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Bob’s Burgers Season 7, Episodes 5 and 6 Review - The Runaway Kids and The Quirk that almost ruined Thanksgiving. | yahoo201027’s Bob’s Burgers Reviews.

In this week’s NOT one, but TWO episodes of Bob’s Burgers, in the first half, after Tina was caught in some mishap that landed her into detention, Louise and Gene are home alone where they end up in a “sticky” situation while Bob and Linda are stuck in the accountant’s office, yeesh, is that economy that bad? I was joking about the economy. And in the second half, Thanksgiving break has arrived, but the kids are stuck because of Mr. Frond’s annual Thanksgiving play crashing in, leading to the Belcher kids to tag in in order to save their long weekend, all while Linda finds a potato that reassembles her long lost relative. This should be interesting, or disappointing. In my spoilerific reviews of the Fifth and Sixth Episodes of the Seventh Season, titled, “Large Brother, Where Fart Thou?” and “The Quirkducers”.

“Large Brother, Where Fart Thou?”

We begin with the first half of the double episode premieres and I gotta say, it was a pretty good episode, in both the A-plot, which features Louise and Gene hanging out and had to run and hide from Logan after throwing a cantaloupe gone totally wrong, and the B-plot with Bob and Linda getting stoned while visit the accountant. I mean, both sides are really enjoyable, don’t know which one is my favorite one. However, that little C-plot with Tina in detention just really pushed Tina into the background and almost seems that this particular story plot for the episode is probably something we don’t need. Well me and of course, the Tina/JJ shippers. 2016 is almost over and the one thing that I don’t want to see is whining from that group of fans who are hardcore, pro-Tina/JJ thinking that we’re gonna endure that same BS we saw back in January with Zander. Fucking Zander. But I’ll save that rant for never. Cause the year is almost over, meaning that sooner or later, I’ll be working on the Top 20 Countdown for the Year 2016. So…if next week’s episode, which is the Christmas Episode, turns out to be the last episode of the year before January, I don’t want to see any whining. Finally got that out of the way, so let’s get to the main spotlight of the episode, Louise and Gene.

So after Tina got into detention for knocking down some books and calling out Mr. Frond, which…wow, haven’t seen that side of Tina since the Halloween episode not too long ago. Times are a changing, my friend. So, with Tina stuck in detention, that means that Bob and Linda don’t have the time to find a babysitter at the last minute. Which…what did ever happened to Jen? That babysitter that Bob and Linda hired to take care of the kids in Seasons 3 and 4? Do I have to make another discussion? Do I have to come up with a segment called “Where the Hell is Jen?” Because I already did that with Jessica not to long ago, and like I said, about to be ready to work on the Top 20 Countdown of the Year 2016, not to mention, the recap for the 2016 Hurricane Season at the End of November into the Start of December, and I don’t know if I even have the time for that. So yeah, Tina is MIA because of her being in detention, meaning that Gene and Louise are now going to be home alone, even though Linda and Bob consider that Gene would be one who will taking care of Louise because he’s the second child to be born on this day. Talk about the laws of hierarchy. If the oldest not there to do the duties, the middle child will take over. And Gene and Louise hanging out without Tina around, it’s really rare to see those two alone, even if Tina’s not around to babysit. Because in most times, Louise rather hang out with Bob. And sometimes, with Tina. And for Gene, Bob as well. But along with Linda and Tina. So seeing both Louise and Gene hanging around is sort of a rare occurrence. From enjoying some snacks to preparing to get rid of a dirty, moldy cantaloupe that she kept for like…months. Oh My God, how come didn’t sense the rotten smell? What, are they nose blind? It’s like whenever someone confronts the fridge, they didn’t even notice the smell, guessing it has something to do with the fruit locked up in one of the produce drawer of the fridge. I’m not a fridge expert, I’m just stating the facts here. And besides, with all that going on, along with throwing away the moldy cantaloupe, nothing can go wrong, right? Right? Riiiight? Riiiiiiiight?

