Sunday, September 20, 2015

Doctor Who Series 9, Episode 1 Review - HOLY CRAP!!! Perfect Way To Start The New Season!


In this week’s episode season premiere of “Doctor Who”, The Doctor is missing in action and ran away to an unknown location and it’s up to Clara and Missy to find the missing Time Lord, where trouble is taking place. This is my spoilerific review of the 1st Episode of Series 9, “The Magician’s Apprentice”.

Holy hell, this episode started the new season just right. We been preparing our asses off since the end of 2014 into the start of 2015 and again in the Summer, and in this week’s episode of Doctor Who, this one is a shocker. And its from beginning to end that shook the fans up from their seats. Something tells me that this season could be better than the previous season.

First off, let’s talk about the elephant in the room...


Davros is back, and...slowly dying in a hospital. Yeah, the creator of the Daleks is back after his last appearance in Series 4 and of course, still the same old Davros we all know to either love or hate, depends on your opinion.

And a shocker to the start off the new season is that the little kid that The Doctor gave his Sonic Screwdriver to fend off the hands with eyeballs in its palms was indeed a younger version of Davros. Yeah...did not see that one coming and neither does The Doctor.


That face made you realized that The Doctor has really fucked up. Almost reminded me of something I recently watched. It was on the History Channel called “The World Wars” when that one British Soldier let that German Soldier live during World War I and then you realized that the German Soldier that the British Soldier let go from getting killed off was indeed Adolf Hitler. Yes, I’m comparing Davros to Hitler. I hope you’re happy!


If you haven’t seen the promo, we got introduced to a guy in a cloak...who happened to be a snake, full of snakes. To created a human body. He was hired by Davros to find The Doctor, planet after planet, location after location.


And when he is not a human created by multiple snakes, he’s one giant snake, revealed in that pub at the beginning and when he encountered The Doctor, Clara, and Missy. It’s like Voldemort’s snake never died, it just teleported away to the Doctor Who Universe.


Speaking of Missy, it’s nice to see Michelle Gomez playing her again for the start of the new season. And if anyone questioned that whether or not Missy got away before the blast her, here’s your answer: Yes! She did teleported away from the blast from the Cyber-Brigadier. Yes, The Master will still be the female version of him/herself. And yes, Michelle Gomez will be playing around for the rest of the season.


There’s one thing I like about The Master is his/her insanity. When Missy reintroduced herself to Clara, Kate, and the rest of UNIT, her head popped out of nowhere from the video to what looked like a hologram of herself. It’s like Missy took lessons from the movie “The Mask” staring Jim Carrey.


The planes stopping at midair when Clara noticed it while teaching a class was kinda throwing me off, but it is nice to see Kate Stewart and UNIT again following the Cybermen rising from the graves incident, which of course, the incident that Osgood was killed off by Missy. Not even sure if Missy is the one who set the planes stopped in midair? But then again, maybe it’s the Daleks to get Clara and Missy to The Doctor and lead them to a trap.


And how hasty Missy is in this week’s episode of “Doctor Who”, killing off 2-3 Secret Service Men just because Clara think and wanted proof that Missy is really The Doctor’s friend without killing him. Also referring Clara to a dog when seeing a random couple walking by and poking fun at the Daleks when being held captive with Clara before she “teleported” away. Don’t know whether or not Missy is quick to beem herself away before the blast hit her again.


Speaking of Daleks, they’re back in this episode but a twist based on design. The Daleks we all know now are Time War design, gold armor with gold orbs...


...along with seeing the Supreme Dalek again, another one we haven’t seen since Series 4. But also this...


A Classic Era Dalek. Yeah, a design that we haven’t seen in ages. Even when the Revived Series began, no Classic Era Dalek in sight. I can’t believe Moffat have the balls to bring it back. Don’t forget, back in “Death in Heaven”, when Kate threw the classic era Cyberman head to the ground, in front of the newly, designed Cybermen. But out of curiosity, we see both the modern and classic era Daleks, but what happened to the Colored Daleks from Series 5?

They look fruity, reminded me of Skittles.


Of course, if you though The Doctor, Clara, and Missy are at the ship, you thought wrong. Because it is revealed that they landed in Skaro. As in where the Daleks are made. Remember when I said about Missy taunting the Daleks enough to “exterminate” her, well when Clara ran towards the TARDIS, the Daleks did the same to her, “exterminating” her. Along with the TARDIS, meaning that now The Doctor is trapped in Skaro with Davros, meaning that his fate is now imminent. Is Clara and Missy dead? No. If you guys don’t remember, Jenna Coleman set to leave the show by the time the season ends and Michelle Gomez decided to stay over. This is Doctor Who, where no one major dies. Unless it’s written by Moffat, like this episode, yeah...the results ain’t gonna look pretty.


Of course, we gotta talk about The Doctor entering the arena that is holding an ax fight playing a guitar. Via tank. In 12th Century England. I have a feeling one of the writers from “Mad Max” just came up with an idea for The Doctor making his grand entrance for the season. Also, fun fact about the 12th Doctor and playing the guitar, did you know that the Incumbent Doctor, Peter Capaldi, used to be in a rock band with former host of the “Late Late Show”, Craig Ferguson. I’m not joking, look it up yourselves.


And the ending with The Doctor about to shoot the child version of Davros, that was a tense moment, but enough to end the episode with a cliffhanger to get ready for next week’s episode. You can totally see the hatred through his eyes and the way he speaks when about to fire after “losing” both Clara and Missy. On what that lone Dalek from the Series 1 episode, “Dalek”, and Dalek Rusty from Series 8’s “Into the Dalek” said, they said that The Doctor would make a good “Dalek”, as in they can the hate through him. The hate, the anger, after what happened in the Time War, can change a person. Or...Time Lord.

Reaction/Thoughts: So what do I think about this week’s episode of Doctor Who? I think this episode started off the new season just perfect with suspense, twists, comedic relief, and drama built into one. Of course, this is the first part of this two parter to start off Series 9, meaning that you already know what’s gonna happen next. I never imagine Davros coming back to the show since Series 4’s “The Stolen Earth” and “Journey’s End”, but now that he’s back, and without either a TARDIS or a Sonic Screwdriver, looks like The Doctor could be facing the worst thing possible. Missy totally won this episode with her antics like killing off secret servicemen, her head popping out from video, taking the compliments like it was nothing, I could say that Michelle Gomez could be my favorite incarnation of The Master. And of course, the beginning and end of the episode blew me off the tables with major shockers with the child revealed to be Davros, Clara and Missy “killed off” by the Daleks along with the “destruction” of the TARDIS, and The Doctor about to destroy the young Davros...Jesus Christ, this is one of the best episodes that I see in the Revived Series. If not, 2015 overall. I give “The Magician’s Apprentice”...

...a 10 out of 10. This is one of Moffat’s best work so far this season and I hope Series 9 will one of the best seasons in the Revived Series. Tune in next week in the conclusion of the two parter when The Doctor meet fate worst than fate in Skaro, without a Sonic, or a TARDIS, or a Companion or two, in the 2nd Episode of Series 9, “The Witch’s Familiar”.