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Bob's Burgers Season 7, Episode 8 Review - Ms. Robot | yahoo201027's Bob's Burgers Reviews.

And look who decided to come out from void? Yeah, 2016 has come and gone, leaving…a lot of shit to clean up. And I mean…A LOT of shit. I hope y’all had a safe and Happy Holidays and New Year and something tells me 2017 is gotta be a good year and what perfect way to kick off the year 2017 (in the Bob’s Burgers Fandom) is a new episode of the series…on the second week of January. You thought it’s gonna be like last year when the episode that kicked off 2016 (i.e. “The Cook, The Steve, The Gayle, and Her Lover”) was pushed to a later week due to the NFL Playoffs? Well…not this time. We got a later time slot on the day of the premiere. And before we do the review of the recent episode, I need to begin this with an apology on what happened in the final weeks of last year. I know you’re probably thinking, “How come the double episodes that featured the Thanksgiving episode released late in the week?” “What happened to the Christmas episode review?” “Why did the Top 20 Countdown for 2016 abruptly stopped at Number 17?” It has been a last few difficult side of course. I had to go out of town for the Holidays to visit family. That could explain why those double episodes had to be released the day after Thanksgiving. As for the Christmas episode, that was supposed to close out the year for the fandom, huge writer’s block. And I would work on that, and of course, the remaining sixteen spots for the Top 20 Countdown, but my computer had crashed and had to get it repaired. Not to mention, I was feeling a bit sick during the time. Wow…something tells me sooner or later, I gotta find someone to be my co-worker in this shit. But anyway, that was past. As for the Top 20 Countdown, I guess after this review is published, I guess I’ll continue to work on that. As for the Christmas episode…there might be a chance that I might skip that. So…yeah…Fuck 2016, man. But hey, 2016 is now a thing of the past, and a year that everyone, including myself wished they want to forget, and let’s hope 2017 can be a good year. So with that out of the way, let’s get to the review. In this week’s episode of Bob’s Burgers, Tina goes 21st Century via monitor on wheels after breaking her leg in some sort of freak accident that could lead to a possible end to this bullshit, all while Bob is playing banjo and becomes majorly obsessed over it in my spoilerific review of the Eighth Episode of the Seventh Season of the series and the first episode of 2017, titled, “Ex Mach-Tina”.

And man, oh man, Season 7 of Bob’s Burgers is on a major role here and they are kicking off the new year with a new episode done right. Guess it was worth the wait, huh guys? And if you are a Tina/Jimmy Jr shipper…looks like this episode is for you to kick off 2017. And thought for a second there when getting ready for the episode is that whether or not this episode would be it. Would this episode finally be the episode that both Tina and Jimmy Jr finally become a couple after a dozen close calls, five people jumping into the Tina bandwagon, okay, four because her and Darryl fake-dated. I mean, I was gonna lose my freaking nerve if that happen, that whole love triangle, Tina/Jimmy Jr shippers losing their effing minds like their ship is not going to be canon at any given time fiasco. I can’t handle it. I just can’t handle it. Like I said in my previous reviews, somewhere around Seasons 5 into 6, this needs to be canon so we can be done here. And in this week’s episode, we’re NOT in canon territory just yet, but this episode has a boatload of Tina/Jimmy Jr content when Tina has to go mobile when getting her leg broken after falling down while wearing high heels, after getting rejected by Jimmy Jr. Wow…I know that getting your leg broken was one bad thing to ruin your day, but getting rejected by your crush when trying to ask him out to bonfire night, this is probably not Tina’s day and now it looks like she’s have to go to school in a cast for six weeks. Or that was the case when Frond offered Tina to go all 21st Century on enjoying a normal school day in the comfort of her own home and no, we’re not talking about virtual reality. We’re not going that far. No, what Frond is implying to Tina is a monitor on wheels with a web cam attached so it’s like she’s in school but in the comfort of her home.

