Monday, December 14, 2015

Top 20 Countdown Continues! Number 18: Doctor Who: "The Zygon Invasion"/"The Zygon Inversion"

Continuing with Number 18 in our list is a two parter, that we have to put these two together, just like last year’s countdown. These two episode in the Number 18 spot revolves an alien specie rebelling against the human race after a cease fire backfired. Coming in with Number 18, just like last year with Series 8’s “Deep Breath”, it’s Doctor Who with “The Zygon Invasion” and “The Zygon Inversion”.

One of the two parters in Series 9 as the Zygons rebel against the human race following a cease fire agreement being violated. Fearing of a possible war, looks like it’s up to The Doctor, Clara, and UNIT to stop this soon to be war from happening.

The biggest question around this two parter episode is of course, Osgood. Yes, Ingrid Oliver returned to reprise her role as the UNIT Scientist who also a Doctor cosplayer. And of course, when this episode was long before it was premiered, a lot of fans has questioned and theorized about Osgood’s fate when hearing the news that Ingrid Oliver is returning for Series 9. You guys remember back in the Series 8 Finale, “Death in Heaven”, Osgood was killed off by Missy. Of course, there were questions that if the Osgood Missy killed was the real deal or the Zygon version. And in that one video by the two Osgoods talking about the Osgood box, which I’ll be talking about in the later part of this countdown. Found out that cease fire will be overturned if the Human or Zygon host gets killed off, hence, “The Zygon Invasion”. Why do I have a feeling that Missy might be responsible for this?

Can we talk about the whole Zygons taking people sequence? Because, when The Doctor noticed the two little girls in the playground while contacting Clara, the Zygons went onto the offensive and throw some gas to the playground and while the civilians panic, the Zygons take the children. Man, where’s Antoine Dodson when you need him?

It even continues when we pan over to Clara, just arriving at her home when noticing a lost little boy. Thought the parents are going to pick up the lost boy? Well, they got the boy, but the boy was yelling, wanted out when taking him away. Look at that, child abduction at it’s finest.

What the Zygons did in that part where UNIT begins to invade one town where the Zygons are located and trying to shapeshifting into the soldiers’ friends and families to persuade to not shoot them, would say shady, but I know that’s a bit low, even for the Zygons. It’s like the Zygons is playing mind games on the Human Race to not attack the Zygons, so the Zygons can attack the humans.

Of course, this is the town where The Doctor finally found Osgood just before UNIT begins firing airstrikes on the town. Luckily, both The Doctor and Osgood made it out alive, and had to take a Zygon with them to a plane for questioning.

Of course, the surprising twist for this first part of the two parter is Clara, who is now who she is. Found out that the Clara that UNIT tagged along to the underground was all along a Zygon, leaving the real Clara stuck trapped into a...what looked like a cocoon...or...something like that?

And to make it more tense, Clara blew up the plane that The Doctor and Osgood are in with a missile launcher. Holy shit, this Zygon version of Clara is nothing to mess with. Imagine having a friend like that, you do not want to get into his or her bad side. Of course, as we enter “The Zygon Inversion”...

...The Doctor and Osgood survived the blast by escaping via parachuting to the ground. And also found out that the trapped Clara can control the Zygon Clara because they are linked and the Zygon Clara, or in this case, Bonnie, fired not just one, but two missiles. The first one missed, the other hit.

I really love how The Doctor taunting Bonnie (Zygon Clara), calling her names like Zygella, accusing her for winking at him, and not telling her about the location of the Osgood Box.

Which, of course, lead to Bonnie interrogating Clara because she think that she knows where the box is at. Of course, like The Doctor, she ain’t telling about the location, even though Bonnie is threatening to kill Clara with one pulse reading via hand. Which of course, lead to Clara telling Bonnie where the box is at. And that’s where the trolling begins from Clara. What do you mean you may ask? It means that when Bonnie found the box, there two Osgood Boxes. That made Bonnie really mad. Jenna Coleman playing the Zygon version of her character, perfect. 10 out of 10.

Of course, it ain’t a two parter without Kate Stewart, because we got UNIT. What happened to Kate in at the end of “The Zygon Invasion” shows that she was about to be attacked by that one Zygon in a New Mexico town of Truth or Consequences, which is the same town that Osgood were taken. Anyway, Kate strike back against that one Zygon with 5 rounds from her gun. 5 rounds. Daughter knows best because The Brigadier once fired from his gun 5 times. She killed that Zygon, she fooled Bonnie by acting like a Zygon version herself, even though we didn’t see it, like Bonnie, Kate Stewart is a badass. No questions asked.

Now to the Osgood Box. What we know is that there’s two buttons in two boxes. Found out that there’s a choice in a push of a button, that labeled “Truth” or “Consequences”. The red box would either turn the Zygon biology inside out or destroy the entire world. And the blue box would either send a signal to disable the Zygon’s ability to shapeshift for an hour or send a signal to prevent the Zygons to shapeshift back or change to another form for eternity. This box should have been named “The Box of Absolute Disaster”.

The Doctor’s speech on war, bravo, bravo indeed from Actor Peter Capaldi. The Doctor tried to talk sense to both Kate and Bonnie, that are ready to push the button from two boxes. Talking about the horrors of war and the results from it. He even also talked about him being part of the Time War when he “killed” everyone in Gallifrey, even though Gallifrey is locked in another universe. Of course, the speech that The Doctor gave changed both Kate and Bonnie’s mind and stepped away from pressing the buttons and for Bonnie, to call off the revolution. This speech was emotional yet epic in my time being part of the Doctor Who fandom and I got to say, this speech should go down in history of the show when it comes to giving away a speech. And someone, please give Peter Capaldi an award for this, hell, speak for congress for once.

Of course, once the whole Human/Zygon conflict is done with, The Doctor told Osgood to tag along, but turned down his request. Could be a maybe or a never, with Jenna Coleman now leaving the show, I would totally agree with Osgood becoming the new companion. Of course, once turned down the request, another Osgood popped out of nowhere. Found out that the second Osgood that popped out from the first Osgood was indeed Bonnie. Telling the Doctor that she’ll help out protecting the Earth. Then by the time both The Doctor and Clara left Earth’s surface, Osgood and Bonnie head off to get ice cream before heading back to work.

So why did these two episodes made it to the Number 18 spot of the Top 20 Countdown? This two parter in Series 9 is perfectly written, I really like the action and suspense coming from these two episodes, and both Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman did an amazing job doing these two episodes. Of course, The Doctor really stole the spotlight in “The Zygon Inversion” when giving away the anti-war speech that slap the sense out of both Kate and Bonnie. The same thing that both the 10th and 11th Doctors did back in “The Day of the Doctor”, the same thing that created the cease fire. Of course, from these two episodes, we never really get an answer whether or not that the Osgood in these two episodes is either Human or Zygon and the Osgood killed by Missy is either Human or Zygon and I still think that created the whole mess. All and all, these two episodes are amazing in my watch and that’s why these two episodes made it to the Number 18 spot of the Top 20 Countdown of 2015. Anyway, don’t lose your way, ladies and gentlemen because you have to tuned in for Number 17 in our Top 20 Countdown of 2015.