Monday, February 09, 2015

Review: Bob's Burgers Season 5, Episode 11: Love Divided By Two. TinaJJ shippers worrying dodged a bullet.

On this week's episode of Bob's Burgers, Tina and Darryl team up to be pretend boyfriend/girlfriend to win the Valentine's Day Dance for Tina passing math and Darryl to get his crush while Linda gets Bob into the holiday spirit with 6 Days of Erotic stuff. Here's my spoilerific review of "Can't Buy Me Math".

This is the second Valentine's Day special from the series after the first one back in Season 3 with the first special with Bob finding the a special gift for Linda while she helped out the singles getting some mingle while for this episode, Tina and Darryl teamed up by pretending to be a couple to win a contest for Tina to pass her math class and getting together with Jimmy Jr. while Darryl getting her crush, who is named Rosa, all while Linda created an advent calendar to get Bob into the love day spirit. More of that as you scroll down.

It's nice to get a full episode with Aziz Ansari guest voicing the character of Darryl since his first appearance back in Season 2 and I like how we got development on him besides being a video game enthusiast. He has a crush on a girl, of course Rosa, and of course when he's in the second grade, he peed on himself while in recess and everyone was there.

Speaking of Rosa, we met her in this episode and according to Darryl, they have something in common, they both enjoy video games. This kind of comparison reminded me of Sword Art Online with both Kirito and Asuna (i.e. Kazuto and Asuna). I like their relationship because of their comparison with enjoying video games and I do hope the character Rosa could be a recurring character for future episodes.

And of course, the episode is called "Can't Buy Me Math", meaning that mathematics has to bring in to the rack in this episode. Remembering back in Season 3 that Tina is not that bright in her math class as a D straight student, well in this episode, Tina is fearing that if she gets another "D" in her math test, spoiler alert, she did at the end of the episode, she'll be sent to remedial math. So the reason why she need Darryl's assistance on tutoring her at math is one way to built up the plot for the episode, that and of course trying to get Jimmy Jr.'s attention.

The whole idea of Tina and Darryl fake dating to win a contest like the Valentine's Day Dance was a nice touch for creating an alliance for Tina to pass her math class and for Darryl to get Rosa's attention. It was nice for Darryl but for Tina, feeling guilty after winning the contest and after seeing both Darryl and Rosa, the truth has to come out. The last time I saw a character can't stand of guilt from lying is Clara from Doctor Who when she wanted to tell Danny the entire truth about traveling with the Doctor. Tina and Darryl are the reminiscences of Danny and Clara, except the two are students and still alive. 

Gene and Louise are nothing more than background characters in this episode in both the A and B plot. In both witnessing Bob and Linda doing the advent calendar and seeing Tina with Darryl, it's like the two were pushed back but had to put it in there for comedic relief.

Speaking of revelation...Jimmy Jr. Found out that at the end of the episode, he's really bad at math as well. Something that both him and Tina has something in common. And for the TinaxJimmyJr shippers out there, y'all been thinking, "one step closer".

And I really love that one-line zinger from Jocelyn saying that Jimmy Jr. has a thing for Tina after seeing both her and Darryl pretending acting like he's jealous of Darryl for taking Tina away. Referring back to the Season 3 episode "Two for Tina" when Jimmy Jr. felt jelly of Josh taking Tina to the dance at his school and challenge a dance off. It's not that in this episode.

The advent calendar that Linda created for Valentine's Day or in this case, Valentine's Week(end) was a nice yet comedic to get into the holiday spirit. With Valentine's Day right around the corner, it's Linda's job to get Bob into the spirit of holiday. Despite the last Valentine's Day special with Bob finding the perfect gift that both him and Linda share but it's with the wrong girl while Linda about to get arrested for pointing a gun...did we not learn since the Top 20 Countdown!?! Anyway, it all began with Day 1, which is erotic cooking.

Cue "Careless Whisper" saxophone sound effect. Day 1 begins with Bob steaming off some raw patty and then comes Linda spraying some whip cream on Bob's back neck in a surprise whip cream attack that should've turn him on. Is Linda going all PDA on Bob in the kitchen while the grill is on? Guessing no.

The erotic week continues with Bob and Linda entering the tub making some sweet, sweet love...despite the bubble stinging from Linda using the entire bottle and both Gene and Louise peeing, telling Bob and Linda to get out of the tub. Kids, this isn't what it looks like, mommy and daddy were very tired and stinky.

But that all ends with Bob creating a striptease for Linda. Going all Magic Mike on her for the near end of the advent calendar. Well, cue "It's Raining Men" in the background.

Okay...what you just witnessed is my initial reaction to that scene. When that scene first came out, there goes my innocence. However the funniest thing from that scene is Bob not realizing that the curtains are opening. That seems of a cock tease, with Linda feeling bad about the whole thing. That got Bob to the holiday spirit because with the curtains open to the public, he doesn't give a damn on what the people say, even if Valentine's Day was days ago. 

Reaction/Thoughts: So what do I think about this week's episode of Bob's Burgers? Well, I think it's alright for some parts, but the scene with Bob stripteasing in front of Linda was a bit too much for me to handle. I like the interaction between Tina and Darryl and how they team up for winning the Valentine's Day dance to win their crushes' hearts along with Tina getting a perfect score at math, however Tina's guilt after seeing Darryl hanging out with Rosa after fake breaking up was a bit of a backfire. Tina falling over heels for It's not because of the whole age gap or anything, it's because they have nothing in common besides wearing glasses. Maybe label it as a "close" friendship. And bringing up math into the episode, I'm surprise that Jimmy Jr. is bad at math as Tina. That's something in common as they now share a remedial math class together, maybe then it's hook up time? I give "Can't Buy Me Math"...

 ...a 7.5 out of 10. The reason why I had to give it that rating is because not because I disapprove it, it just because I'm totally sick of the lying that been going on. Plus Tina being affectionate to Darryl after one week of fake dating seems a bit of a no go. However, I do approve the friendship and also apologetic to Rosa and gave Darryl another chance after the truth bomb got out. 

Anyway, stay tuned next week for Election Season, even though it's not 2016 yet, as Jimmy Jr. run for president against Millie (who's coming back since Season 4) with Tina and Louise helping out in the candidacy all while Bob bought a $300 knife...this economy, man. In the twelfth episode of Season Five, "The Millie-churian Candidate".