Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Top 20 Countdown Continues! Number 9: Over The Garden Wall: "Into the Unknown/The Unknown"

Come wayward souls. Our Number 9 spot of the Top 20 Countdown heads to the depths of The Unknown and let's just say...shit goes bananas. Here's Number 9, Over The Garden Wall, "Into the Unknown" and "The Unknown".

But before we start, here's a quick summary of the show due to people are going to say, "What is this show?" or "I have never heard of it." Okay, I'll tell you, but prepared to be spoiled. Over The Garden Wall is about two boys named Wirt (voiced by Elijah Wood) and Greg (voiced by Collin Dean) trying to find their way home. But however, there some obstacles along the way that prevent them from heading back. Including the Woodsman, a schoolhouse, a bluebird, etc. Even someone that they should stay away called "The Beast". Which for the people who watched the 10 part series, the stuff in their nightmares.

This is what the newly formed fandom don't get for Episode 9 for the first part at least, in the modern world. This seems like the calm before the storm as the series is set to end in Episode 10. Wirt put on the costume, it shows how the costume he wears came to be, and heads off while holding the tape. Which the tape said "For Sara".

So where were Greg in this episode? Helping out. And on Halloween. Greg been raking some leaves for Old Lady McDaniels, which was introduced in this episode. Greg met up with Wirt at the gate of the football field. Looking at Sara, which we got introduced in this episode in the bee costume, oh wait, that's not her Halloween costume, it's a mascot costume. 

So we got to see what Wirt is talking about, Sara and Jason Funderberker. We already got Sara, in the mascot costume, but when the game ends, she's in her skeleton clown costume heading towards the party. That where both Wirt and Greg are heading, try following. Of course, Wirt bumped into Sara when made it to the party. And Sara want to invite Wirt to the graveyard to hang out. Doing stuff that is not illegal. Way to pull it off.

Of course, we got the introduction of Jason Funderberker, which found out that Wirt isn't the only one who is crushing on Sara. Of course, for a character that Wirt is worried about, you're talking to a guy who has speech impediment like Jimmy Jr. from Bob's Burgers. 

Wirt and Greg tried to get the tape back from Sara in her pocket but failed. Yep, the police came up and everyone in the graveyard ran and for Wirt and the wall, falling over. Which of course came up the whole "Over The Garden Wall". Wirt blamed Greg for everything, even though he's trying to do his best. But...a train is coming through and both Wirt and Greg pushed themselves out of the tracks and hit themselves out to the water and slipped into a coma. 

That was until we head back to The Unknown in a brutal blizzard with Wirt sleeping with bluebirds. Oh wait, that's not any bluebirds, that's Beatrice's family. Wirt is heading out to find Greg, even if the blizzard is about to blow him away. Wirt's been a jerk, bit of an asshole to Greg since the series began, but now he's  now under the hands of The Beast, and now Wirt is going to redeem himself by saving Greg and getting back home. 

As for Episode 10, judging by the blizzard, it going to be impossible for Wirt to get to Greg, but not giving up, even if it means death. Greg is doing tasks for the Beast with one last task in head, which is the the teacup in the stump by the sun. Even the sun is far, try imagining it. I don't know what this task may pull but...oh shit...that's not good.

The Woodsman makes a comeback as well for the final episode with finding a piece of wood and heard a song in the background. From the Woodsman's perspective, you know shit is finally going down. And look what The Woodsman found along the way, Greg...becoming a tree...

 ...cue "My Immortal" in the background because that is really hard so see, even if you saw it the first time. Woodsman threaten The Beast but The Beast threaten back with mentioning his daughter in the lamp. Which of course from this episode in the latter part, she is not in the lamp.

Wirt and Beatrice also made it to where Greg, The Woodsman, and The Beast are at, and saw what the hell just happened, the two were in shocked seeing Greg about to transform into a tree.

Wirt trying to get the branches off of Greg and apologizes for everything, from being a bad brother to blaming himself for getting them lost in The Unknown. Even got the perfect name for the frog that Greg was carrying. 

Wirt even had to fend off against The Beast by threaten with the lantern. And judging by the figure of The Beast, it's a tree. There's nothing with trees when I see on...

...well...guess who's not sleeping for 2 weeks. Wirt got Greg out heading out from The Unknown but not until Wirt gave something to Beatrice for fixing the curse, the bird scissors. Which Wirt had all this time. 

Then we head back to the modern world with Wirt waking up and getting both Greg and Jason Funderberker (The Frog) out of the water, got ashore, but collapsed until the guys got over the wall and found them lying on the ground. 

Got into an ambulance.

And woke up minutes later in a hospital.

Wirt is okay, and so does Greg. Along with Jason Funderberker the frog.

Of course, Sara got the tape that Wirt has made and wanted to play it but the only problem for that is that she doesn't have a tape player. Which questions me, what year is the show took place, I know it isn't in 2014. I think it's between the 80s or the 90s? Anyway, Sara don't have a tape player, but Wirt does and invite her to his house to listen to the tape. As soon as Wirt and Greg leave the hospital.

And before the series ended, we see the aftermath in The Unknown including...I'll name a few, The Woodsman and his daughter, the fish on the boat caught something, Lorna and Auntie Whispers hanging out, Beatrice and her family back to a human, etc.

So why did this episode got the Number 9 spot? Despite being this is the 9th and 10th episode of the overall series, these two episodes are amazing. I never knew the entire series is based on a coma dream that based on what happen before this whole thing happened. Wonder why the 9th episode start off the series than the overall 1st episode? That should have started off, but it did get the explanation in the previous episodes. As for the overall series, fantastic. The art work and animation...beautiful. Patrick McHale did a wonderful outstanding job with the series and that's more than I can say. Although it sucks that only 10 episodes not hoping for a Season 2, hoping for the second season to be a backstory on how this whole thing happened like with the people of The Unknown. But, 10 episodes seems enough. I give "Into the Unknown"... 8 out of 10. "The Unknown"... 9 out of 10. And the overall series... 9.5 out of 10. I recommend this series for you to watch as we close out 2014. And that is a rock fact!

But anyways, stay tuned for Number 8 as we head back to the TARDIS. You though these two episodes were dark, wait till you see true the Top 20 Countdown continues.