Monday, January 05, 2015

Review: Bob's Burgers Season 5, Episode 8: The Artist and the Hall Monitoring

On this week's episode of Bob's Burgers, we're entering the new year with Tina and Rudy on hall monitoring patrol until a mishap happens with Zeke escaped from arrest and for Tina to lie under oath, all while Bob is learning about Art after noticing tough critics from napkin art. Here's my spoilerific review of "Midday Run".

This episode is not what I expected as predicted either for me or some of the Tumblr users which I can't name. What I expect for this episode was for Tina to be power hungry for hall monitoring, but the summary of this episode is great as well, kinda like it with Tina being a rule breaker after losing Zeke in the bathroom with Rudy being a snitch. This episode was superb in the most ways because not only I'm seeing the progression of certain character traits and wanted some revelation, but also seeing both Tina and Zeke hanging out while trapped in a Chinese Finger Trap to resist arrest.

Now I don't personally want to see Tina and Zeke to be a "couple" per se, mostly because Tina is at Zeke's throat when it comes to Jimmy Jr., but somehow in this episode and mostly past recent episodes with...yeah, I don't really remember the last time either Tina or Zeke helped each other out. This episode, after she got in trouble thanks to Rudy snitching to Mr. Frond, looks like Tina want to prove that Zeke is innocent after hearing that Zeke was telling the truth with his grandmother, which was introduced in this episode, about going into surgery. So I'm guessing if Jimmy Jr. don't work out for Tina, I'm guessing Zeke would be the perfect choice, then again, she could end up with Josh. God, love is complicated. Maybe I should make the Tina/Zeke ship as a secondary ship in the Tina Relationship list.

Rudy being the antagonist in this episode with Tina caught in the lie with Zeke...that's something new for his character. That role has brought up after Tina lied to Mr. Frond about Zeke's whereabouts and know that Zeke escaped, which Rudy thinks that Tina let Zeke taking a pardon. For the hall monitoring patrol, Rudy looked up at Tina as a role model and he felt betrayed after seeing her lied to Frond about Zeke and snitched at the fourth act of the episode. Wow, it's like you're seeing Rudy being betrayed after Tina caught in a little white lie.

We got an explanation on how Zeke was caught in this episode, which is to take the mascot costume and wear it to the retirement home where his grandmother is at. Tina don't believe the story at first while taking Zeke to the office, which was a fail, until she got ratted out and overheard a phone call that Zeke wasn't lying about the whole scenario. And saw the proof at the near end of the episode. 

Wait a minute, so this episode and the last episode before the Winter Break went all cop drama? I mean, last episode, we went CSI: Cookiegate following the mole in the Thundergirls troop, and now this episode, it's freaking Law & Order mixed with other cop drama shows that I can't name with the chase, the good cap/bad cop, and the proof and evidence in a crime scene. All we're missing is the court system. 

The Bob having trouble with art scene seems a bit of a pull away from the hall monitoring in the episode. The posting of the napkin art in the restaurant almost reminded me of the 2011 episode "Art Crawl" when we see Gayle's paintings of anuses on the wall. 

Speaking of "Art Crawl" references, Edith and Harold are back in this episode and still hating on Bob due to defending Gayle with the anus paintings. Bob wants to learn art following finding out that Bob is not a good artist with Linda's critic about Bob's drawing. So he had to take lessons from Edith and Harold with the first task on self portrait of Edith naked. You thought it could be a "Titanic" reference with Rose wanting Jack to draw her like her "French Girls", no, more like you want to bleach your eyes out to forget this moment from ever happen.  

The chase scene in the storage room was not so much dramatic due to the straight that I don't even know how many stuff that the Wagstaff school can hold in case of a missing chair or desk. It's not that dramatic because when Zeke was about to fall, he only fell a foot. Yeah, a foot. Not that dramatic, but at least Tina caught Zeke through Chinese Finger Trap. 

I really enjoy Tina being the "bad cop" to Jimmy Jr. on Zeke's whereabouts, even though Jimmy Jr. don't even know where Zeke is at. I have never seen that side of Tina in like ever, not since I seen her face red back in the 2014 episode "Mazel Tina" and threating your crush to go face down on a plate of chowder, I beginning to think that Tina has taken the "bad cop" role way to far. But let's face it, I love it when she's mean, said the guy who almost got his face covered in chowder.

And the whole take out your sock thing, was it really necessary to bring it up. Although the shoe thing seems a bit off-topic, but it did bring up the comedic purposes while looking for Zeke. Talk about not getting cold feet.

And the whole dream sequence with Tina being promoted, knights of the round table reference anyone? Anyway, bringing it up my expectations of what the episode was going to be about but didn't was that Tina supposed to go power hungry and acting like a dictator like what Phoebe from Hey Arnold did in the episode "Hall Monitor" or like what Kuvira did at the start of Book 4 of The Legend of Korra.

Reaction/Thoughts: So what do I think about this week's episode? This episode starts off right to kick off 2015 for the series. Although I'm not fond of the whole "cop drama" genre and taking a jab through it, following last episode with the mole hunt, AKA CSI: Cookiegate, this episode is like taking a jab to Law & Order mixed with other shows that has police chases like something you see in the 1970s. Rudy acting like an antagonist for this episode after seeing Tina lying to Mr. Frond that Zeke resisted arrest was something that I haven't seen for his character, well in this case, a goody two shoes like Tina. Beginning to like Regular Sized Rudy as a character since he was introduced in the 2013 episode "Carpe Museum". And I like to see Zeke and Tina to become good friends by the end of the season, I mean, we have interaction with each other while being stuck in a Chinese Finger Trap and Tina proving Zeke that he's innocent after being snitched on. Which, Zeke was telling the truth with a grandmother about to get into surgery. mind is boggling and beginning to question if Tina and Zeke are destined to be a couple by the time Season 5 ends in the Springtime. I'll put that as a maybe. That means that the Tina/Zeke ship will be a declared as a secondary ship, with the Tina/Jimmy Jr. ship as the primary. And Bob learning to draw following critics from Linda not telling the truth that if his drawings are good seems of a pull away from the main focus of the episode, But it did bring us laughs to ring off the new year and the first week of 2015. And the whole naked Edith scene as the first task of art lesson 101, not to judge a body figure or anything, but might want to bleach your eyes for that. I give this episode...

...a 9 out of 10. A perfect way to start off the new year and maybe we should like put the "cop drama" genre roleplay out of the way. Although, I do enjoy the Tina about to cover Jimmy Jr. into a plate of chowder scene. Ringing it in the bad cop side of her and haven't seen that side of Tina for a while at least.

But anyway, next week, the Belcher kids go Go-Kart racing in the local raceway, not like one of them is potential enough to be in NASCAR, all while Bob prepare to partner up with Teddy to sell one of Teddy's home made alcohol. Referencing the 18th Amendment anyone? In the ninth episode of season five, "Speakeasy Rider". And not to coincide to with the Season Three episode "Earsy Rider".