Thursday, December 15, 2016

Top 20 Countdown Continues! Number 17: Archer: “Bel Panto” Parts 1 and 2. | yahoo201027's Top 20 Countdown.

The countdown continues with our Number 17 pick and although I am skeptical about this one, but of course, I am new to this with series, I did catch up with seven seasons in, and coming in with this very spot is a what look like a normal Hollywood party, which of course, a mission to protect a precious piece of jewelry, turned into a hostage situation when a posse of guys wearing clown masks. Look at that, a clown scare before the actual clown scare took place in the real world. Coming in with Number 17 of this very countdown is the FX series, Archer, with the two part episodes in the middle of the season with the same episode name. “Bel Panto Parts 1 and 2”.

Now, like I said, I am very skeptical about this but I did watch these two episodes when it first premiered back in April into May of this year. And of course, which of these episodes would fall into this. And it looks like these two episodes have chosen for this list. So we have Archer and the gang getting a briefing, about to get a mission to go infiltrate a Hollywood party. The reason? To protect a priceless necklace that cannot be fallen into wrong hands. That and of course, their client, Actress Veronica Dean, want to wear it to party, hosted by her ex-husband. So basically, want to show it off to the world, all while the agency is on protection patrol for the duration of the event. But of course, when Shapiro (voiced by Patton Oswalt) offered up fifty grand, looks like the thing is set. But of course, they had to be undercover…well…he said about five-eights of the agency will be wearing fancy clothing while the attend the party meaning that the remainder will be going undercover as cocktail waiters.

And boy, oh boy, Shapiro ain’t wrong about this. With Sterling, Lana, Malory, and Krieger, and Cheryl dressing fancy, leaving Cyril, Ray, and Pam in the waiter department. Of course, the three are not happy with the choice of clothing and the job position for the mission. I mean yeah, it does kinda suck for you three not dressing up fancy and live in the life of the party, but somebody had to go undercover from the behind the scenes because you’ll never what kind of problems will arouse in the duration of the party.

Of course, you can sense the friction going between Archer and Lana and of course, a shaky motion in their relationship. Just to answer what you’re about to say, Archer and Lana used to date and became a couple again back in the final 3-4 episodes of the previous season. Mostly because of seduction and jealousy and of course, became the parents of their daughter. Okay, so their relationship is heading towards rock bottom when she saw Archer hitting on a blonde woman wearing a red dress, even though the woman is hitting on him. And thought the only way to get him back is to hit on a certain gentleman, who she is bumped into Ellis Crane (voiced by John O’Hurley), the guy who is hosting the party. Even though Lana was about to head towards Archer to slap some sense into him. And when Archer told Pam where Lana is, after getting rejected by that woman, Pam points to Lana having a conversation with Ellis Crane. That of course, lead to Archer now had to find Veronica Dean to get even. But of course, while Archer was talking with Ms. Dean, and while Ellis is playing hard to get with Lana, looks like the party has been crashed by a group of clowns.

Yes, a group wearing clown masks and jumper suits, holding semi-automatic weapons, holding the party goers hostage. Man, talk about a clown scare before the actual clown scare. So yeah, a group of men wearing clown mask and jumper suits are holding the guests hostage, leaving the place on major lock down. And while that is happening, Archer gets separated from the group, by Veronica Dean, to a study hall when Veronica opens the door to a secret room for them to hide from the masked gunmen. With Veronica fearing for her life, Archer comes up with an idea to end the hostage situation and that is, of course, lure one of the gunmen into the room they’re in, beat the ever living crap out of him, and put on the disguise, and saves everyone by beating the gunmen one by one.

And…he did. He lured the one of the gunmen who is wearing the pink jumpsuit and when that gunman entered the secret room, Archer beat the ever living daylights out of that guy, and killed him, of course. So I guess the plan is going well, that is if the people who are held hostage are heading outside with the masked gunmen letting them to do so, everyone…except for Shapiro and the rest of the Figgis Agency. And that was Part One.

With Part Two in taking place, everyone but Lana, Malory, Cyril, Ray, Pam, Cheryl, Krieger, and Shapiro has left, mostly because they got out with the clown masked gunmen letting them to when the police told them to release them. The clowns are still searching for Veronica Dean, but no luck finding her. But little do they know that Veronica right now is under the protection of Archer, who took the costume and put it on him after killing the guy who previously wore it. Trying to blend him, pretending that everything’s going fine. Pretend that Veronica Dean isn’t there. Pretend that nothing specious is going on. Huh, how long would that go on for?

