Monday, September 28, 2015

Bob's Burgers Season 6, Episode 1 Review - Straight Outta Mustache. How Bob and Linda met via Storytelling.


In this week’s episode of Bob’s Burgers, the story behind how Bob and Linda is revealed in a variety of stories after Bob is going through hair loss withing the mustache. This is my spoilerific review of “Sliding Bobs”.

This season premiere episode is an alright episode, and not in a Linda Belcher signature “Alright”, I mean “alright” alright. As in this episode has some ups and downs when the decent plots of the episode revolving each side of the Kids’ story. Yeah, this is the 3rd episode that the Belchers Kids told their version of the story. In “The Frond Files”, it revolves around the Wagstaff school. In “The Gayle Tales”, revolved around Aunt Gayle. And now, in this week’s episode, talking about the question that the fandom has all been waiting for to be answered, and that did Bob and Linda met?


We got a backstory, from Linda, on how her and Bob met and how things came to be to the present where we love to enjoy to watch. Found out that Linda had a thing for guys with mustaches...yeah, you thought I was making this shit up? Nope, this is 100% real deal shit written in the works. Of course, if you’re new to this, go to Netflix. If you already forgot, let me tell you what happened, you guys already know that when Bob met Linda like some decades ago, she was engaged to Hugo, but ran off to Bob, and that became questionable until now, all in the power of the mustache.


Flash forward to decades later in the present, Fall 2015, where the episode starts with Bob losing his mustache hair in the shower after exercising on a Cardio Exercise Machine. Which of course, why is Bob exercising on a Cardio Exercise Machine? Try to lose weight, maybe?


Of course, when it comes to the kids’ story, I had to break it down in 3 various section for each Belcher child. And I’m doing this in order, so don’t worry.


But first, we finally see Linda’s friend, Ginger...sort of? We can’t see her face, but we did got to see her appearance in the backside. Along with the facial structure and something questions me about Ginger’s utmost appearance almost reminded me of a certain someone we know to love so much in the picture below the text...

..she almost looks exactly like Jimmy Jr. But according to the Wikia...that theory went downhill. Sorry, Pesto Mom theorists, Ginger is the perfect candidate to match.

First off, Gene’s story...


Gene’s story got the same flashback that Linda told the kids on how Bob and Linda met, but Bob has no mustache, that’s the same as Tina and Louise’s story as well.


Let me get this out of the way to say that like “Game of Thrones”, I had never even watch “Robocop”...or the other 2 sequels. I saw the rap battle and Death Battle, so I guess that kinda count. So first off, nice continuity with Bob’s hemophilia, which is what I found on Google, praise Google, that hemophilia is “A disorder in which blood doesn’t clot normally”, which means know what, let’s head back to the review, because last I check, I’m not a doctor. Getting back to Robo-stache. At first, when I saw Bob with a robotic mustache, I thought it was Louise who told that side of the story, but of course, that thought’s been shot down to found that it was all Gene’s.


Bob became a cop in Gene’s side of the story, and talk being to strict. From walking the dog thought it’s gonna leave a shit on the sidewalk to tasering someone in a store for taking a penny out to laser pointing at Teddy for “indecent exposure”, which I did not know Teddy was once blond. You’ll learn new everyday, kids. You’ll learn new everyday.


Of course, what Gene said about the outcome of the story, no one will survive at the end of the story. This some George R.R. Martin type of shit he is planning, I’m surprised he’s not taking the Steven Moffat approach because otherwise, a lot of fans will be angry at you and wanted to beat you like a pulp.


Of course, don’t forget, it was Sergeant Bosco who came up with the whole idea of turning Bob into Robocop, well, only around the upper lip. But with twists and turns, the Sergeant Bosco in the story happens to be Mr. Fischoeder.


Ever saw the anime, “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure”? I don’t. But I knew that meme would pop out of nowhere. If you’re an anime fan and watches Bob’s Burgers, you’ll get the reference.