God, how come bad things happened to good people? This is NOT what I hoping for when it comes to Louise and Gene having their perfect day. And now, the cantaloupe has been dropped on Logan’s head. So yeah, Logan’s back in this week’s episode after not noticing that a cantaloupe was about to fall on his head. And I know what you’re thinking here, if Logan comes, does that mean that the Louigan shippers come out from the shadows and experience this episode? Well, I hate to toot your own horn here, Louigan shippers, but this definitely NOT this episode because Logan in this episode acted like a major douchebag after that whole accident. Yeesh, it was just an accident and accidents happen. At least, I don’t know, take a joke for once? Apparently, that is not the case for Logan because something tells me he just declared vendetta on Louise and Gene, which causing the two to hide in the safety of their own home. And thought for a second there, I thought they would barricade themselves and their home like from Home Alone. Remember that movie? When that kid was left all alone in his alone and thought he was like having the best day of his life until he heard that a group of men are about to rob his house, which leads up the kid, I think his name is Kevin, I believe, barricaded his house with booby traps to prevent them from entering into the house. Will this episode parodied the hit-or-miss movie from the early 1990s with Louise and Gene barricading the house? Well…no. That is NOT the case in this week’s episode, they just…hide. And pretends that if they hide, he goes away. Sadly, hate to break it to you guys, but that, sometimes, won’t work because if you haven’t watched any horror movies, since of course, you’re children, I don’t think you’re allowed to watch it, THAT, can go way south because if you think that, “Huh, must be a false alarm.” Cut to a few seconds later, “Oh look, he’s still around. And now, you’re dead.” The antagonist can play tricks on you. Thinking that a false alarm has been declared. Only to given them an perfect opportunity to let your guard down. And what I just said with the whole “What NOT to do in a Horror Movie” situation, has now been brought up to Gene and Louise hiding from Logan. Checking the window for the first time…

Gene and Louise sees Logan kicking on a random car, preparing to karate kick the door down. But when Logan called Louise on the phone, telling her that he's inside the house, both her and Gene gone full on panic mode and exit the house, only to reveal that Logan was right there the whole time, waiting for them to come out. And that’s another rule in the “What Not to do in a Horror Movie” guideline, never pickup the damn phone. I hope we all learn a listen here. Don’t split up, don’t answer the phone, don’t say “I’ll be right back”, and don’t let you mind trick you thinking that the person is gone, only for that person to strike without warning. Wow, no wonder Conservatives are so prissy about wanting to keep the 2nd Amendment. But also, can we also talk about that threat that Logan will do to both Louise and Gene?

The Norwegian Reverse Stink. Louise doesn’t know it but Gene does, mainly because he really watched a lot of wrestling. Huh, did not know that Gene was a fan of WWE Monday Night Raw? Anyway, Gene knows how the Norwegian Reverse Stink work and describe the move. Found out for that to happen, you need to beat your opponent, almost getting his ass beaten by getting your opponent losing their guard, put your opponent’s face unto your armpit and squeeze your chest, like a combination of stinkface and a purple nurple, probably mixed with a noogie, not sure about that, but that totally took down that guy. And both Gene and Louise are afraid to suffer that same fate that Logan has threaten to do. Wow, that…that almost sounds way worse than waterboarding. And something tells me I just gave Donald Trump an idea to bring back torture. Me and my big mouth, man.

