Monday, January 26, 2015

Review: Bob's Burgers Season 5, Episode 10: In the Garden Restaurant. The Louigan rivalry continues.

On this week's episode of Bob's Burgers, Bob made a fair deal for a spot at the community garden for one of Louise's enemies getting a job at the restaurant, making Louise very mad over this scenario along with Linda and the mother of the certain character. Here's my spoilerific review to "Late Afternoon of the Garden of Bob and Louise".

And what certain character am I talking about? Well it's none other than...Logan!

Yes people, Logan is back for Season 5, and it's so nice to hear Kurt Braunohler's voice again since Season 3 when Logan made a full appearance with the last time on the tenth episode of Season 3. And it's not just Logan who is also making a comeback, his mom Cynthia also appears as well and found out that she's the head of the city's community garden. That revelation means good news for Bob and his produce, but bad for both Linda and Louise in the duration of the episode.

And by the judging of the countless fanfictions I encounter, looks like Logan is getting at Bob's Burgers. And by judging by the fanfictions I read, some fanfics of that sets like years later like 5-6 years into the future. Like, Louise in high school type of future. Yeah...I remember that because the truth is...I supported a ship on a 9 year old and a high schooler. Whatcha gonna do? Sue me! But as years pass by, me supporting it is about to fade away. Yeah...I'm a mess.

The interaction between Logan and Louise is absolutely delicious and I love the comedic duo of both Kristen Schaal and Kurt Braunohler and hearing both their voices into the series and this episode. I really love how the show kept the rivalry between the two since Logan stole Louise's bunny hat in Season 3 episode "Ear-sy Rider".

But wait, when we saw Logan again in "Mother Daughter Laser Razor", the two teamed up distracting their moms in the seminar and sneak off to play laser tag. What happened to that? I'm guessing the two went from "Wanting to rip each other limbs off" to the frienemy level. And no romantic hints at that.

Gene and Logan's interaction was a nice touch in this episode showing that at least one Belcher child cares about Logan getting a job at the restaurant. And it seems to look like Gene just made his second or third male friend to interact with. And yes, I said that because his interaction with Zeke in "Carpe Museum" was all paired up in a field trip and Andy and Ollie...all Louise.

And it's not just Gene, but also Tina. Questioning Logan on the boys in high school, something to hear that from the queen of TV. It's like Tina is ready for high school just to be with the guys, older guys.

Louise and Logan's rivalry isn't the only one that was brought up, Cynthia and Linda's rivalry also made a comeback. I love how the show show the rivalry between parents, mother vs. mother. Coming from also the entire series is all father vs. father in a restaurant war to gain customers, but this rivalry is on all out "who's better than who", like something you see from history class like the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union at the end of World War II to the start of the 1990s. The rivalry has grown into the Belcher family with most recent back to the Season 5 premiere with Gene and Courtney, but made things up. Why can't we be like Gene for once.

Speaking of nostalgia, show tunes. Yeah, never heard that tone since the Season 4 finale...or in this case, the Season 5 premiere. This time, the song shows two ways, Bob being happy about himself at the garden while both Linda and Louise feeling crappy with both Cynthia and Logan at the restaurant, creating hell on their world. Although either Linda and/or Louise want to be proud of Bob getting the spot, but this isn't what they wanted to encounter.

And of course, to breaking it down, song tunes and garden...did this episode just referenced "Over the Garden Wall"? Hey, at least it isn't a Doctor Who reference, because this...

...isn't gonna turn into this.

Louise angry at Bob shows that Louise ain't having it when it comes to Logan getting a job at the restaurant. I mean, she did hate Logan since the day she got her ears stolen which led her into a identity crisis. I really enjoy the sabotage from Louise, coming from the crawl space, which we haven't seen since Season 1. Louise did the spitball aim perfectly at Logan. Coming from the trouble maker herself, this is revenge at a fifth grade level. But the sabotage isn't stopping there, when Bob talked to Louise at the air duct, Louise sneak off and took the henge to destroy Bob's crops. It seems like Louise just declare a miniature war against Logan and Bob for not wanting anything she wants.

The Belcher literally just owned the Bushes over Logan's firing. Though Logan think that Louise has no power of hiring and firing people, as in the complaint department, Louise is majorly in charge of this ordeal. This shows when it comes to the rivalry between Louise and Logan, Louise is still top dog.

And looks like the Bushes took a toll as well with Cynthia telling Bob that is out of the Community Garden, which to Bob, a good thing because the produce has already grown. That comeback equals a bitch slap...from a bitch. Yeah, I'm calling a fictional character's mom a bitch.

Although it's nice to see Logan again in this episode, it also brought up the father/daughter moment of Bob and Louise. Hence the title of the episode "Late Afternoon in the Garden of Bob and Louise", the end of the episode with Bob and Louise planting a garden at the henge of the window was a nice moment to see, despite the garden fallen down from the top story building. you consider moving to the suburbs or in this case, a rural area.

Reaction/Thoughts: So what do I think about this week's episode of Bob's Burgers? I think it's a pretty good episode to end the month of January. It was nice to see Logan again, but never expected to make a full episode appearance, not since his cameo in the Season 4 finale. It ain't an episode without Logan, and of course Cynthia as well, without, they'll be no rivalry either between Louise and Logan or Linda and Cynthia. The musical piece was a nice touch to add, not to follow up the "Good Things are Good" and "Bad Things are Bad", this one shows if one person faces happy situations, the others had to face their worst nightmare. The Louise quitting drama scene was a bit of a rouse, yet melodramatic. Beside, this isn't the first time a Belcher family member quits, with Tina in "Sexy Dance Fighting" and Linda in "Lindapendent Woman". I give this episode... 8.5 out of 10. This episode continues the nostalgia factor in the fifth season. And I really love the interaction and rivalry between Louise and Logan from the voices of the comedic duo between Schaal and Braunohler. And besides, this episode premiered the after Schaal's 37th Birthday. 

Anyway, next week...there's no new episode because it's the Super Bowl between the Seahawks and the Patriots. But stay tuned on February 8 for the Valentine's Day special with both Tina and Darryl teaming up to win a Valentine's Day Contest and Linda is planning big for Bob on this special occasion. I'll give you a hint, it's not "50 Shades of Gray". In the eleventh episode of Season Five, "Can't Buy Me Math". And spoiler alert, it will include math.