Apparently, what you don’t see during a hostage situation is for the hostage takers let the people who are held hostage to do potty break. I mean, they held people hostage, pretty sure they injured like a few people, and wreak havoc to what look like a normal Hollywood party turned into a night they wished to forget and now, y’all decided to do it now? Well…the guys, not the clowns, did ask the gunmen to go use the bathroom. And like I said, you don’t see that in any hostage situations. But, in these two episodes, it does look like it. But of course, while in the bathroom, both the guys and the gals had to come up with a plan to escape. Which…no luck coming up with ideas, so the safe bet for them is for Archer to come in and save the night. But as for the gals, same thing. No luck coming up with an idea and let Archer do his thing. Despite Lana’s anger towards him, thinking that Archer is falling heads over heels on Veronica Dean. But something tells me that Pam is about to do something that would what Archer would do early on with this countdown, beat the ever living shit out of one of the clowns that Pam spotted in the kitchen while making a sandwich and something tells me that guy will never get to enjoy the sandwich he made. But of course, unlike what Archer did to that clown and murdered him, Pam tied him up and locked him in the fridge. And the number of Figgis Agency members disguising themselves as clowns has raised to two.

Make that three because it looks like Lana will be taking over, beating the shit out of the guy in the green jumpsuit when going back into the bathroom. Only to stop at the middle of the hallway and beat the ever living daylights out of him. But like Pam, didn’t finish him off and tied him up and locked him in the closet.

But of course, this little confrontation between Archer, Lana, and Pam, thinking, in their point of views, one of the gunmen. They beat the ever living shit out of each other. Archer beating Lana. Archer beating Pam. Lana beating Archer. Lana beating Pam. Pam beating Lana. Pam beating Archer. It’s like this little fight has turned into one ugly Mexican Standoff. And I kinda like it. I mean, thinking that Archer, Lana, and Pam are fighting against the two clowns, dressed by either two of the three, whether it’s Lana in the green jumpsuit, Pam in the yellow jumpsuit, or Archer in a pink jumpsuit, wow, haven’t seen a battle that intense since the game of rock, paper, scissors gone rouge. Anyway, the three notices each other after a dumbbell hits Pam on the foot, which caught both Archer and Lana’s attention that Pam was in the one of the clowns in disguise and then the two notices each other voices and the fighting stopped. Of course, Archer and Lana did have their little argument about what happened earlier at the party before the clowns crashed it and turned into a hostage situation. And speaking of that situation. The situation reached into the early morning hours, with no one coming out, with the police still there, standing around all night, trying to negotiate with the gunmen but failed. But of course, there are four people who are coming out from the house with their hands up…they’re wearing the same clothes that Cyril, Ray, Krieger, and Ellis wore earlier?

Yep, the four came out, playing innocent, leaving the guys who are still in the house, like they’re the masked gunmen. But there’s is a silver lining into this when Archer, Lana, and Pam, along with Veronica Dean, made it to where they are. However, the police came in by blasting through the door and shoots them in bean bags. Seriously, bean bags. That’s gonna hurt like a motherfucker. I mean, yeah, the police may have got the wrong guys, thinking that the guys are gunmen and not the hostage. But still, that was pretty brutal to watch, and in slow motion. Of course, the person who enjoys it is of course, Cheryl. But, that’s just Cheryl being Cheryl, so um…can’t argue with that.

So, the mission is not a total loss despite that everyone is questioning why are bean bags used for police to use rather than being a kids’ toy. But of course, like I said, it’s not a total loss because Archer has the necklace, that Shapiro told him to take it because she’s broke. But besides from that, Archer got the money, of course, got to use for paying the medical bills after him and the guys were pelted with bean bags. That and of course, a bag of Krugerrands, so I guess the medical expanses are getting paid off. So what did we learn here kids? Throwing bean bags is a bad thing. It can hurt you and it can land you in the hospital. That’s all I got.

So why did these two episodes got the Number 17 spot? Like I said, feeling skeptical about this, but when it comes to the Seventh Season of Archer, which I did caught up before the season premiered back in March, kind of critical on which episodes from the season would I choose between this and the season finale. So I guess these two are the way to go. Mostly because these are the two parter episodes from the season that I enjoyed. Although the episodes may be starting off a bit slow, trying to fuel of the steam in what about to go down, mostly in the first part of the two part episodes, it was fine set of episodes. Of course, my favorite from the first part of the two parter is Archer luring one of the gunmen into the secret room that him and Veronica Dean are in and beat the ever living the ever living shit out of him. And for the second part, that little fight between Pam, Archer, and Lana. Would probably say that last one I just said probably stole the show for me with these two episodes. But all and all, really enjoyed these two episodes, still skeptical on why these two made it onto this list, but that’s my opinion and let’s hope this won’t happen again for next year’s list. Which spoiler alert, it could or could not happen…let that sink in for a moment. But that’s it for Number 17 on the list. Tune in tomorrow for Number 16 when we head back children’s programming where a real battle takes place in one side and a mission to stop a certain threat from forming takes place deep underground into the Earth’s core. So that’s it for me, this have been yahoo201027 here and I’ll see you guys later!