Of course, thus here we are, the chase. Both Louise and Gene are running for their lives while Logan is chasing them, which leads up to the them in a certain area, that was preparing for Lobsterfest. Yes, we have a callback to the First Season. And I know what you’re gonna say, is Lobsterfest playing a major role just like the episode of the same name in Season 1? Nope. Not like this time because the festival is pushed into the background, mainly because of Gene and Louise running for their lives taking center stage with Bob and Linda getting stoned and Tina in detention to get to a boy as the supporting pillar. Gene and Louise thinks it’s a good idea to dress up as prawn so Logan can’t find them. The problem with that…they got caught by one of the workers and Logan heard Louise’s voice coming from one of the prawn costumes, meaning that Louise and Gene are on the run again from Logan, leading up to them in the warehouse. Huh, thought the costume thing would distract the enemy from hunting you down…if this was Scooby-Doo. “Ruh roh, Rouise, rook rike Rogan found us.”

Yeah, the chase ends here at the warehouse when Louise and Gene had the perfect opportunity to hide from Logan, sadly that failed when Logan notices Louise’s bunny ears still standing. And…when you look at the faces of both Louise and Gene, the reaction from them, we know that Gene’s scared, but Louise…that’s a whole different story. Louise…she is never afraid of anything, with the exception of “Hauntening”, but this is nothing like the Halloween themed episode of 2015, this is fear, actual fear, building up into Louise’s body. She even teared up as she about to cry.

Look at that. She is REALLY about to cry when she and Gene are trapped with Logan about to assault them. And…holy shit…I can’t…you got the fandom going all-on triggered mode when Louise starts tearing up as Logan begins to assault her. And this is probably a message to the Louigan shippers after this episode…

…yeah, I don’t want to dictate anyone on who you should or should not ship, but help a brother out and please stop. Logan is acting like a major asshole in this episode, threaten to beat Louise and Gene and made Louise cry. Do you see any romantic interaction between Logan and Louise in this episode? No. Do you see Logan caring for Louise or Louise caring for Logan? No. I mean, two people hating on each other guts, that’s not fucking romantic in the books. And don’t bring up the whole “opposites attract” bullshit, it’s bullshit. It’s fucking bullshit. And…it’s sick, man. It’s fucking sick. Sick in the stomach. I like to apologize for this little rant I just made but…somebody has to come out and say it. This need to stop.

Finally got that out of the way, so after seeing Louise about to break into tears by Logan’s potential threat, Gene steps in to Louise’s defense and decided to take the bullet for Louise. He’s taking the fucking bullet, taking the Norwegian Reverse Stink, for Louise’s safety and well being. And so at the end, Gene ends up making a sacrifice and…

…wow…that’s fucking terrifying to witness. Even for Louise’s eyes and something tells me either Louise and/or Gene are gonna be a tad traumatized after what they just witnessed. But besides all that, Gene just stood up for Louise, to take the Norwegian Reverse Stink from Logan. And, what Gene did to protect Louise from Logan was actually one of the sweetest moments that this season has to offer. Well…one of the two.

…that is the perfect example for that. And although I really enjoyed the A-plot of the episode, the B-plot with Bob and Linda in the Accountant’s Office…may possibly be my favorite side plots for this season so far.

So you have Bob and Linda in the Accountant’s Office to get the accountant to do their taxes and things are going smoothly for the two and of course, the Accountant over here till the Accountant gave Bob and Linda some cookies as a treat. Okay, so you hand out cookies to Bob and Linda, that’s not so bad. Nothing illegal going on. But it’s what’s inside the cookies that things are about to go smooth sailing…REALLY smooth sailing. Two things that we found about those cookies. One, found out that he accidentally got the cookies that belong to a sick relative. And two…the cookies that Bob, Linda, and the Accountant ate…it has pot in it.

