Friday, December 26, 2014

Top 20 Countdown Continues! Number 6: Adventure Time: "Wake Up"/"Escape from the Citadel".

Our Top 20 Countdown continues with our favorite duo heads off to the citadel following a cosmic crime that a villain had committed and finally meet a lost relative. But at what cost? Here's Number 6, Adventure Time, "Wake Up"/"Escape from the Citadel".

These two episodes started the new season just right following the dramatic season finale back in March with the revelation of Finn's Human Dad said by Billy in the constellations. Finn was in shock for hearing this revelation about his real dad alive. Another human...I freaking called it, people!

Prismo made a comeback for this episode but had to be killed off by The Lich. We got revelation on Prismo as well, that he used to be human and that he been asleep for like 1000 years and how he came to be. We also found out that if you kill the human version of Prismo, it's off to the Citadel. That's consider a cosmic crime. Should we also declare that destroying Gallifrey is a cosmic crime? No? That should have prevented the Time War.

The art and animation in the Citadel was absolutely incredible and the detail markings show its vibrant coloring into the episode. And the transparency on the guards and cells has catch on to show mixing into the colors. And seeing the prisoners inside the crystals.

The Lich's speech on the topic of "fall" was handled perfectly. Ron Perlman did an incredible job playing the role of The Lich and the speech he orally explain was well executed. Talk about true darkness, the timing was well put and just before Finn and Jake turned him into a humanoid man baby.

But one thing that questions me, where did the black flames come from? What, did The Lich just stole a pair of sharingans and put it in his eye sockets before he became...that. Oh look, you missed Finn and Jake.

So we finally got to meet Finn's dad who for the most part can't remember anything since he got imprisoned. What did he do to received that? Don't know. But what we do know since watching the episode is that he want out from the Citadel. Dude, at least recognize your son for once.

 Finn's arm was ripped off in this episode and man...heavy stuff to start off the new season. It's like everyone who been theorizing about Finn's arm is giving a warning about what to come before this episode airs on television. I even had to pull the "Guess that Theory" card from my review of the episode. The reason why Finn's right arm was cut off is because while resisting his dad from escaping, that lead the grass sword to handle too much pressure. Enough to cut Finn's arm off before heading to the water and got the flower arm from his stubby arm.

With the fiasco with the prison break and Finn losing an arm, Finn and Jake head back home to Ooo, which they did to recover, but that was until they to do something first, find the humanoid man baby Lich a home, and whose home was it? Tree Trunks and Pig, which found out from this episode that things between them aren't working out and wanting a divorce, but thanks to adopting The Lich, look like this marriage will work out after all.

So why did these 2 episodes got the Number 6 spot? These two episodes started off the sixth season just right and man, what a episode. We got an introduction to Finn's real dad, who we just found out that he can be a major asshole. The Lich made an epic speech that told perfectly that gave in the viewer's attention. Not to mention, that was the last of ever seeing The Lich now that he became a humanoid baby under the care of Tree Trunks and Pig. Prismo's death was something to be upset about because we just knew since Season 5 started and now he's dead...until the episode "Is That You" premiered on Thanksgiving Week. Anyway, the Top 20 Countdown has finally reached the Final 5, so stay tuned tomorrow for Number 5 as we leave Ooo and head off to the ocean of feels as head back to the Toonami block.