Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Gravity Falls Season 2, Episode 14 Review - The Mind That Controls the Ballot. Bill Incoming Next Episode?!


In this week’s episode of Gravity Falls, the election is on between candidates for the seat of the town’s mayor after the demise of the Town’s Mayor. Along with mind control added to the mix for this election. This is my spoilerific review of the Fourteenth Episode of Season Two, “The Stanchurian Candidate”. Not to be confused with my “Milliechurian Candidate” review, you can click it on the picture below...

Just to not to get confused here, people.

You thought I’m gonna talk about the ending first, aren’t I? Huh? No, that’s later in this review. First off, congrats on the thousands of people who thought the Incumbent Mayor is gonna die in this episode unexpectedly.

Yeah, the Mayor died, and he was just introduced since “Northwest Mansion Noir”, and now...he dead. So yeah, the mayor’s freaking dead, which lead Stan and Bud to run for becoming the new Mayor of Gravity Falls. You’ll be missed old geezer, despite you wanted to die since you are really, really old. That Mayor should’ve retire a long time ago. Jesus.

So yeah, Stan, Bud, and Tyler, yes, Tyler, that guy who said “Get ‘em”, is running for President, I mean Mayor. And of course, when I live blogged this episode, I kinda think that I can put each candidate running for mayor in each political party. You know, like Stan as a Republican, Bud as a Democrat, and Tyler as a Independent. Or in this case, Stan as a Democrat, Bud as a Republican, and Tyler, of course, Independent. The two way system has to break somehow, spoiler alert, a Third Party Candidate won the election.

Ford made a short appearance this week with him putting on a light bulb in the kitchen and giving Dipper a mind control tie to help Stan the election for Mayor. And I thought Ford is not gonna get an appearance in this week’s episode, but gotta have him somewhere for this episode.


Gideon’s back in this week’s episode since you know, got arrested and put into jail for fraud. So yeah, Gideon’s back for a reappearance and when before the episode was released, when the second promo was released with Bud making a campaign commercial, I thought that when Bud is elected Mayor of Gravity Falls, his first job is to pardon and release Gideon from prison, which spells major trouble for the Pines Family. Just be thankful Bud lost the election because that was one heck of a worry. And yes, I will talk about the ending at the latter part of this review. You wanna scroll down to that part, be my guest.


The mind control tie used on Stan on this episode was of course to help him win the election was something to help out, but in a way, a tad cheating despite what Stan said about how he’ll handle the issues and wow, what Stan said about how he’ll tackle the issues...that upsets the entire town. That’s almost on Donald Trump’s level of tackling issues, of course, minus the racism and sexism. If Stan was running for President of the United States against Trump, and since I’m now 18 years of age, Stan got my vote, despite both Stan and Trump are fictional characters. Of course, mind control is the name of the game in this election episode with Stan with the mind control tie thanks to Ford given to Dipper and Gideon controlling Bud when heard that Stan is in the lead for the polls.


And...a ripped page from Gideon’s hair? Yeah, before Gideon got arrested, and Stan took Journal #2 along with the Deed of the Shack, he hid some of the pages by ripping it off from the journal he had. But wait, Ford collected the 3 Journals again, I wonder how he’ll react to the pages missing from the journals?

Out of the minor characters make an appearance in this series, this one is basically the best. Guy in a white suit and black tie is named Tad Strange and acted like he has no emotion. No to be rude and/or judgmental, but I would say this guy is a Mormon, and I mean the ones that “South Park” made fun of. And with someone named “Tad Strange”, something tells me that a guy that normal, I sense a bit of abnormal in him.


The scene with Mabel and Dipper about to die in the hands of Gideon mind controlling was a tad tense, my book, while Stan is back doing poorly on the polls. But of course, that changed with Stan seeing Dipper and Mabel on what it looked like a head of the old mayor, about to build a Mount Rushmore type of monument. I love it when Stan cares about Dipper and Mabel that he probably gonna risk his life to save the two from certain danger.