Yeah…Pot, Mary Jane, the good kush even though we might have a major kush overdose problem right now. Anyway, found out that the cookies the three ate contained marijuana for that sick patient. Guessing that person must be really, really sick that weed must be the only thing he or she need. Yeah, Bob, Linda, and the Accountant just tried medical marijuana. And don’t worry, they possibly live in New Jersey, where if you look at the map for marijuana legalization…

…yep, New Jersey, in the light green. Medical marijuana is legal over there. Even though recreational use is illegal. By the way, congratulations to California, Nevada, Massachusetts, and Maine for legalizing weed. Yeah, not gonna lie but I really loved the parts where all three guys in the room getting stoned, taking most of their visit talking and wondering, going deep with words, even dropping some truth bombs, which um…may have begun to hurt the Accountant’s feelings when Linda come out to say that his jokes is not even that funny to begin with. That may have hurt this guy’s feelings when he heard that, and to makes things worse, he brought Bob along, thinking that he’s in cahoots with Linda, thinking that he thinks that the Accountant’s jokes were never funny. But it looks like that’s going to have to wait because the three heard a knock from the door and found out that the Accountant has another appointment with another person after Bob and Linda were supposed to finish up their taxes. And think it’s a good idea to hide themselves by making a fort with cushions from the couch, pretending that if they hide, he’ll go away. Okay, just like the whole idea with Louise and Gene hiding from Logan, that won’t work. But then again, Bob, Linda, and the Accountant are high. That might be the contact high talking. It can cause you to hallucinate.

The accountant was planning to quit his job following Linda’s truth bomb being dropping, thinking that he’s not funny to begin with. But that was until Bob came in and tell him to not quit. And used his Burger of the Day titles as the example for coming up with a clever joke to boost his spirits up. And hey, guess what, it did. Looks like the Accountant ain’t going nowhere as Bob and Linda exit out from the building…with their eyes still red. Huh, that sounds like you want to tell someone after finding that they’re not actually funny to keep on trying. Not to mention, don’t ever quit your day job. Adding in positivity to the mix following eating pot cookies, we are now living in a dark and dangerous time, not just the US, but the world and that’s probably what we need, some positivity into the mix. Even if you accidentally ate some snacks that contained some marijuana. I’m not gonna let that go, you know. Talking about Bob and Linda being high. Never gonna let that go. Possibly one of my favorite side plots for the season so far.

Then comes the C-plot…do we really need it? Do we really need it? I mean, this episode pushed Tina to the background section when gotten detention. And why she got into detention you may ask? By calling out Mr. Frond and knock down some books standing on the table. And for what? What reason drove Tina into detention?

Guys…2016 is almost over with in about a few weeks and I’m already done playing games with this. Ten months without it is possibly long enough for that, must be a record. And now, we’re here again. So got introduced to Joe, the boy that Tina set her eyes on. Only to found out when stalking him, when Mr. Frond told him that he got detention. Which leads to Tina getting into detention for what I said earlier. Thus of course, leads up to Gene and Louise being home alone.

Tina did try her best to get Joe’s attention while serving detention, but…Tina is playing hard to get. And not in the level of “When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong”, more like in the level of “girl likes boy, but boy doesn’t know. So I won’t fuck this up”. And not just that, but trying to get his attention without Mr. Frond noticing. Which um…failed because Frond notices Tina’s actions when trying to get Joe’s attention from moving her desk to humming while sharping her pencil. And the humming is from the song she sang.

Eighth musical score of the season and we have Tina signing that Joe might be one. Her potential soul mate. And the scene cuts to her chasing Joe to the top of the staircase in some sort of fantasy land with the ending scene of that very musical number with fireworks in the background. Of course, in the near-end of that number, Frond interrupts it and told her to stop. Was is necessary for that musical number to be added to this episode? Maybe, but…um…yeah, something tells me dude ain’t the one you been looking for. And don’t know if he’s gonna appear in future episodes. But there some progress courtesy of the near-end of the episode when Joe looked at Tina for a few moments. So uh…good for Tina. But, if you’re a Tina/JJ shipper, calm down because you got precious moment in the next episode, in which I will review…now.

