Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Top 20 Countdown Continues! Number 19: Adventure Time: “Preboot” and “Reboot”. | yahoo201027's Top 20 Countdown.

The Top 20 Countdown continues in the recent department, aired just a few weeks ago, and despite after finding out that this episode got a lowest ratings they seen for the year and for the show. No, really…

…these are the lowest numbers the Adventure Time fanbase got. Despite the low ratings, this episode did not disappoint, with a revelation, some tense moments, and a cliffhanger to end the season. Coming up with Number 19 on the list is the Season 7 Finale of Adventure Time, “Preboot” and “Reboot”.

I don’t care what people said about this, this was probably the best way to end off the seventh season of the series. And despite the very low ratings that the show got when it first premiered, mainly due to low advertising and promotion to promote this episode, it was a good episode. And it centers around the character of Susan Strong. Yes, Susan Strong did came back in this season finale and it looks like things are about to get interesting here revolving around her and of course, finally getting our questions answered when the news broke when these two episodes are announced to be the season finale.

First off, we returned to Beautopia, a place that really haven’t seen since…holy fuck, between 3-4 years, maybe 5, since it was first introduced. Anyway, back to Beautopia with Finn, Jake, and Susan investigate something odd in the vicinity, which of course, landed them in an abandon arcade. And of course, continue their investigation from their when Jake found a plush dinosaur and when he picked the toy dinosaur off the ground, the area begins to shake. And it’s not like some Indiana Jones shit with you grabbing that certain item from the area of placement like a table, next thing you know, the building begins to collapse. Well, this one, not so much because the shaking has nothing to do with Jake taking the plush dinosaur off the ground, but a drill coming up to the surface from the underground and when Finn, Jake, and Susan evacuated themselves out of that arcade and begin to see the drill coming up to the surface, guess who came back, piloting the drill?

Yep, Tiffany’s back and he’s piloted the drill. Except, it’s a not a drill, it’s more of an underground submarine and…holy shit, it’s been two years since we last saw this fucker. I mean, the last time we saw him was in Season 6’s “Dentist” when Tiffany saved Finn from the Queen Worm’s mouth, thus making him MIA ever since. And I’m guessing him with a robotic arm now attached to meaning that I guess probably his arm had been eaten off by the Queen Worm or something like that. Anyway, after reuniting with both Finn and Jake, Tiffany takes Finn, Jake, and Susan into the ship and gives them a tour and the design for the interior looks futuristic with the ground looks like gigantic versions of microscopic cells. But of course, the tour gets interrupted by Susan walking her way towards the door, things are about to get weird. How weird, you may ask?

Look at that, she opened the door like it was nothing. Like she knows the combination to every door in this ship. With just one raise to her left arm and of course, the sound of a modem like something you probably hear when using Dial-Up internet. Remember Dial-Up? The internet that used in the 1990s before Wi-Fi was a thing? Yeah, I ‘member. Continued it’s way till the mid to late 2000s. Anyway, the door unlocked lead the four into a research room and while the three are looking around the room, Susan kept on going and found another door and of course, unlocked it. Revealing another room but this time, had a what looked like a flower ready to blossom. Speaking of that, it blossomed and it has a person inside it, looking at multiple screens. Guess it has something to do with surveillance.

We got to introduced to Dr. Gross, who of course, continues to give the tour to Finn, Jake, and Susan that Tiffany was supposed to continue but was interrupted by Susan. And shows them a room of animals that Gross was using for research. And by research, I mean crossbreeding the animals like a dolphin with a face of a fox and a beaver. Or a mix of a chicken and a bee. Or a bear with a grandfather clock attached to it’s arm. To Finn and Jake’s reaction, they were amazed, in a positive way, thinking that Dr. Gross is the next Charles Darwin. But to Susan’s reaction, not so much. When Susan the dolphin that has a face of a fox and the teeth of a beaver, she was bit freaked out. But after that, I’m guessing she remained quiet and had to tag along with Finn and Jake. But somethings tells me that it’s not going to paint a pretty picture on what will happen next on what I’m about to say. And it begins with the squirrel with a scorpion tail, trying to get attention. But that attention comes with a warning that should’ve get their attention, and that is that Dr. Gross is NOT what she seems.