Yeah, can’t believe the writers had gone full on Westworld, Mr. Robot with this. Nah, I don’t think so because the whole video conference call on wheels isn’t new in the technological world because I think this was first brought up around I think…the early to mid-2000s…I don’t know jack shit about my technological history, man. Don’t pressure me! Anyway, things are going fine for Tina, taking control, steering the monitor on wheels wherever she goes, despite the troubles of steering away from running over people, not to mention the sign that says “reboot me”, in the back of monitor. When the bell rings, when Tina tried to steer her way to class, she was unable to move, mostly due to the wheels caught into the bottom of the doorway. And you thought the janitor coming in and helping Tina get to her next class was her saving grace?

Think again because the janitor thought that the Tina on Wheels was just another school computer from the AV Department and decided to put her into the AV closet. Wow, could this day can get anything worse for Tina?

Yep, she was in the closet for hours. Countless hours. Missing her classes, trapped in the AV Closet. Waiting for someone to help her out of the place. And no came to her rescue. Wow, first a rejection, then a broken leg, now trapped in a closet via monitor. You might rather call this episode, “Tina Belcher and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week.” I would add “day” but after what happened in those two days, that really sounded like a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week indeed. But of course, the tables are about to turn when Tina notices Jimmy Jr coming into the AV Closet, doing some dancing…dancing away some daddy issues. Yeah, Jimmy Jr…you…uh…might want to schedule a therapist about this. Because uh…you have a lot of issues going on. But then again, you are 13 years old so um…I don’t know, I’m not a freaking psychiatrist. I’m NOT freaking Dr. Phil McGraw. Anyway, Jimmy Jr notices Tina in the AV Closet, telling her why she is in the closet in the first place. Of course, Tina tells Jimmy Jr that the janitor thought that she was a school computer left in the open. And Jimmy Jr told Tina the reason he is in the closet all alone is that of course, dancing away daddy issues. Seriously Jimmy Jr. Schedule a therapist. Any therapist in the city. Hell, call Teddy’s therapist if you even know who Teddy is. Just letting that one slide through. And of course, after talking about why they are in the closet…

We got this small conversation between the two which ends up becoming a huge deal. And…can you hear that…yeah…that is the sounds of dozen of Tina/Jimmy Jr shippers losing their effing minds. This is their reaction when reacting to this very scene…or in this case, the duration of the episode.

Yeah, because the duration of the episode is full-on Tina/Jimmy Jr shipping content. I mean look at them…

The two are having fun. From Tina doing some donuts with Jimmy Jr hanging on, spinning around to Jimmy Jr playing around with the lens of the camera, blocking Tina’s view to them having lunch. Man, if you are someone who is Anti-Tina/Jimmy Jr or a fan that doesn’t do shipping or in this case, a normal human being, you must be feeling really cringe-y when that is going on. And let’s not to forget this little gem.

Yep, Jimmy Jr doing some poetry to Tina. Yeah, I guess it’s revealed that Jimmy Jr does poetry and never told anyone, and I mean ANYONE about this. Not even Zeke knew about this. So I guess Tina became the first to learn about this. And what’s odd about Jimmy Jr’s style of poetry is that he wants to put it song form. Song form? Don’t you mean rap? Because isn’t rap comes from poetry? You know, the lyrics and rhythm to make it the perfect rap to persuade the listener. Telling their life stories and tackling the issues that been going on…I been listen to rap sometimes, just to let that one slide. But however, the problems with Jimmy Jr’s musical poems, or as he called it, “musoems”, is that it’s too short and it probably doesn’t that rhythm to go along with it. But Tina doesn’t mind and encouraged Jimmy Jr to show his musoems to the public on the night of the bonfire, so it looks like Jimmy Jr will be preparing to show his musoems to the public on bonfire night. But besides all points, it looks like Tina’s horrible week with her leg being broken, getting rejected by her crush, not to mention, being put into a closet by accident has flipped the script if it weren’t for Jimmy Jr coming in and having the best week of their lives. And it looks like both Tina and Jimmy Jr aren’t the only ones who are enjoying “Robot Tina”.

