Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Final Countdown: Number 1: Gravity Falls: "Dipper and Mabel vs. The Future"/"Weirdmageddon Parts 1 and 2"

Happy New Year’s Eve to everyone, and it’s time to end the year 2015 with a ride that everyone will never forget as we begin counting down to not just the year, but this fandom’s series finale. Coming in with Number 1 in our Top 20 Countdown, it’s Gravity Falls with “Dipper and Mabel vs The Future”, “Weirdmageddon Part 1”, and “Weirdmageddon 2: Escape from Reality”.

We begin with “Dipper and Mabel vs The Future” because this episode is the major calm before the storm for the ages as the twins prepare to celebrate their 13th Birthday, which is at the last week of Summer Vacation.

But of course, as Mabel prepares to hand out invitations and finding a place to throw a party, Ford ask Dipper to tag along with him to investigate something really weird. Or in this case, out of this world because they’re investigating an alien ship that crashed into the town. Yeah, call the Ancient Aliens guys and maybe we’ll talk about this.

Of course, while that is happening, Mabel is trying to get a place to throw her and Dipper’s 13th Birthday, the first place to look for is the High School Gym...already filled with students lining up for the new school year. And what Wendy said to Mabel is somewhat true because High School is NOT like she imagine.

Yeah, it’s nothing like High School Musical, because it will never be like High School Musical. And take it from me, a High School graduate, it’s not fun. By the time Mabel leaves the gym, she tried to tell Dipper on the walkie-talkie that going to high school is somewhat less that what the two were expected. But unable to get signal. So Soos cheered Mabel up by getting her friends invitations for the party.

While that is happening, Dipper and Ford explore the crashed spaceship and the design for the spaceship looks eerie and frightening as fudge. And of course, the two continue to explore the crashed ship.

And while that is happening, Mabel visits both Candy and Grenda to her and Dipper’s birthday party but...oh, more bad things happening here with Grenda going to Austria to visit Marius and Candy going to Music Camp, which again...

Which is NOT like something you see on TV. Anyway, Mabel is becoming more sad than ever now that she heard that high school is not going to be easy and her friends are leaving. She tried to radio Dipper, but again, no signal.

And while exploring inside the ship, Ford asks Dipper to be his apprentice, but of course, Dipper is unsure about the offer since if he accepts the offer, he might leave Mabel behind in California. And when that still happening, shit happens when two security droids coming out of nowhere begins attacking both Ford and Dipper. Ford takes out one of the two droids and of course, got injured and got captured by the ship and Dipper has to chase the ship to rescue his grunkle by attaching himself with a magnet gun. And hell, the scene when the ship is going sky high while Dipper trying to save his grunkle, holy shit, this was insane to look at, taking it to a whole new level. Of course, the ship crashed and Dipper takes Ford out of the ship before it begins to threaten Dipper, in which it disables itself due to not noticing any fear coming from Dipper. Damn Dipper, the happened to you during those past months?

Back to the Shack with Mabel looking sad now that high school is going to be brutal and her friends going away, Stan cheers her up, stating that growing old doesn’t mean growing up. And of course, even though her friends are leaving, she still have Dipper around and Mabel got her confidence back and of course, overhearing Dipper and Ford on the radio, guessing they found signal.

Of course, back to Ford asking Dipper to be his apprentice. Dipper says “yes” on the offer...and Mabel overheard the whole thing...god, this is not a very good day for Mabel. And by the time Dipper got back to the shack, excited that he accepted the offer of being Ford’s apprentice, when he noticed a sad Mabel overheard the whole thing. It’s already bad enough that high school is not what the twins were expecting and her friends leaving, now Dipper is going to stay in Gravity Falls...this is why we don’t have nice things, people! And of course, Mabel left the scene to the forest where she noticed a familiar voice coming out of the forest.

Yep, Blendin Blandin appears out of nowhere, making a deal with Mabel, making summer last forever for the rift. And when Dipper meet up with Ford in the underground lab, he got the wrong bag. Meaning that Mabel got the bag where the rift was kept. And when Mabel give away the rift to Blendin...he dropped it. Meaning it was NOT Blendin who Mabel give away the rift away to, but Bill. Yep, Mabel got tricked into giving the rift to Bill.

And of course, by the time knocked Mabel out and of course, leaving Blendin’s body, he headed up to the sky where the rift begins to open up and by the time Dipper and Ford come out of the Shack to check what’s going on, the apocalypse has begun. Wow, okay, this is NOT what I expected when this episode first premiered, but what do you expect, Season 2 is beginning to wrap up and shit has already hits the floor. You did it, Alex, you totally screwed the fandom with this. But anyway, let’s head to Part 1 of the so-called “Weirdmageddon”.

