Monday, December 12, 2016

Top 20 Countdown Begins! Number 20: Bob’s Burgers - “The Gene and Courtney Show”. | yahoo201027's Top 20 Countdown of 2016.

We begin the Top 20 Countdown for the 2016 Fandom Season, flashing back to Valentine’s Day with this amazing gem of an episode with that very theme into play, despite ongoing controversy revolving around two certain people and their relationship history. Coming in with Number 20 of this very countdown is “The Gene and Courtney”, Season 6, Episode 7 of Bob’s Burgers.

One of the episodes during the year 2016 that I reviewed back in February and like I said in that very review, it does not disappoint. It’s nice to see another Gene-centric episode into play to kick off the countdown, but of course, since the episode is a Valentine’s Day themed one, which falls on the very holiday to premiere, had to throw Courtney into play as well.

Now became friends, Gene and Courtney got discovered following their smear against Ms. Labonz and her morning announcement that bores the students to death, after the AV teacher notices that Gene and Courtney’s style of get the students’ attention got the students’ attention, thus for them to take over the morning announcement. You know, something to bright every students’ mind without being bored the fuck out for the remainder of the day. And Gene and Courtney, despite that they used to be lovers, then rivals, now became friends and show business partners, they did not disappoint. It’s like they really brought the magic into those announcements. It’s kinda like whenever you’re at school, and you hear the morning announcements over at the intercom, you probably think of yourself, “Gee, how come my school don’t do morning announcements like what Gene and Courtney did?” I don’t know, Phil? I just don’t know. But of course, when it probably come to show business, like the morning announcements that Gene and Courtney are moderating, something bad would interfere and could play an impact to that very career. And sadly, this is one of them.

Yep, Gene and Courtney became a couple again following working to come up with a new idea for tomorrow’s show that led to them holding hands, staring each other in the eyes and of course, they kissed. I mean, both Gene and Courtney have something in common with show business but them as a couple, is really controversial. Mostly because of what happened when they first became a couple back in Season 3. When Gene was pressured into dating Courtney without hurting her feelings. I mean, I get it, you don’t want to hurt your spouse’s feelings, but being pressured to kick off a relationship? That’s not okay. Also not okay, is faking your death to scare your spouse to break up with him after potentially finding out that he only hangs out with you is because of your father and his job. I mean, I get it, Gene and Courtney are terrible as a couple. And I think I can see why people are hating on Courtney for that even though Gene doesn’t have the guts to break up with her and his family really want Gene to break up with Courtney, because even though they’re fine with Gene having a relationship but with Courtney, is something they don’t want. I mean yeah, I still think that Gene and Courtney as a couple is a bad idea and keeping them platonic would be a good thing. But that was before this episode aired. And like I said in my review of this very episode, very skeptical about this. I know they’re terrible as a couple but they do look cute as one. But anyway, they’re back together and it looks like they’re happy about that…except for one downside and that is that their relationship is interfering with their work. And that the only way to keep their jobs and trying not to get distracted and trying not to be late for this, is to break up. And you can totally see the faces of Gene and Courtney when they heard that the A.V. Teacher want them to break up because it’s interfering with their work.

I mean, you don’t see or hear either Paul, or Ringo, or George, or the Beatles’ manager telling both John and Yoko to break up because it’s interfering with the band’s work. Like I said, you can see the faces of Gene and Courtney at the lunch table after hearing that their newly, reformed relationship is interfering with their career and becoming really conflicting over this issue. I mean, on one side, they’re happy that they’re back together, even though the fanbase are majorly conflicted on. But on the other side, they found the perfect job on hosting the morning announcements. And don’t want to fuck things up, even though they captured the audience with their talent, until they became a couple again. And out of the two in this episode, in this plot, is Gene. Which of course, thought up of the decision in the middle of the night, while of course, thinking about the moments that lead up to them becoming a couple again. Thus with the train of thought, comes the song that Gene wrote to be used in the next morning, which is of course, Valentine’s Day.

Like I said in the review back in February, the song that Gene wrote following the break-up, yeah, that’s right, they broke up again, got the school into emotional territory. Of course, for yours truly, it didn’t. Mainly because despite that Gene’s song got the school emotional, by the way, loving Zeke’s reaction to the song with tears about to erupt, and some of y’all going all emotional on point of that part, this episode falls on the same week as the series finale of a certain series, which y’all probably got this one, it’s on this year’s countdown, possibly feeling like a nervous wreck and of course, me being freaking emotionless, said the guy who almost cried when the series reached the Number Five spot in last year’s countdown. Anyway, when Gene finished his song, when the morning announcement was wrapping up, with the school now back to loving it and of course, feeling teary eyed, Courtney questions that if the song that Gene wrote and sang was about their breakup. In which Gene answered her question, “Not really.” Mmm…pretty sure it sounds like it’s about the breakup. Which of course, after Gene replied to Courtney’s question, Courtney kissed Gene in the cheek and told him to hang out since it is Valentine’s Day. I mean, despite they got a gig to do a morning announcement, became a couple again the following night, which ends up to a trip down disaster city, leading up to the breakup and the song on Valentine’s Day, even though Gene and Courtney’s relationship history is controversial, mostly because of either Courtney and her actions to pressure Gene into dating her or Gene, despite that he don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, can’t say no to Courtney’s offer and of course, using her to get to her dad, I could see them in a good, PLATONIC relationship and of course, potential business partners. Yeah, the A-plot with Gene and Courtney stole the show with this episode, but let’s not forget both the B-plot and the C-plot the episodes with Bob trying to get 250 roses to Tina for the fundraiser and of course, Tina trying to find her name in a letter, thinking that someone wrote her name on that letter.