Yep, Louise and Gene decided to take the monitor to a little joyride around the school at night, via that very monitor because why the fuck not. Of course, their little joyride got interrupted by the security guard and that’s where both Louise and Gene had to improvise to get out of this sticky little situation by pretending to be an actual robot, with the help of a robot action figure and Gene’s electronic microphone of course. Not to mention, using an alias to get out of this little conversation and as they were about to get away from the guard’s sight, they told him to do something for them and that is of course, create some mishap to the school for the next day. And the next day. And the next day. And the next day. And the next day. And the next day. And the next day. And the next day. And the next day. And the next day. So I guess both sides of the aisle are enjoying their week with Tina on the monitor with her and Jimmy Jr hanging out, despite it’s not actually a date but it almost looks like it for some people in y’all’s perspective, and Gene and Louise’s little joyride during the night, tricking the security guard and make him do their bidding. But there’s something I need to talk about that may have loathe me, or in this case on bonfire night, weirded out. Let’s begin with the loathing part.

Because of her on monitor and her hanging out with Jimmy Jr, it looks like Tina has a second shot on asking Jimmy Jr out for bonfire night and it looks like things are going in the right direction…or so we thought. I mean yeah, it is their second date, yes, I call it a second date because of the first one back in “Gene It On”, but here’s something that loathes me and that is that Jimmy Jr prefer to take Robot Tina instead of Tina in clutches to the night of the bonfire. Yeah, you heard me, Jimmy Jr rather take the monitor over the person who is behind it. Is it me or is Jimmy Jr in this episode is becoming a “objectophile”. Don’t know what that word means? Here’s the definition of the word.

Yeah…I am so getting heavily criticized on that. Anyway, although Tina and Jimmy Jr are going on their second date, which is to hang out on bonfire night, Jimmy Jr prefer to take the Tina behind the monitor rather than the Tina in real life, in clutches. Anyone saw the movie “Her”? You know, that movie where that guy falls in love with a computer? No? I didn’t. But that almost sounds like it. I’m surprised “catfishing” isn’t on Tina’s list on telling Jimmy Jr to take the real her instead of the monitor. Although, that might be a horrible pitch come up with for the guys over at MTV. And with Tina’s leg now healing up, meaning that she has to say goodbye to the monitor version of her, it looks like she doesn’t want to miss that very moment, or in this case, this date with Jimmy Jr. If Jimmy Jr want to date the monitor, then it looks like she’s taking the monitor to the date. That would a good plan if the monitor isn’t stuck in the school, recharging. And that where’s she assigned Louise and Gene to take the monitor out of the school and into the beach. And that’s things were about to go downhill when the guard notices something is going on here with the monitor that Louise and Gene were joyriding around the nighttime hours and that’s where the two come up with another lie to get to the bonfire and that is to tell the guard that the robot has been laid off from its job and used the 2008 Disney/Pixar movie “Wall-E” as an excuse. And that made the guard felt really bad about this. Despite that it was a lie, it is for the sake of Tina winning her chances of going to that bonfire with Jimmy Jr. So it looks with that, the guard follow through and take the monitor outside, in front of the school and head off like it’s freaking “Free Willy”, only except of a whale heading towards the ocean, it’s a monitor with three children behind the lens heading towards the beach. Wow, that must be one gullible security guard to get out of this one or two sticky situations.

And you thought bonfire night was going well for the people who attended it, including Jimmy Jr and Tina…why, sadly, not exactly because you thought this is where the magic happens? Actually, it looks like things are about to fall apart in about a matter of seconds when Jimmy Jr shown his musoems to everyone at the bonfire, where everyone was staring blankly, like he’s totally killing it, and not in a positive way. And he hoping for Tina-vision to come in to the rescue. Guess what? Nowhere in sight behind the monitor and look who decided to come out from the comfort of her own house?

