Sunday, November 02, 2014

Review/Reaction: Doctor Who Series 8, Episode 11: Danny's Unexpected Death + Missy's Identity Revealed = OMFG!!! Doctor vs. Master and Cybermen Incoming?

On this week's episode of Doctor Who, Clara and The Doctor head off to the nethersphere to bring Danny back from the dead. Along with the identity of Missy revealed and the return of the Cybermen.

Anyway, time to play everyone's favorite game show...

Guess That Theory!!!

That's right, the only game show to guess which theory is correct in the topic of the series. Last time was Finn's Arm, this time...Missy!!! Just who the hell is Missy!?!

  • Is Missy The Rani?

  • The Master?

  • The Valeyard?

...If you guess Answer Choice 'B', you are correct!!! Did not see that coming.

That's right people, The Master is back since 'The End of Time' as the form of Missy. Although I predict that The Rani could be Missy, I was wrong on that. So congratulations to the thousands of people who thought Missy is gonna be The Master, due to the straight that Missy is short for Mistress, and Mistress is the female version of Master. Although it's nice to see The Master, some questions had to be thrown in; How did The Master escape Gallifrey following 'The End of Time'? How did John Simm's Master regenerated into Michelle Gomez's Master (i.e. Missy)? And when will we see a backstory of this or not? And if Missy is The Master and she kissed The Doctor, that means...oh damn, the MasterxDoctor shippers have gone mad.

The Master isn't the only one who came back, The Cybermen also made a reappearance since 'The Time of the Doctor'. What, no Wooden Cyberman this time? Anyway, it's nice to see the Cybermen, but their inner shell, I mean skeletons, the cyber suit came out when Missy pull the switch and when the water drains, the cyber suit came in. And for once, I thought Moffat was preparing for the Skeleton War that Tumblr has talked about. 

Danny's death in the beginning of the episode is a bit unexpected when he got ran over by a moving car. It's like Moffat is trying to tell us that calling while walking is never a good idea. 

And when Danny is in the Underworld, i.e. Heaven, i.e. Nethersphere, Danny was surprised to see through the window and see the world itself, like something you see in Episode V of Star Wars when Luke takes on Darth Vader in Bespin. 

Clara is bummed and depressed when Danny died of being run over got her mood ramped up. She threaten The Doctor to throw not one, but seven TARDIS keys into the lava if The Doctor refused to bring Danny back. That's  one side of Clara that I have never saw before when she came into the series back in 2012. Talk about the Impossible Girl gone mad. Love is complicated when it comes to a loss of a loved one, so apparently Clara threatening The Doctor to throw the TARDIS keys into the lava seems a bit dodgy, but yet, intense.

We meet Dr. Chang when Missy call him out to talk to both The Doctor and Clara, but for a short time only in this episode. And by short, I mean he was killed off by Missy. Of course, his only choice for living is to say something nice, which he didn't because he panicked when he knows that Missy is gonna kill him. And when Dr. Chang talked to both The Doctor and Clara, The Doctor brings out his sass including communication to the dead without an ouija board in play, throwing his shoe if not talked, and swearing due to anger when it comes to government inspection. Seems like The Doctor has brought out his inner Malcolm Tucker.

We got a backstory of Danny in the war...the war in the Middle East, as in the War in Afghanistan. Flashing back into 'Into the Dalek' when you see Danny shed a tear when a student told Danny that if he killed a guy in battle. Well in this episode, the guy is a civilian in the midst of a battle, and the civilian is a child. Danny killed a child. And he felt bad ever since. So when he talked to the little boy he killed in battle, the boy ran away in fear.

And when Clara kept questioning Danny on how he felt to her, he became sad because she trying to question him on being the real Danny.  Which leaves Seb putting the iPad into Danny's hand on wanting to cremate, and by cremate, I mean upgrading. Just by one push of a button.

Reaction/Thoughts: What do I think about this episode? Well I think it's a pretty amazing episode with emotions, plot devices, and cliffhanger so shocking, you need something heavy to drink. Missy revealed as The Master is what the fandom has not expected for this moment since this series started. Again, congratulations to the thousands of people of think that Missy is The Master. It's nice to see the Cybermen again since the 2013 Christmas Special in Trenzalore. The Cybermen walking out of St. Paul's reminded me of the original Cybermen invasion back in the Second Doctor days when he, The Brigadier, and UNIT take them on. 

The intense moment of Clara throwing the keys into the lava made my spine tingle and the whole Danny ready to press the delete button seems like the fans are not ready for the part 2 of the Series 8 Finale. And so, it's The Doctor vs. The Master and the Cybermen for next week's Series Finale, and I am so amped up for this moment. Of course, one more question, if The Master allow to go all Rule 63, changes from a guy to a girl, why can't the Doctor regenerate into a woman? Time Lords, man. I give this episode...

...a 9.5 out of 10. Next week's episode is called, 'Death in Heaven'. And this is where things goes south for the epic conclusion.