“The Quirkducers”

The two episode review continues with “The Quirkducers”, the Sixth Episode of the Seventh Season and the fifth Thanksgiving episode for the series overall. And I gotta say, I really fond with this Thanksgiving themed episode, even though Season 4’s “Turkey in a Can” still took the top for favorite Thanksgiving episodes for the series. But this time, no Thanksgiving dinner or turkey mishap. I thought when it comes to a Bob’s Burgers Thanksgiving themed episode, we would get a turkey mishap before the dinner takes place but not this year. Not this season. No, this Thanksgiving episode showcase a play. So…um, get your asses ready, because it’s gonna be a doozy.

Okay, so everyone, mostly Louise and Gene, are looking forward for the Thanksgiving holiday, meaning that they get a four-day weekend. And it’s also a half day. So, raise your hand if you got off from school early on a half day before the start of the Thanksgiving holiday? Don’t be shy. We’re all human here. Anyway, they would enjoy their half day off from school and begin taking their four-day weekend…if it weren’t for Mr. Frond putting up the annual Thanksgiving play and well, in Louise and Gene’s reaction to this play…

Yeah…a total snoozefest. It’s the Play that Ruined Thanksgiving Break. And Louise and Gene can’t stand the idea of Frond ruining their vacation and the only way to get their wish is to sabotaging the play. That leads to Tina writing her erotic Thanksgiving fiction. Now, let’s talk about Tina’s Thanksgiving story.

You may have wished this was mentioned in your history class when learning about the Colonization of the United States. But sadly, Tina’s story is like a mixed of historical fiction and eroticism filled into two just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday. I mean, the Quirky Turkey been treated like an outcast by the other turkeys even though she tried to fit in with the group. She even falls in love with the pig, which…um…I don’t know if I’m okay with crossbreeding between a turkey and a pig? And to compare Tina’s story turned into play, this feels like a PG-13 to Rated R Thanksgiving version of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Only except…yeah, the turkeys get murdered and get eaten…it’s like I’m feeling sorry for those poor turkeys. And that’s why we ate turkey every Thanksgiving. Anyway, back to the moral of the story, Tina’s story. Like I said, Tina’s story is now becoming a play thanks to the courtesy of Louise and Gene, which of course, found their perfect opportunity to get out from school early by sabotaging Tina’s production. I mean, guys, I know you want to get out of school early and don’t want to be around to watch the play, but sabotaging your sister’s chances of her story becoming a theater hit for the holiday season, I would say that possibly Gene and Louise has hit a new low on this. Because Tina did work hard on this for turning her story into a play. Hoping for her story to become the school’s version of the hit Broadway show, Hamilton. And it looks like “Operation: Sabotage the Play so we can leave School early” is a go.

And it begins with the auditions when, unanimously, everyone got part. Jimmy Jr got the part. Zeke got a part. Tammy got a part. Jocelyn got a part.

So yeah, phase one of that operation has completed when Louise and Gene got Jimmy Jr, Zeke, Tammy, and Jocelyn involved and now they had to take center stage and rehearse till the day of the premiere. But it looks like the auditioning is still not over with because Louise has now got Gene a part in the play. And…you know Gene got a good signing voice, so…something tells me that may not be the best option. But then again, something tells me that adding Gene to the play would distract the audience and Frond and Tina from what Louise is planning next to sabotage the play. That could explain the transition day after day from Louise buying a bags load of raw meat to the rehearsal to Tina revising her story to make it more…family-friendly. In which, spoiler alert, it doesn’t. Which leads up to the day before the premiere of the play when Louise told Gene about the meat she bought and how the meat will play out for when the play reached the turkeys getting mutilated scene. But of course, their plan for ruining the play and getting out of school early gets immediately foiled when Tina heard the whole thing from behind the curtain. And got really pissy about it because don’t forget, she worked on the whole thing from top to bottom and her erotic holiday story is about to take center stage and sadly, she became a pawn in both Gene and Louise’s game. And when Jimmy Jr, Zeke, Tammy, and Jocelyn came in and want to what’s going on, that’s where Tina told them that the reason why the story was chosen is so that both Louise and Gene are going to sabotage the play. Which they were upset on that first because it might ruin their chances to get into the spotlight. But when Tina mentioned the reason why the sabotaging has to take place, which is of course, to get out of school early and that’s when the four agree to the idea of sabotaging the play. Everyone wants to get out of school for the holiday, away from the play, everyone except for Tina, who, like I said, worked really hard to get her story to take center stage. This might be her one and only shot to get noticed. This could be huge for her. But of course, Tina finally jumped aboard the bandwagon for sabotaging the play so she can get out of school early. Looks like Tina is willing to take that risk. I mean, she want her story to perfect but she also want to have an early day off from school. So it looks like sabotaging will be taking center stage instead as we head towards the day of the play.