Yep, Tina has finally come out from the monitor and her house and into the bonfire in clutches. Helping Jimmy Jr out with the musoems, with of course, the family, mostly Bob for adding music in the mix with his banjo, which I should talk about it later on once we’re done talking about this A-plot of the episode. But of course, Bob’s banjo moment was cut short due to Jimmy Jr’s musoems being short in length. Wow, no love for Bob and his banjo. Which, that also needed to be talked about later on. Poor Bob. Not getting his time to shine here. And then…two times…in one season, just like the last season. You know what I’m referring to…

Yep…they made out. And for the sixth, maybe seventh time that those two kiss within the show’s runtime over the last six years. And I thought, and you probably thought about it as well before the episode aired is that this episode would put the Tina shipping war to bed, make Tina and Jimmy Jr a couple, thus ending this shipping debate that is about to tear the fan base apart. Don’t be like what is happening going on with the Star vs. The Forces of Evil fandom, because something tells me what happened in that mid-season finale could spell a two, maybe three-way civil war. Don’t be like them. Let’s just declared that as a little warning to everyone here. Anyway, like I said, thought this episode would finally put the pairing debate to bed and would finally make Jimmy Jr and Tina an official couple since their first interaction in the series six years ago, but sadly, that was a close call. A MAJOR close call here. And this is the second week of the new year and already, we’re doing this?! Holy shit, at this point, I don’t know what’s gonna happen next with this? Something might tell me that 2017 could finally be the year that Tina and Jimmy Jr would finally become a couple. But, it’s a major longshot to call it. So all and all, it was a nice moment we see with the two and we got our sixth kiss from these two. And if 2017 does become the year that those two become a couple…still a longshot, but then again, so does people who think that Donald Trump not winning the election and look what happened. So I think the shippers might need a little help from the Russian Hackers to get these two together. I’m just saying.

Bob’s subplot of the episode was enjoyable with him playing the banjo. I mean, look at Bob. He loves that banjo. He enjoys that banjo. That much that sooner or later, he might head down south, probably around the Louisiana swamp or in the Mississippi River Valley to play it out, laying on his back, sitting on a chair and enjoying the southern hospitality, playing his banjo. Uh, wonder how Bob would react to the Summer heat? Anyway, I gotta give props to the little scene where Bob, outta nowhere, surprises everyone and played the banjo like a natural. That much that Teddy told the town to look at Bob playing the banjo and…it’s a dream sequence. Wow, dreamt that on his head on who professional he is on playing that thing, only to find out that the dude didn’t even hit a single note. Jesus Christ. I mean think for a minute, pretend you’re planning to try out for let’s say, a band. You want to impress that band by playing an instrument. Thinking that you became a pro, and no, it’s not because of Guitar Hero, but out of nowhere, you faithfully know all the notes and played it, only to find out that you were daydreaming and possibly procrastinating, all while trying to learn one simple key note.

However, this is, and I don’t probably want to say messed up, is that well…not everyone is a fan of Bob’s banjo. Yes, apparently, when Bob got his banjo, you got people like Linda and Teddy who liked the idea of Bob playing the banjo. Until later on to the night when Bob tried to do his late-night session with his banjo, that woke Linda up, in the middle of the night. And with that, Linda has now become anti-banjo because she didn’t get any sleep from that banjo. Thought for a second there, I thought Linda would be the one who would get rid of the banjo from Bob. But no, the next day, or in this case, the following day after what I just said, Bob got rid of his banjo. And it looks like Linda isn’t the only one who is anti-banjo. It seems that Teddy is also becoming anti-banjo as well. Wow, so much hate going on with the banjo. And speaking of that hate, Bob didn’t even get his big break when the Belchers, mostly Tina, help out Jimmy Jr with his musoeums. I mean, he sensed that he found his perfect moment and then seconds later, the musoeum comes to an end due to its length. Wow…wow…what the actual shit. The banjo is getting no freaking love here. And, I’m feeling sorry for Bob for not getting his shot to play his instrument, not to mention, the hate and the mistreatment, not just from Linda and Teddy, but from the writers…for not giving him time. Come on guys, at least give the banjo a chance. #GiveBobsBanjoAChance. Trend it. Do it. Trend it now! But yeah, it was an enjoyable subplot and seriously guys, trend that hashtag. #GiveBobsBanjoAChance.