Of course, Mabel pretty much having a very day but the person who is having a field day with this is of course, Bill, who opened the rift, not to mention, gaining flesh, metal, and pure energy and of course, letting the creatures from the other universe entering the Gravity Falls atmosphere and terrorize the town. And for Mabel, who let Bill celebrate his victory...

...trapped. As in trapped in a bubble with a Shooting Star logo on it with chains attached to it. And of course, Blendin heads off to the future to get the Time Police into fixing the situation.

Of course, we know that Dipper and Ford has to fight against Bill since he is the mastermind of all of this. Is there a chance? Possibly. Of course while Dipper and Ford begin to take on Bill, weird stuff begins to erupt when Bill summons a boatload of bubbles and of course, the weird wave crashing through from Soos’ abuela turning into a chair to Gompers growing huge in size. It’s like the term “Weirdmageddon” didn’t make false promises.

Ford would’ve got the shot on taking Bill out, till a weird wave steps in and ruin his and Dipper’s chances on taking out the demonic triangle. That alerted Bill and took Ford and turned him into gold. And then Dipper comes in and ready to punch Bill in the eye, but pushed back to the ground, and of course, burning the three journals. And as Bill and his buddies ride out to his castle, cruising round the street in his 64. While Teeth and 8-Ball were ordered to chase Dipper.

Of course, three days have passed...holy shit, three took three, that’s petty. Anyway, Dipper got into the mall when hiding from the creatures and noticed a place of nachos, only to be Wendy. The two teamed up, along with Toby Determined, to find and free Mabel from the bubble and defeat Bill, and of course, rescue Ford.

Bill and the gang were celebrating the Weirdmageddon party till it was crashed by the Time Police and of course, Time Baby. Telling Bill that if this continues, the universe would be ripped apart. Reality will be falling apart, like we didn’t know that in that one episode of “The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy”, DO NOT CRY!!! Anyway, Bill didn’t listen to Time Baby’s order and kills him and the entire Time Police except for Blendin, who ran away again.

And of course, by the time Dipper and Wendy reached the Auto Shop to get a ride to head to Mabel’s bubble, they got surrounded by Gideon and his Jail Buddies. Finding out that Bill puts him in charge of Mabel’s bubble and carrying the key of the chain lock. And as Gideon ask one of his Jail Buddies to bring Dipper and Wendy to Bill, Wendy attacked Ghost Eyes, got the key from Gideon, freed Dipper, and stole a car. In which Gideon and his Jail Buddies follow their trails.

And wow, talk about a major homage to the 2015 film, “Mad Max”. I mean, the whole scene with Dipper and Wendy getting away from Gideon and his Jail mates is one huge homage to “Mad Max”. And all we’re missing is someone playing guitar. And of course, the moments when Dipper and Wendy and Gideon and his goons entering and exiting the weird bubble, Jesus Christ man, that was insane. For Dipper and Wendy: Birds, Anime Version, Meat, even the Live-Action version of them with their voice actors Jason Ritter and Linda Cardellini cosplaying as their characters. And Gideon and Ghost Eyes: 3D, Genderbend, and Silent Film. But of course, by the time that was done, the two reached to Mabel’s bubble and got surrounded. But not until Dipper tells Gideon off, telling him that Mabel doesn’t love him. That and you can’t force love. But he can try to be someone who is worthy, you know, chill. That finally got Gideon to slap the sense on him. And that’s where Gideon and the gang begins to charge to Bill’s castle.

By the time Dipper and Wendy got the key, a mysterious figure appears out of nowhere, found out it was Soos, who was absent in the duration of the episode since seeing his abeulita turning into a chair. Anyway, the three finally reach Mabel’s bubble, unlocked the lock, and the three enters Mabel’s dreamscape as the episode comes to an end. And now, to the second part of Weirdmageddon.

Thought we’re going to begin with Dipper, Wendy, and Soos entering Mabel’s dreamscape, but nope, we transition to Bill planning to leave Gravity Falls and planning to wreak havoc to the entire world. But of course, going to have to wait due to a force field that covers only to Gravity Falls, keeping the weird out of the entire world. And he’s pointing to Ford, since he thinks that he has something to do with the force field.

Back to the main spotlight, which is Dipper, Wendy, and Soos entering the dreamscape and the is actually worse than the apocalypse. It’s like someone from the 1980s puking rainbows coming out of their’s so colorful. If I choose either Mabeland or the Apocalypse, I rather take the apocalypse any day.

The three finally got Mabel until she begins waking up and telling the three that she don’t want to get out of the dreamscape, don’t want to grow up. And of course, still mad at Dipper for taking Ford’s offer of being his apprentice. And of course, during that scene...