The C-plot of the episode with Bob trying to get the 250 roses for Tina for her fundraiser, like I said in my review back in February, was enjoyable. I mean, the dude forgot to get the roses despite that he told Tina that he the roses for her to deliver to every student who send the letter to the others, which…he didn’t. And of course, when every call he tried with every flower company failed, that leads Bob, with the help of Teddy, to go to an all-night flower shop and like I mentioned in my review, the flower shop that they go to looks like a Costco equivalent of a flower shop. And it looks like Bob did get the flowers just in time school kicks into gear on Valentine’s Day. And of course, it is a Valentine’s Day episode, so guess the writers don’t want to throw both him and Linda under the bus by Bob telling Linda if she want to make out with him. Which of course, Linda agrees. See, even though Gene and Courtney were the highlight of this episode, we can’t forget to mention our favorite married couple without them showing some love, even if it was thrown in at the last minute and it wasn’t spotlighted on either one of them.

Then of course, the B-plot with Tina. Of course, she is running the fundraiser to help the school getting some money by collecting cards that the students wrote to their special someone and of course, gets a rose on Valentine’s Day via Tina Mail. However, the following night…

Yep, Tina went all on snoop mode when trying to find a letter that possibly have her name on it. And for that, you have to broke into the ballot box and scramble every envelope on your floor? Sadly for Tina, no luck finding it and now had to live in a lie up till Valentine’s Day, pretend that the whole snooping, breaking into the box thing to find her name on a single envelope fiasco doesn’t even happen. Not to mention, had to keep things quiet from Mr. Frond. I mean, don’t forget, the last time Tina has to live under a lie…it nearly destroys her mentally with the guilt building up. But this episode, not the case. And of course, poor Tina, despite when Valentine’s Day came in when she has to deliver the roses to the students, no rose. Nothing. Zero. Nada. No one, and I mean, NO ONE gave Tina a rose on Valentine’s Day…well, except for one person.

Yep, Jimmy Pesto Jr giving Tina the only rose that she needed for Valentine’s Day. And something tells me the Tina/JJ shippers are possibly got excited when they hear that their episode, the episode that gave us kiss number three, made on to the list. Yeah, the third kiss overall between Tina and Jimmy Jr and it’s like the shippers have died and gone to heaven after seeing that. And of course, the one of many for this year with one in “The Hormone-iums”, one in possibly in that same episode, still skeptical on that, and of course, the most recent in “The Quirkducers”, despite that it was a staged one. Yeah, here’s your early Holiday gift, you sons of bitches.

So why did this episode got the Number 20 spot in the Top 20 Countdown? Like I said in my review back in February, what an episode to watch. This is probably the best written Valentine’s Day episode for the series and of course, you got three sides of the aisle with this episode that was enjoyable to watch with the A-plot with Gene and Courtney stealing the show. Although the Gene/Courtney relationship thing was controversial for the fanbase due to Courtney’s actions or Gene’s not wanting to hurt people’s feelings or used her to get their dad, I could see them as very good friends and of course, potential show business partners in the future. Now, seeing them back as a couple was surprising because despite that they got the gig for the morning announcements, things had gone a bit skeptical, mostly because despite that they’re happy that they’re back together, it is disrupting their work and of course, with the fear of getting fired, they had to call off their relationship. Thus of course, the song that Gene wrote and sung on Valentine’s Day came to be. Like I said in my review, and this is totally be the last time to use that…till the speculations of more may be coming in later on with this countdown…both the Bob and Tina subplots are enjoyable to watch, mostly around the Bob side. Tina’s side was enjoyable as well, but of course, it went all snoopy on finding a single envelope that has her name written on to abort and live under a lie till Valentine’s Day. And of course, feeling sad that she doesn’t get a single rose after delivering the roses to the students, that is until Jimmy Jr came in and give Tina a rose and then…

…boom. Kiss Number 3. And that’s one of the many that we have experienced this year. Enjoy your little gift, Tina/JJ shippers. Despite that a potential bullshit has been averted for this year, don’t know if 2017 would hold for the future of the series, and of course, y’all tiny little ship, because if 2017 becomes the year that Tina and Jimmy Jr finally admit their love to each other, which…would be no surprise because something tells me it’s bound to happen, don’t know if I would be either excited or peeved off. But, we’ll let the year to decide on that fate. But anyway, that’s it for Number 20 of the Top 20 Countdown. Tune in tomorrow with Number 19 the recent premiere department with a season finale that should’ve get high ratings, but a cliffhanger that left a certain fandom asking for questions. So until tomorrow, I’ll see you guys later.