Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Doctor Who Update - River Song returning this Holiday Season!


Doctor Who fans rejoice, whether you like her or hate her, this half Human, half Time Lady badass is making her come back on this year’s Christmas Special. That’s right ladies and gentleman of the Whoverse, according to the Doctor Who Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, or whatever Social Media site you’re in, Alex Kingston, who played River Song, will be appearing in this year’s Christmas Special with Incumbent Doctor, Peter Capaldi. Last we seen Song in the series is back in 2013’s “The Name of the Doctor” in ghost form when The Doctor and Clara faced the Doctor’s secret that will take to his grave.

Now, I don’t know how Steven Moffat will play out on bringing River back to the scene for the holiday special, but as fans know is that they’re excited to see River Song back on television. Here’s something to know about Kingston’s character. She first appeared in Series 4’s “Silence in the Library” and “Forest of the Dead” when back then, David Tennant was the Doctor. She is also the daughter of both Amy Pond and Rory Williams, which is revealed in at the end of Series 6’s “A Good Man Goes to War”, with the name “Melody Pond”. She can also regenerate, though she is Amy and Rory’s daughter, she inherit Time Lord genetics and abilities like Regeneration, shown at the end of “Day of the Moon” and in the duration of “Let’s Kill Hitler”. Trained by the Silence, thanks to Kovarian, to kill the Doctor. But can’t due to romantic interests. And also, married to the 11th Doctor. Officially proclaimed in 2011’s “The Wedding of River Song”. Wow, Series 6 is rather confusing to the plot.

So what do you think about this announcement from the BBC? How do you think how River Song’s return will play out? Answer this in the comments below or in the poll with the word highlighted.