First off, we got a revelation about Dr. Gross and who she is. Found that she’s a human when taking off her suit. Yes, another human…was a human if it weren’t for robotic parts attached to some parts of her body. So yeah, in technical terms, she’s an Android. But in Finn’s term, yeah, he found another of his kind besides his dad and Betty. Would add the Ice King, but of course, the whole crown thing. Don’t know if I want to add Marceline into this because she is a vampire, and potentially human. Was human. And of course, Susan is remain questionable whether she’s a fish person, which is very unlikely. Or a full human, which is also unlikely, or in this case, somewhere in between. Also a contender is that she might be an Android. And…the last thing I just mentioned is the correct use in this episode, isn’t it?

Yep, she’s an Android. So, Susan fend off against Dr. Gross after removing her hat that revealed her number and begin to take Finn and Jake and try to escape from the ship. But of course, it’s not an escape until we get animals attacking courtesy of Dr. Gross. Of course, the chase ended when Finn, Jake, and Susan were captured by a net, fired by Tiffany. And when Dr. Gross about to begin to do her “research”, Tiffany on the other hand, go on attacking and betraying Dr. Gross to help Finn, Jake, and Susan escape. Like some Return of the Jedi type of shit. Remember when Palpatine was electrocuting Luke for refusing to join the Empire, Darth Vader heard Luke’s plea to take down his boss because he knew there’s good left in him. Thus he heard the plea and just easily took down Palpatine, but had to make a sacrifice. Well, it’s like that when Tiffany heard Finn and Jake’s plea when Dr. Gross is about to dissect them, Tiffany betrayed Dr. Gross by firing his robotic arm to the ceiling, creating a distraction while fending off against Dr. Gross, enough for Finn, Jake, and Susan to escape but not before trapping both Tiffany and Dr. Gross in a net. Of course, luckily, they got out as the drill begins to all haywire, heads back underground, and explodes. Luckily, no animals were harmed or killed because they escaped. Dr. Gross, presumably dead, I supposed. As for Tiffany…I mean, he did avoid Death’s door when taking on the Queen Worm and came back good as new and unharmed. So…he has to come back, right? Right? Rig…he’s dead too, isn’t he? There’s no confirmation here, folks. But that’s not the main issue here. Because the main issue right now the trio is to now capture the eel, setting up for “Reboot”. And I know what you’re probably gonna say, “How would hunting down a runaway eel play a role to end off the seventh season?” Well, it’s not what would go down before the hunt goes on. It’s what happened during the hunt that shit is about to go down. And oh yeah, it does involved Susan and her behavior.

Now back to the Land of Ooo, Finn, Jake, and Susan are on eel hunting duty. But something tells me that this is going to be harder then they thought. Mostly because of Jake trying his best to shoot at the eel and of course, Finn trying to damage the eel. But I guess that didn’t work. That’s where Susan comes in and trying to take down the eel but got electrocuted and got pushed back, which of course, something tells me something bad is about to happen to Susan. But we’ll get to that later on because Jake, with the last option to beat the eel, took a nearby tree and took down the eel. So…mission accomplish, I guess.

Now, this is where things are about to get interesting, yet suspenseful when Finn and Jake noticed that there’s something wrong with Susan, mostly coming from guessing her A.I. core and Susan begins to act differently from how would she behave normally. Way differently when she now goes after Finn, trapping him in a net and before Susan begins to take Finn away, a Banana Guard appears, meaning that she now got the Candy Kingdom’s attention and…she ran away. But of course, the chase has been halted when the Banana Guards caught up with Susan and blocked her way to god knows where and Jesus Christ, Nurse Pound Cake. Take it easy. Anyway, found out that Nurse Pound Cake and the Banana Guards are used as a distraction for Susan, for Princess Bubblegum to take Finn to safety. Away from Susan. But…it’s gonna be a short time in a safe space because Susan notices that Finn was taken by Princess Bubblegum to the Candy Kingdom, thus putting the kingdom on high alert. Of course, Finn told Bubblegum and everyone else to not kill Susan. Sadly, that maybe the only option they got because Susan has gone ape shit and when she rammed her way into the Candy Kingdom, one of the Gumball Guardians shoot his lasers and thought it would take Susan down. But nope, that did not work. She still stands and hold Bubblegum hostage. And of course, her body size changed, becoming more muscly and buffer than ever. Well, don’t fret everyone, because Sir Rattleballs is here to rescu…