Now we talk about the play…it’s okay in the beginning. Even though there is some off-key moments coming from the cast, most directly towards Tammy and Jocelyn. It does have an iffy start but of course, that just the casting for the play and like they say, the play must go on. And of course, the play, like I said, has to follow Tina’s story including the Quirky Turkey being treated like an outcast, the Quirky Turkey having a crush on the pig, and of course, the mutilation. One of the three I just mentioned has took the play into a really dark, yet traumatizing turn. And sadly, it’s not the potential love scene between the turkey and the pig.

Yep, the mutilation scene where the turkeys were supposed to die…just took it a bit too far when Louise pushed the button, thus releasing the pressurized air and the raw meat and blood all around not just Gene, Jimmy Jr, Zeke, Tammy, and Jocelyn, but to the whole audience. Covered in blood and guts from what Louise did. Wow, something tells me the Google search for “How to become a Vegan” will be in a new time high once this play is over with. So because of what she did, looks like she finally gets her wish on leaving school early by canceling the play, but it looks like Tina may end up saving the day by giving her speech all while throwing the meat at the meat, so that the whole fiasco with the turkey heads of the costumes that exploded pieces of raw meat and liquids of blood never happened to scar them for live just before the holiday break. And you know what, good for Tina. Despite that she worked her ass off to get her story into play form, only to find out that her story became the perfect target for Louise and Gene to sabotage to get out of school, in which Tina was against it but for it, which leads up to where we are right now, and somethings tells me THAT…the whole thing from beginning to end, would probably become end up becoming a new yearly tradition for the annual play, or in this case, till the thing dies out and gets replaced. And of course…

Kiss…number…five or six. Talk about an early Holiday gift for the Tina/JJ shippers and it happened, in the end of the episode. And it was an on-stage on too. And I know what y’all gonna say, “Oh, if that on-stage kiss that Tina and Jimmy Jr gave in this episode counted as a overall kiss, what about Gene and Courtney? They did an on-stage kiss too. How come that wasn’t counted?” There’s a huge difference between that. And I mean…huuge difference between the on-stage chemistry between what we saw in this episode and in “Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl.” In Tina’s story, ,the Quirky Turkey, played by Tina, falls in love with the pig, played by Jimmy Jr, and of course, there’s no surprise because don’t forget, Tina have a huge crush on Jimmy Jr and they did kiss like four, five times, now five, six times. And of course, it was bound to happen because it was in the script. Now, comparing this to Gene and Courtney’s on-stage kiss back in the beginning of Season 5…that’s a whole different story because I’m pretty sure Gene did that, just to woo the audience during that final number for that musical. It wasn’t in the script but it possibly worth it. And don’t forget, Gene and Courtney were rivals in that episode. Huge differences but I do sensing some on-stage chemistry. If there was ever a discussion or in this case, a “Pro and Con,” on any particular ship I see in whatever fanbase I’m in, that might be ended up getting discussed. Don’t know if I’m gonna get any positive or negative views coming from the people. But if that were the case…then I would end up taking that risk and go for it. So yeah, the A-plot for the episode was enjoyable, it was fine. The play was good despite the beginning was off-key with the singing. And of course, Tina saving the play but doing her bit, lifting the people’s spirits up after feeling a bit traumatized after the whole raw meat and loads of blood spilling all over the audience. And of course, we got kiss number five or six, just in time because 2016 will be over with in a few weeks from now.