We got to introduced to Dippy Fresh...and I though Charlize was scary,, no, no. It’s like seeing one of the people you see in a Burger King kids meal coming to life. Anyway, Wendy and Soos still siding with Dipper because he thinks it’s a trap till Mabel changes their minds. For Wendy with her friends in tact and for Soos with his dad. So I’m guessing Dipper is going lone wolf on this.

Dipper is at the lake and sees Wendy...and it’s not the real Wendy. Yeah, because this is a dreamscape, so it can fool you. And man, I do not want that ship coming back from the dead. Not happening, man. Not happening. And of course, Dipper got in huge trouble breaking a major rule for Mabeland, mentioning the real world. And that’s where he’s heading to court.

And the odds is not looking good for Dipper in the trial. Because if he loses this case, Mabel won’t go back to the real world. So that means that Dipper has to give it his all to get her twin sister back. Which of course, lead to two flashbacks.

The first, when they are in the Second Grade, on Picture Day, while Dipper is getting a stuffy nose, Mabel is totally getting ready to take her picture but her hair is ruined by another Second Grader who put a piece of gum on her hair and Dipper did no help.

And the second, in the Fourth Grade on Valentine’s Day when Mabel got the most cards, Dipper got none. And he felt sad that he ran off to somewhere private. Like the anime world with someone with a bad are jerks.

But of course, Dipper got the upper hand on this because during those two moments, besides they’re some bad ones, they’re also good ones.

Back to the Second Grade Photo when Mabel got gum on her hair, Dipper has the solution and that to shave parts of their hair...I don’t know if it’s legal for an 8 year old to carry a razor around but, of course, the two shaved parts of their hair and got a perfect photo.

And back to the Fourth Grade when Dipper got no cards for Valentine’s Day, Mabel put all the cards she received and put into one huge pile and give it to Dipper.

And of course, he even talked Mabel to get some sense into her, we got to grow up. We got to leave the past and go forward to the future. Hell, he even willing to reject Ford’s offer for becoming his apprentice and that Mabel to finally gaining some sense into her. And by the time the two did the awkward sibling hug, they got out of the bubble. Back to the real world and ready to face Bill. But not before heading back to the Mystery Shack, still in tact. And also surprising to see in the Shack...

Everyone was in the Shack, Stan, Candy, Grenda, Pacifica, Blubbs, McGucket, the Gnomes, hell even the Minotaur, the Multi-Bear, and Celles...Cellesa...that Unicorn from “The Last Mabelcorn”. And it looks like the countdown for the final battle is on.

So why did these three episodes got the Number 1 spot in our Top 20 Countdown? In all my years spending my time in the Fandom World, these three episodes really took the cake big time. I would never imagine that Gravity Falls would take these three episodes and the upcoming one in 2016 to a whole new direction. With “Dipper and Mabel vs. The Future” being the perfect setup for this ongoing apocalypse that is hitting the fandom with an iron, yet weird fist and the two episodes, Jesus Christ, this is one crazy ride that the fans won’t forget as long as they shall live. Of course, the person who stole the spotlight is either not Mabel (despite she’s the feels attached character), or Bill (despite he’s the final villain of the series), or Wendy (despite that she’s a badass in the first part of Weirdmageddon), it’s Dipper that really stole the spotlight. I mean, yo, he faced certain death when saving Ford, fought his way to fend off against Gideon and his goons, and saving Mabel from the bubble. Not to mention, slapping the ever lasting sense out of both Gideon and Mabel with his speeches he made. That got you man, that really got you. Bravo for Dipper in these three episodes. A lot of action, multiple speeches, and he’s a feels attached character. Dipper, in my book, has grown in these past episodes...but also afraid because...he met the criteria for the character death formula. That’s it, we have our fatality in the final episode, I’m calling the shots right now. I’m calling it, Dipper has met the criteria. He’s the fatality for the finale. Because it ain’t the final episode, it ain’t the final fight till someone dies. And now, this...if you are really late in the party, you heard the Gravity Falls is ending in early 2016. Alex Hirsch has confirmed it on his Twitter and Tumblr page, you can check out that article somewhere around this blog page. But anyway, late last night, December 30, we got the date for the final episode, it will be on February 15. I put up the countdown in the countdown page in the Tumblr page. So, February 15...this is it. That’s it for the fandom. can’t believe that it has come to this. So, save the date, February 15. And even though the show is ending on the TV or online or whatever, it will still be around in your hearts...and in reruns. So…that’s it. The Top 20 Countdown finally ends with an historic, you heard me, “HISTORIC” note. It’s been an honor watching and witnessing the year 2015 in the fandoms full of happiness, rage, excitement, sorrow, and surprised. And I gotta say, this year has got to be the craziest year I have seen in all my lifetime. But anyway, tell me what you think of the year 2015 in the fandom world, and I hope you, your friends and your family have a a safe and wonderful new year as we embark in 2016.