Sunday, December 07, 2014

Review: Bob's Burgers Season 5, Episode 5: The Garlic and the Jinxing

On this week's episode of Bob's Burgers, Bob enters the competition but missing the most important ingredient of all, and looks like the kids are on the job...until Gene screws it up. Here's my spoilerific review of Episode 5 of Season 5, "Best Burger".

So this episode is spotlighted on one of the Belcher family member that haven't shine some light. Not Bob, not Linda, not Louise, not even Tina, Gene! Yes, Gene is in the spotlight for this episode with Bob not trusting him to get the black garlic to him. Although both Louise and Tina are my favorite characters of the show, They're my favorite Female characters. Gene is my favorite Male character in show, and haven't seen development for awhile. For the year 2014 at least. I mean, look at 2014 for the Belcher family character development, Louise afraid of the dentist, Tina's middle name is Ruth, Linda's birthday on June 3rd. So the whole Gene messing things up with breaking the black garlic and hands over $20 to a guy with a skateboard, but not getting the money back, it almost seems that Gene is becoming a jinx.

It's nice to see diversity in this episode, with a burger chef from Pakistan. The chef's name is Skip Maruch, he's in the competition along with Bob and Jimmy Pesto, who also join along in the competition. By the way, the voice actor for Skip is Kumali Nanjiani.

So we got an explanation on one particular scene. When Bob calls the kids to get the black garlic from the store, found out, they got banned over a candy bar. It was nice to see a flashback of how the kids got banned from the store over paying for a candy bar, even showing the present day of the cook-off to get the black garlic to Bob, by snatching it due to Gene giving the money away.

The slow motion for this episode was well executed for two parts. One for crossing while the train is in the way, the other with Gene seeing the hot fudge car wash. It's like the series has gone pretty well when it comes to the animation. Last week, we got perfect animation when Mickey talked about how to stop the ride while facing a turkey invasion, and now this week, slow motion. I wonder how much is their budget?

And of course, it ain't an episode without references. Yes, this week's episode includes a reference from the 1977 movie "Rocky" starring Sylvester Stallone. Linda calling Bob to be like Rocky in the burger contest, seems like to be in 2nd place, which they did at the near end of the episode, because Rocky lost his fight to Apollo in the first one. 

And another reference, Gene getting strength from a musician. Back in the episode "Full Bars", it's Queen Latifah. And in this episode, it's Bob Marley.

Reaction/Thoughts: So overall, what do I think about this episode? Well for the most part, I like it. The spotlight is on Gene and how Bob can leave a task for trust. The return of Jimmy Pesto, Chuck, and Ron made it a well done performance. With Chuck as the host without Pam, Pesto without Andy, Ollie, and Jimmy Jr., and Ron without Hugo. The slow motion is a well executed animation to add following last week's animation. Although it's nice to see Gene getting development on his character, it's like we need more of him. Time for the middle child to get the most info on. I give this episode... 8.5 out of 10. Anyway, next week, it's Christmas...and on the 7th of December...well we are about to get a Winter hiatus after the 14th. Anyway, next week, it's Christmas and say hello to the big man himself, Big Bob, Bob's father for the Christmas episode, "Father of the Bob".