The B-plot of the episode…eh…kinda tipsy-turfy on this one when Linda found a potato that resembles her deceased grandfather. This is new coming from Linda’s family because…let’s face, we all want to know about Linda’s family are. Like who’s grandparents? What’s her childhood is like? What she looked like when she was a child. Well…

We got a photo of Linda in her childhood days along with her deceased grandfather that was resembled in potato form. And oh my god, look how adorable Linda is her childhood day. I mean, despite the scrawny arms that she got, she does look adorable. Anyway…let’s talk about the side plot of the episode. The duration of the side plot is all Linda taking care of a potato that resembles her dead grandfather. I mean, yeah, the death of a loved one can be hard to get through and she haven’t seen her grandfather since…a really long time. My guess it’s probably either her teenage or young adult years that her grandfather flied the coop. And…well…the duration of the side story is all about Linda taking care of Grandpa Potato. That’s it. No damage to the potato. Just took the potato wherever she goes. Put the potato to bed when she and Bob are about to go to sleep. Even took the potato to the Tina’s play on the day of the play. I mean, you don’t see me carrying around a piece of burnt toast that resembles, let’s say Jesus Christ, everywhere I go and ended up saying to people, “Hey, this is our lord and savior and he came back…in toast form.” Dude…pretty sure you ain’t the only one when we have things resembling something other than Grandpa as a potato or a piece of burnt toast that resembles Jesus Christ like a tree sap that resembles the state of Minnesota or a potato chip that resembles Darth Vader. Although, you gotta give credit to Bob in this week’s episode because he really want Grandpa Potato to be turned into fries or to be mashed for Thanksgiving, in which of course, Linda refuses to do so. And look at this, no Thanksgiving meal mishaps. Which is weird because mostly when it comes to a Bob’s Burgers Thanksgiving episode, there would be a mishap with the cooking, most importantly, the turkey. The turkey has been the one that been taken a major beating for the past four years and now this year, it finally got a pardon. Score one for turkeys everywhere. Eh…enjoy your victory now, you wild, peacock wannabee. Cause when next year comes, it’s down to the stomach you go. Or boycott the holiday, I don’t care. You make the decision. I don’t get paid either way to say this.