…was here, now he’s broken into pieces. All thanks to Susan. Who takes Finn again and this time, all the way to the coastline. And what’s interesting about this is because when Susan and Finn reached to the coastline, she was looking for something far out of the distance. Like she’s waiting for something. She even tried to send a signal through her A.I. And when Susan was fighting against Finn and Jake (with Finn in a Jake Suit), we switched in a brief moment into some sort of empty room with a computer turned on with the words “Signal Received. XJ-77 Requests Transport.” With XJ-77, of course, being Susan. And you begin to question yourself to the show, myself also included is who is Susan signaling to? Is she trying to signal another batch of people like Dr. Gross to take her and Finn away? To her creator? Those are questions that are on the tip of the tongue of every Adventure Time fan. But back to the battle, with Finn threw Susan back to the water, you thought because Susan’s an Android, you think that the water would shorten the circuit, thus damaging her, if not, kills her. But…

…yeah, so the water didn’t kill her and now she got an anchor and she threw it to Finn and Jake, nearly crushing them to death with Jake spitting Finn out. And because of this one, wild battle that looks very unwinnable. It looks like Finn doesn’t have a choice but to kill Susan. Of course, she attack the head where the A.I. is at, making her lose control when dropped Finn to the ground. Thus, turned Susan back into her normal state. And you though it would be over with, right? Wrong, because Finn’s arm, the one with the grass stem attached to his palm, goes full on attack mode and about to crush Susan. I mean, the battle’s over with but Finn’s grass arm have other plans for Susan, which is to finish off Susan. But of course, Finn refuses to do so, trying to fight the grass sword from mass murdering Susan. And he did. He stopped the grass sword from killing Susan. But the grass sword, while going back into Finn’s arm, have other plans, and it looks like Finn’s Finn Sword became the last minute target. And then, there’s this!

Yep, again! Fucking again! Finn’s arm got ripped off from him again. For the second time! I mean, Jesus, first the Citadel, now this. It’s like Finn’s arm is no longer safe wherever he goes. You might want to put that kid in the safety of his home. And of course, the season finale ends up with a cliffhanger when Finn’s Grass Sword became a living being. Thus ending the episode and the seventh season with the Grass Sword becoming a living being and it looks like it’s about to make his, or in this case, it’s way out. Well, something tells me Season 8 of the series is about to a tad interesting, if Cartoon Network would promote it. Come on, Cartoon Network, you’re NOT giving other shows a chance in life.

So anyway, why did these two episodes made it onto the Number 19 spot of the Top 20 Countdown? Well, despite it got a lowest ratings that show got in it’s history, mostly because of Cartoon Network’s failure to promote this, it was an interesting bunch of episodes to end off the seventh season of the series. We got to know about Susan Strong, mostly on her actions and of course, the way she behaves when got electrocuted by an eel during the hunt. Not to mention, seeing Tiffany again after being MIA for two years since his last appearance and there’s a possibility that he might or might not be dead following the explosion when the drill lab ship gone haywire when he and Dr. Gross fought that Susan, Finn, and Jake safely got out before the things I just said earlier occurred at the near end of the episode. And at the near end to the end of “Reboot”, it ends us with a cliffhanger. To set up what to expect for Season 8. Don’t know if the Islands miniseries that they announced would play a role with this season finale. Which I’m guessing that might be the case. And of course, the questions that should probably needed to be answered following the end of the episode like what I said earlier in this countdown. And I hope we can get some answers at the start of Season 8. So all and all, I think it’s an interesting episode and a perfect way to end off the seventh season, thus setting things up for the new season. Now let’s hope Cartoon Network can promote the show more because don’t forget, the show’s ending before the decade is done. And we gotta need the ratings. So do the fandom a favor, and watch the show! Don’t let Cartoon Network’s bias towards Teen Titans Go or The Powerpuff Girls reboot take over. Anyway, that’s it for Number 19 on the list. Stay tuned for Number 18 on the list cause we’re going on a road trip of a lifetime. And boy, oh boy, this is going to be a fun one. So, stay tuned everyone. And I’ll see you guys later.