Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Top 20 Countdown Continues! Number 18: Steven Universe: “Last One Out of Beach City”. | yahoo201027's Top 20 Countdown.

At Number 18 of the Top 20 Countdown of the year 2016, we’re about to take a wild, yet dangerous road trip to a rock concert. But of course, potential romance for our favorite crystal gem play a key role in this what look like a momentous night. Momentous night, indeed. Coming in with Number 18 on this very is Steven Universe with the episode, “Last One Out of Beach City”.

You know, you’ll probably of yourself, why is this episode made it on to this list? What’s so special about this episode? Is it bias because one of my favorite characters is taking center stage in this episode? No, it’s not bias because of those reasons because what’s going on with the current season, this is one of my favorite episodes in the fourth season so far. Well, either that or “Mindful Education” or “Onion Gang” or I don’t know, “Buddy’s Book”. But this episode is so onto this list because it was an amazing episode. What looks like a normal road trip to a rock concert leads up to a what look like a 15-minute adaptation of a wild road trip movie. Besides the comedic stuff, we got a little romance going on, well…more like the girl trying to impress another girl, even though Gems don’t haven genders despite they look and sound like females. But it is Pearl-centric episode and with both Amethyst and Steven tagging along, even though Amethyst was looking forward to the concert with Greg till he tapped out due to other plans, which leads to what I said earlier, Steven and Pearl to take Greg’s place to driving her to the concert.

What really made this episode spectacular is of course, Pearl chasing and trying to hit on this mysterious woman with the pink hair. It’s technically love at first sight for Pearl when this Mysterious Woman came into the picture and trying to get some coffee when Pearl tries to play hard to get. But of course, that failed. And Steven does have a point on why Pearl is crushing on this Mysterious Woman with the pink hair when he, Pearl, and Amethyst hit back to the road on the way to the concert when he thought up a reason is that the reason Pearl was hitting on that woman is because she looks like Rose if her hair was shorter and messier. He’s not wrong. I mean, Pearl did have a thing for Rose, that is till Greg came into the picture and “stole” her away from Pearl. But don’t forget, this is after the events of “Mr. Greg”, Pearl moved on. She and Greg settled things and put this whole so-called “rivalry” aside. But when the Mystery Girl enter into the picture with this episode, despite that Pearl is hitting on someone new, she does have a strong resemblance of Rose. It’s like Pearl was thinking of herself, “Just when I thought I moved on, that image of her pulls me right back in.”

Now, the duration of the episode with Pearl driving both Steven and Amethyst to the concert…has to be the one of the reasons why I enjoyed this episode. Mostly because of Pearl’s driving and her breaking the law, even though this isn’t Pearl’s first time breaking the law, which of course, endangering her, Amethyst, and Steven’s life, just to get the Mystery Girl’s attention. And what I love about this episode is because we got to see a new side of Pearl, pretending to be bad to the bone, all while running away from the police, refusing to stop following her not stopping at a red light. And their was a brief scene of her getting concerned following her failure to stop at a red light with the police catching their trail. Pearl doesn’t have a license, despite knowing how to drive and of course, fears of getting deported. Which is weird because how would the police deport a gem back into the depths of space and into Homeworld?

Anyway, short story short, they did escape from the police by hiding behind the billboard. And when they were about to get back into the road, found out they can’t move because the car is out of gas. Wow, Pearl must have really burn a lot of gas, trying to escape from authority, huh? Anyway, because of the car out of gas and the nearest gas station is about 20 miles away, according to Steven using Google Maps, Pearl thinks that the night became a total lost, beginning to regret her decision to tag along with Steven and Amethyst. Well actually, Pearl, the night is NOT a total loss because both Steven and Amethyst did enjoy the ride despite Amethyst was having the most fun in the car ride with Steven, trying to be voice of reason, is like that one person who is about to enter a roller coaster, thinking that something bad is about to happen. But he did enjoy it as well. And not a total loss in deed because the three heard music from the distance and found out that they arrived at the concert. That’s one good thing.

And the Mystery Girl is here too. That’s two good things. And of course, with the Mystery Girl here at the concert, Pearl, Amethyst and Steven just arrived at the concert, meaning that Pearl has another shot to get the girl’s attention. Even though Amethyst told Pearl to just stop due to fears of her getting rejected. I mean, Pearl did create some damage control when she first saw the Mystery Girl and try to hit on her, but failed to do so. But Pearl ignored Amethyst’s warning and just head towards the Mystery Girl and have a nice, little conversation and it looks like things are going well for the two of them, mostly Pearl. Well, the conversation was great till the end when things got a little weird. I mean Pearl and that Mystery Girl started their conversation with their hair and ended with Pearl saying “Oh and BTW, I saved your planet from invasion and certain death.” Yeah…not a good way to end a conversation. But it doesn’t matter because Pearl got a piece of paper to show to Steven and Amethyst, thinking that she got some sort of code written on, only to find out that the Mystery Girl has wrote down her phone number. Pearl got a phone number! This is huge for her. Her first Earth phone number. And of course, got the Mystery Girl’s attention. Now Pearl need is a phone to call. Ooh, wonder how their phone conversation will play out. We’ll wait and see in about…probably never.

So why did this episode got the Number 18 spot in the Top 20 Countdown? This is probably my favorite episode so far for Season 4 of the series. And I guess here’s my reason why, is that wild car ride to the concert with Pearl going all renegade for life, putting her, Amethyst, and Steven’s life on the line all while Pearl tries to play hard to get the Mystery Girl’s attention. Speaking of Mystery Girl, we haven’t got any speaking roles? Or who she is? Or why did she look like Rose with shorter hair? We don’t know about that, she is a mystery after all. Hence, the name of that mysterious woman that Pearl was crushing on. And you know what, good for Pearl because after countless trials of getting that girl attention’s despite acting unnatural like any nervous person would act when he or she is around their crush and breaking the law by running over a red light and failed to stop a car for a traffic stop, she finally got the guts to go talk to her and get her attention, despite that their conversation ended in a weird way, Pearl got her phone number. So it looks like things are going smooth sailing between the two. Let’s hope that Mystery Girl comes back in the distant future to see how her and Pearl spend their day. But anyway, that’s it for Number 18 on the Top 20 Countdown. Tune in tomorrow because the countdown is about to take a bizarre turn.

NOPE, NOT THAT! I’m only eight episodes in for that series. No, because what I’m about to say is that Number 17 on the list would take a bizarre, yet skeptical turn when we head to a normal Hollywood party for a mission to protect a precious piece of jewelry turns into a hostage situation. So…yeah, stay tuned for that and I’ll see you guys tomorrow.