Also, on the twists and turns, Fischoeder is the Terminator...sort of. You guy remember Louise’s story in “The Frond Files” when Frond was the Terminator? Yeah...thought the debate was old news. Who’s the idiot who brought it back?


Of course, after the battle with Fischoeder, Bob dies with the Robo-Stache coming off, which is similar to the movie, the 1987 version, don’t know about the 2014 version, spoilers. The death of Bob in Gene’s story seems a bit anti-dramatic because I thought to make a character getting killed off, that character has to be loved by the fans. Emotional Speech Cliche. Maybe adding a fight or two and bam! Death of a character. Don’t believe me...

Emotionally Attached Character(s) + Many Fights + Emotional Speech = Rest In Peace

...blame this equation I found. And so ends Gene’s story. Not really how Bob and Linda met, but at least it was enjoyable.


Then...Louise’s story.



Louise’s story on how Bob and Linda met kinda took to the what looked like a mix of “Beauty and the Beast” and “I Was a Teenage Werewolf”...or is it “Teen Wolf”? Not the MTV series, I mean the movie from the 80s starring Michael J. Fox, you know, the guy from “Back to the Future”.


Anyway, Bob gets a mustache from a mechanical fortune teller that a young Teddy is fixing when failed to grew a stache from growth lotion, to lashes, all the way to spray can. Who knew one little wish makes Bob’s mustache grew a man’s dream of getting the girl. But however, it backfired.


From upper lip hair to full body hair that covered 100% of his body, Bob became the Beast from “Beauty and the Beast”. Outcast to everyone. So I’m guessing I referring Linda to Belle. Minus the living objects and that song that you wish you want to get rid of by trying to smashing your head to the wall. Besides, “Let It Go” was SO overrated.


Bob in Louise’s story got a job at Wonder Wharf as a circus act. And also to call out when Fischoeder gave Bob the job, both this and him in costume as Sergeant Bosco, just how old is Fischoeder? Just saying, folks.


And what about Linda? Well, due to being allergic to Bob’s body hair, ran off to become a nun, got kicked out and put into jail...that’s one episode of “Orange is the New Black” you guys should see.

Louise’s story on how Bob and Linda met give some laughs in some parts, mostly around Bob turning into a hairy monster and Linda locked up, but story seems a bit paced, a bit too fast in my opinion.


Of course, again, not a doctor, but I don’t think that losing hair is a cause of “testicular failure”. Unless you’re talking about kidney failure...yeah, there’s nothing to worry about...Bob, I mean.



And of course, Tina’s story. But first, Tina kept interrupting Gene and Louise’s side of the story due to the straight that there’s a lack of “fate” used in their stories. There’s two types of “fate” that I know when it comes to love, though, do you wanna know about “fate” from a guy who’s single. There’s “love at first sight”, then there’s “love takes time”. You decide which fate choose you best? Now, to Tina’s story.


How do I describe Tina’s story? Oh yeah, the unimaginable. Think of the worst case possible. A reverse scenario, like an Alternate Universe. A parallel, you may ask?


Tina brought up what would happen if Bob and Linda never got married, never left Hugo. Well, to explain...if Bob and Linda never got married, never grew a stache, which means Linda would still be engaged to Hugo, which means Linda and Hugo are married, which means Hugo and Linda have parallel versions of Tina, Gene, and Louise, which means Hugo opens a hot dog restaurant, which means Bob became a Health Inspector, which means the show would have been “Hugo’s Hot Dogs”, which means... will never...hurt me...again. Anyway, let’s talk about the parallel world that Tina is talking about. To coincide with the show’s upcoming 100th Episode and 5th Anniversary of the series, Bouchard and writers brought back scenes from the very first episode, “Human Flesh”, but of course, in a parallel world. Gotta talk about the parallel Belcher kids, or in this case, Habercore kids. Tina’s parallel version is named Mona, which unlike Tina, no interest of Zombies or obsessing over Jimmy Jr. Dean is the parallel version of Gene, but no excited personality, no fart gun, and...not a people person. And then, Charlese, the parallel version of Louise, which unlike Louise, she wore a princess hat instead of her signature bunny hat, wears a pink dress instead of green, and a happy personality. In which Louise replied...