So anyway, what do I think about this week’s double episodes of Bob’s Burgers? Well the first one was actually pretty good episode with both the A and B-plots being good to watch with the B-plot with Bob and Linda getting high was the most enjoyable to watch. Logan in this episode after returning from Season 5’s “Late Afternoon in the Garden of Bob and Louise”…a major asshole. Or in this case, the jerk of the week because after didn’t see the cantaloupe that Louise and Gene threw out while skating through, he got really pissy about it and calls for a vendetta against the two, which lead to them hiding and running all the way to the warehouse. I mean, what kind of person terrorizes children after a harmless prank? And another thing, he made Louise afraid and made her cry. My god, it’s like Logan just took a sip a large steaming cup of asshole with extra fillings of douche added before heading out. Of course, Gene…when the first born is out of the picture, the middle born takes over to protect the young. And that’s the hierarchy works in this week’s episode when Gene took over the position of babysitter after Tina landed herself into detention. Even though he and Louise hid themselves then ran away when Logan threatened to hurt them following the cantaloupe drop. But what Gene did in the near end of the episode was actually developmental in his character when he stood up for Louise, against Logan and took the bullet. You can see much Gene has approved in this episode when it comes to character development. And of course, Louise hugged Gene at the end of the episode after taking a stand against Logan. Like oh my god, just…kill me. The kindness is killing me with that. The whole Gene/Louise relationship is actually rare to me and I hope we can more of that in the distant future. Make it happen, writers. The B-plot was also enjoyable, really loving the idea of Bob and Linda getting high after accidentally ate some cookies, going deep into conversation while Linda was dropping truth bombs on the accountant for his unfunny jokes. And he almost quit his day job while hiding from his next client if it weren’t for Bob. So yeah, really enjoyed that side story coming from a stoned Bob and Linda. However, the C-plot of the episode seems a tad questionable. It’s like this side story may have pushed Tina to the background character section. I do like the musical number coming from Tina, but is it really necessary? Is Joe really the one even though something tells me he won’t be coming back in the distant future? I mean of course, this C-plot is all Tina trying to play hard to get. And that pretty sure got the Tina/JJ shippers on the edge. But all and all, I think “Large Brother, Where Fart Thou?” is actually a good episode. “The Quirkducers” on the other hand, it was fine, but not “Turkey in a Can” fine with the Gene and Louise trying to sabotage the play to get out of school early for Thanksgiving break by using Tina to use her story to get into production and to cast Jimmy Jr, Zeke, Tammy, and Jocelyn the part. I mean, Tina worked really hard to get that and sadly became a pawn in Louise’s game. The play was okay, fine. The beginning with the song to start off the play was a tad off-key, courtesy of Tammy and Jocelyn. But it was an okay start. Leading up to the part where Louise pressed the button and piles of raw meat and blood spread around the audience during the mutilation. It seems like Louise has took the plan a bit too far than what she had imagined. Of course, as Frond about to shut down productions on the play, here comes Tina saving the day. Singing her number while of course, telling the audience to pretend that the whole mutilation thing with the meat and blood spilling out doesn’t exist. And of course, the Tina/JJ shippers got their what looked like a early holiday gift of both Tina and Jimmy Jr kissing on stage, making the count to number five or six. And just in time to close out the year. But as for the B-plot, it was…fine. I mean, we got to know about Linda’s family, got to know her grandfather…who’s dead. And of course, that photo of a baby Linda…oh my god, would you not, it’s too cute. Anyway, the B-plot was…fine, questionable, but fine. It’s mostly on Grandpa Potato and Linda going overboard on taking care of it…that’s it. That’s the whole sub-plot of the episode. I don’t know why it was there and why it has something to do with Thanksgiving? But…guess we have to follow along then. So all and all, I think these two episodes are the perfect episodes to kick off the Thanksgiving break…even though this review is four, five days late. I apologize. I should’ve been honoring my word but I’m currently in another state as of this moment. I’ll be back before the next episode airs, so don’t worry about it and I will get it on time. So I’ll give “Large Brother, Where Fart Thou?”…

…9.5 out of 10. And I’ll give “The Quirkducers”…

…a 9 out of 10. Like I said, these episodes are good to kick off the Thanksgiving holiday, and of course, ending it. With “Large Brother, Where Fart Thou?” kicking things perfectly to kick off the long holiday week. And where does “The Quirkducers” fall in the Bob’s Burgers Thanksgiving themed episode rank? This episode would fall on the number three spot with the first two being Season 4’s “Turkey in a Can” and Season 5’s “Dawn of the Peck”. Season 3’s “An Indecent Thanksgiving Proposal” and Season 6’s “Gayle Makin’ Bob Sled” in the bottom two below this very episode. Well, that’s it for these double episodes of Bob’s Burgers and tune in November 27th for our Fifth Christmas episode and…yeah, I said November and Christmas in the same sentence. We’re back at it again with the Holiday episode premiering in the month of November but it’s on the latter week of the month so…sorta appropriate for that. Anyway, tune in November 27th as Fischoeder calls Bob for a favor, which leads him into a underground gingerbread competition while the family, without Bob, are off holiday caroling in the Seventh Episode of the Seventh Season and the Fifth Holiday themed episode, “The Last Gingerbread House of the Left.” And tell me what you think about these two episodes in the comments below and I’ll see you guys later.