So, what do I think about this week’s episode of Bob’s Burgers? Well, I think it’s a pretty good episode to kick off the new year and man, oh man, the season so far is on a roll and this, despite it has a lot of Tina/Jimmy Jr content, out of the other episodes that kicked off the new year for the fandom, this has to the…second. Yeah, I said second because “Slumber Party” back in 2014 may have stolen the spotlight in that one. Anyway, about this episode. Perfect episode to kick off the new year and holy shit, it’s not just the fandom who enjoyed this episode for 2017, but the Tina/Jimmy Jr shippers got what they were hoping for, and sadly, them becoming an official couple is not on that list but we do get a lot of moments here when Tina got behind the monitor when she got her leg broken following falling down when wearing high heels and got rejected by Jimmy Jr. Thought this would be Tina’s bad week due to her injury, which lands her to be stuck with a cast on her leg, which landed her behind the monitor, which leads to her mistakenly taken to the AV Closet by the janitor who thought she was another school computer left in the open? Well, the tables have turned when Jimmy Jr came in and thus, we have not one, not two, three, or four. But try FIVE! FIVE moments between the two from their small talk to them having fun to lunch together to the bonfire, even though Jimmy Jr prefer to take the Tina on the monitor over the Tina in real life. And of course, their sixth kiss. Two in one season, tying with the previous season, or three in my estimate because what happened in “The Hormone-iums”, not referring to the credits. And I thought that this episode would finally put this so-called pairing debate in the Tina camp to bed, would finally put Tina and Jimmy Jr into the canon territory. But that looks like a false flag. And it is way too early to make them official. Don’t forget, this is the second week of the month in the new year, making them official around this time…well…I don’t know what the outcome is gonna be but it could a rather divisive one in my prediction at least. But it was a good A-plot and I really enjoyed, actually, both sides are enjoyable in this week’s episode. This and the subplot with Bob and his banjo. But of course, no love with that banjo. Especially that last moment of the episode where Bob was about to do his shining moment when hearing Jimmy Jr’s musoeums, but due to Jimmy Jr running out of ideas and ended it shortly, he didn’t get his shot. Not even once. #GiveBobsBanjoAChance. Get that trending, guys. Don’t fail me like you did with #ToiletBob. So all and all, I think this episode was a perfect one to kick off the new year. And an episode that almost made the Tina/Jimmy Jr canon. You were so close to the promised land and sadly, y’all haven’t reached that territory. But y’all did got some moments, so…not a total loss. So, I’ll give “Ex Mach-Tina”…

A 9.5 out of 10. Like I said, it was a pretty good episode to kick off 2017 and if you’re a Tina/Jimmy Jr shipper, this episode is so totally fit for you, despite that it didn’t even hit the canon mark, we got some few moments and they were kinda nice to see. And of course, that and the Bob subplot with the banjo are enjoyable to watch. But seriously guys, give Bob a shining moment for playing with his banjo. It’s not that hard to do. But anyway, that’s about for this review…oh, you thought I forgot about something? Oh yeah, we’re in another hiatus. Yeah…apparently, FOX likes to fuck us over with the scheduling. I mean, despite that the NFL Divisional Playoff Game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Green Bay Packers took up the spot, the week after that, we got not one, but two reruns of previous episodes. What the shit? But yeah…that’s about it, tell me what you think about this week’s episode of Bob’s Burgers? Do you like it? Do you hate it? Do you think Tina and Jimmy Jr might become a couple by the end of 2017? Do you think Bob would’ve got his shining moment with his banjo? Tell me what you think in the comments below. So until then, which is God knows when, I’ll see you guys later.

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