The “Human Flesh” reference, nice drawback to the very first episode of the series and you guys remember when the restaurant was accused for using “human remains” in their meat by the Health Officials thanks to Louise. Well in Tina’s story, found out that the restaurant was accused for using “DOG remains” in their restaurant. Who told? That will never be answered because...that’s why. My guess is Charlese. 


The “Human Flesh” reference, nice drawback to the very first episode of the series and you guys remember when the restaurant was accused for using “human remains” in their meat by the Health Officials thanks to Louise. Well in Tina’s story, found out that the restaurant was accused for using “DOG remains” in their restaurant. Who told? That will never be answered because...that’s why. My guess is Charlese. 


Even a drawback to when in “Human Flesh”, Linda tried to convinced Hugo to get the restaurant off the hook but failed thanks to Gene. In this episode, in Tina’s story, Linda tried to convinced Bob to get the restaurant off the hook, but instead of a casket arriving at the restaurant, it’s Bob not letting his feelings get through his job. 


So, like “The Frond Files” and “The Gayle Tales”, I had to choose which story is the best in my opinion. Louise’s side of the story seems a bit hilarious, but also a bit paced way too fast out of this one. Gene’s story has some twists and turns, thought Louise wrote the Robocop parody, but I did not know Gene wrote this, or in this case, told this. I say it’s a good concept, though I never even saw Robocop, I say it’s a good story to enjoy, but of course, I have to give it to Tina for her parallel universe story because that’s one roller coaster riding along while malfunctioning, never letting go, it’s a mixed between fear and nostalgia. So Tina totally won this week’s storytelling episode.


The ending however, it kinda threw me off. Why I’m saying that is because the machine has something to do with Bob losing his mustache hair. Guess it has something to do with aging that almost cost Bob his upper lip hair. That leaves the Belcher family to unanimously vote on getting rid of the machine. The ending was iffy, but the episode did end with a cameo of scene with Ron and Hugo at their lunch break.


And did Ron say something that some shippers are think what they are saying? Yeah, if you don’t know what’s going down, there’s some fans that ship Ron and Hugo. Although I say that the ending was iffy and kinda threw me off, at least the episode ends with a light note...and a shipping tease.

Reaction/Thoughts: So what do I think about this week’s episode of Bob’s Burgers? I think it’s an alright episode, not terrible, but in a way, the plot was decent in a way to check back whether or not the episode is the perfect start for the new season. We finally got how Bob and Linda met, all thanks to losing mustache hair, to answer our questions. Now let’s see if we’ll see a backstory on how the Belcher children came to be. Of course, this is the third episode of the series that feature the kids telling their side of the story, if you haven’t read my “Frond Files” or “Gayle Tales” review, you’ll know what the rating I’m gonna get on this episode. Like I said, I totally think Tina’s story won this week’s episode to describe an Alternate Universe on what happened if fate doesn’t play a role in the parents’ lives. Although, it was a nice throwback to the very first episode, just in a reverse reality type of writing. Gene’s story almost had it with the whole twists and turns on how Bob and Linda met, but then again, never saw “Robocop”, that why I had to give a thumbs up to Tina’s side of the story. Louise’s story was indeed humorous, but at the same time, kinda paced really fast. All and all, I think this episode is alright one, as in, it’s an okay episode, but needs to be rewatched to think whether or not it’s an good episode. But got finally got an answer that the fans always question since the Summer hiatus. I give “Sliding Bobs”... 8.5 out of 10. Anyway, there's no new episode on October 4, so tuned in on October 11 when Bob battles against porta potties and Tina goes rouge with a guy named Jordan. In the Second Episode of Season Six, "The Land Ship".