate clothing piece known to man, Kouketsu, made by Nui, who got new arms after Ryuko cut, or in this case, pop the arms off of Nui back in Episode 22. Looks like the battle has begun between Ragyo and Nui and Ryuko, Satsuki, Mako, the Elite Four, the rest of Honouji Academy, and Nudist Beach.

They’re on the offensive against Ragyo, and you know that it ain’t going to be easy with Nui in the way from Ryuko, Satsuki, and the others from destroying that rocket that will turned the Earth into a cocoon.

For a second there, I thought Nui is about to end Mako’s life while doing her “Hallelujah” pep talk, but then all of a sudden, came out of nowhere, Gamagori stepped in the way, sacrificing himself. Shit, talk about a major death for this finale....but of course, you already know that he ain’t dead. Yeah. Way to ruin the moment.

I really love the moment when Ryuko and Satsuki strike back at Ragyo while the Elite Four, Mako, and Nudist Beach to take on Nui clones and demolishing the rocket. And I really like how they played the anime’s second opening in the background despite that there’s no opening to begin the episode. Of course, Gamagori survived the attack from Nui thanks to titanium clothing and able to open the rocket, leaving both Mikisugi and Tsumugu to detonate the rocket. And if that’s not enough, Ryuko and Satsuki cut Ragyo in pieces, cutting her arms off. And if I thought it’s the end of the line for Ragyo, that’s where things go downhill when Ragyo ordered Nui to sacrifice herself to add her life fiber to the giant yarn ball, and that’s enough to launch the ball into space.

Also surprising is Rykuo powering up to get ready for her 1 on 1 fight against Ragyo by taking everyone’s life fiber and turning into what looked like a Super Saiyan version of herself in less clothing. Anyway, let’s talk about the fight.

The fight was epic at the most parts, despite that Ryuko is getting her ass handed by Ragyo multiple times. Every time Ryuko takes a hit, she heals up that quickly. Hell, in that one part when ready to strike Ragyo, she got through the thorn, just to get the perfect opportunity to take Ragyo’s life fibers away from her and telling the life fibers that humans are humans and clothes are clothes and turn the humans back into humans, which lifted the cocoon sphere from the planet.

Of course, refusing to surrender, Ragyo decided to pull her heart out of her body, just like what she did back with Ryuko in Episode 18. Warning Ryuko that there’s more out there and continuing to advance beyond the cosmos before crushing her heart into pieces and died. Burn in hell, Worst Mother of the Year.

Speaking of death, Senketsu. After absorbing Kouketsu during the battle against Ragyo, Senketsu forced Ryuko to head back to Earth when he begins to degenerate when beginning to crashing down. Something tells there will be no Season 2 without Senketsu. Anyway, with Senketsu gone, Ryuko is continuing falling down into Earth’s atmosphere in the speed of light when Satsuki catching her when nearing ground. But she’s still too fast, so Mako catches the two, but of course, no stop. Then comes the Elite Four stopping the three, again, no stop. That’s where they finally stop when the rest of the Mankanshoku family and Honouji Academy catching the seven and crashed by the tower, exhausted. Where the episode ends with both Mikisugi and Tsumugu telling that the battle is done and the mission is complete before heading off to the end credits with Ryuko, Satsuki, and Mako enjoying their girls’ day out. Of course, if you really want to know about why Honouji Academy sank? Why Satsuki’s hair was cut short? Go watch the OVA.

Anyway, the reason why this episode got the Number 17 spot in our Top 20 Countdown is that despite this is the final episode of the series, or in this case, season, depends on your opinion, this episode had it all, the action, the dialogue, the feels, the suspense, everything on the menu. And it was amazing. This episode is amazing, hell, this series is amazing. As for the dub overall, I didn’t see the subbed version, saw various clips on YouTube and for the dub, I like the dubbed version over the subbed because the casting is perfect for dub, Erica Mendez did an amazing job as Ryuko, so does Christine Cabanos, Carrie Karanen, and the rest of the voice cast. Of course, at first when I heard that Kill La Kill is going to be on Toonami, I questioned either the series is full on fanservice or empowering the female gender, but when I saw the series for the first time, holy shit, it was amazing. And I recommend you to see this series for yourself. Anyway, stay tuned for Number 16 as we revisit my first Gravity Falls episode to review...shit, I gave away the reveal. Just stay tuned for Number 16 in our Top 20 Countdown.