And of course, just for the fangirls out there, it’s the return of Stan with muscles, which we haven’t seen since “Land Before Swine” when Stan fantasize about him beating up that pterodactyl for taking Waddles to lie in front of Mabel. Yeah, good times. Also, like to point out that Mabel and Dipper mind controlling Soos to run at final notice at the Final Debate, feel underrated. So yeah, Mabel and Dipper got saved, Stan rescued them just in time for Alex Hirsch to cue the Michael Bay explosion to add dramatic yet tense moment.



Despite the thousands of bird seeds which declared Stan the new mayor of Gravity Falls, he got disqualified for, and this is true, a new batch of crime he did, despite selling defective items in 32 states, tax fraud, and teaching a bear to drive...well shit, Stan. And of course, that’s when Stan’s name was “Stanford”, not “Stanley”, it’s before the events of “Not What He Seems” and “A Tale of Two Stans”. God, Ford is so gonna be pissed when he’s gonna hear his name on T.V.

Also, the third candidate won the election for the new Mayor of Gravity Falls, yep, it’s Tyler. Won by default due to Bud with little to no votes, and trying to kill the Pines when Gideon mind controlled him, and Stan with his past criminal records. Best of luck, Mayor Tyler!


Now it’s time to talk about the ending, after the failed attempt to get Bud elected Mayor of Gravity Falls and tried to take out Stan, Dipper, and Mabel, Gideon is FINALLY making a deal with Bill. Yes, he’s finally making a deal with the demonic triangle, which hasn’t been delivered in “Dreamscaperers” when Bill failed to get the combinations from Stan’s safe, and now, Gideon is finally getting his money worth, even if it means sacrificing himself. And now I’m beginning to suspect foul play in the Now Former Mayor’s death. And of course, judging from the promo for the next episode, things aren’t gonna look pretty, for the Dipper and Ford plot of the episode. All I know is that, if you haven’t read my Comic-Con Update for “Gravity Falls”, time to be prepared for the absolute worst.

Reaction/Thoughts: So what do I think about this week’s episo...oh wait, that’s right, there’s something I forgot to add. Before the episode was aired, a Twitter page popped out of nowhere with Stan’s campaign written on it, with the account name @StanPines4Mayor


Even a website was created for the campaign. Now I don’t know if this was Hirsch’s idea for getting the fans ready for this episode? I checked over the Tumblr tag on the day of the premiere and this is legit. Also I just found who the Twitter account is following...


...yeah, none other than Presidential Candidate and Most Hated Guy in the Internet, Donald Trump. So anyway, what do I think about this week’s episode of “Gravity Falls”? I think it’s a good episode, building up for the next episode of the series. Out of the two election themed episodes of I saw in 2015, I think this one is the best, despite that the 2016 Election is just a long road ahead. I guess the real reason why Stan want to run is not just because there’s an open spot for the office, but wanted to be better than Ford. Even though Stan pulled Ford out of the portal recently, he now getting a bit jelly when both Mabel and Dipper are amazed on what he did. And because of that, he wanted to run to be gain praise and recognition from Mabel and Dipper. Although Gideon isn’t my favorite character, it was nice to see how he’s doing in prison, despite Disney XD did show that “Letters from L’il Gideon” short while serving time in prison. In the meantime, I think this episode is a excellent episode spotlighted on Stan running for mayor, and the ending where Gideon drew the finishing touches majorly make the fandom even more hyped, yet terrified as we await for the Labor Day Weekend. I give “The Stanchurian Candidate”...

...a 9.5 out of 10. Anyway, tune in on Labor Day Monday as Ford and Dipper explore a hidden room and dive into information about Bill, while Mabel, Candy, Grenda, and Wendy are on a hunt for a unicorn. In the Fifteenth episode of Season Two, “The Last Mabelcorn”.