Monday, November 17, 2014

Review: Bob's Burgers Season 5, Episode 3: The Biggest Loser: Friendship Edition

On this week's episode of Bob's Burgers, Bob and Teddy go working out when it comes to lower Teddy's Cholesterol all while Linda and the kids staged a ice wrestling rink. Here's my spolierific review of the Third Episode of the Fifth Season, 'Friends with Burgerfits'.

But before we start, let's get rid of the elephant of the room...

Yes people, the opening has returned!!!

It's been 4 episodes since we have no opening to begin with. The last time we saw the opening was back in the Season 4 episode 'Gene It On' and then, poof, no opening for 6 months. I swear, the first 2 episodes with no opening grab my interest; 3rd episode, something's weird going on? 4th episode, beginning to piss me off. Oh god, opening, I miss you!!!

The spotlight for this episode is on Teddy and his health concerns involving cholesterol with eating Bob's burgers for a really long time. Yeesh, this reminds me of the 2004 documentary 'Super Sized Me'. You know, that movie when that guy ate 30 days of McDonald's and nothing but McDonald's. You tell me, I had to watch it in my Health Class.

Teddy ignoring the doctor about his health risks seems a bit obvious to me. People ignore what the doctor say after a routine checkup. Sometimes, I ignore what my doctor said after my checkup. But a checkup with you gonna die if you don't listen seems a bit threatening. I'm not a doctor, but you should listen to what the doctor says. 


The dream sequence with Teddy getting a heart attack from eating Bob's burgers is a spine tingling thing to see. The cutaway with Teddy's doctor pulls out his heart and make him eat more burgers seems to horrific but yet pretty well done. It's like something to see out of a horror movie, even though Halloween was already last month.

Is it me or is the topic of Teddy and his health was changed into Bob and his relationship with Teddy with the status of 'best friend' over 'best customer'. Over the years, Teddy comes to Bob for a lunch break because he's his favorite customer, besides Mort, seems like he has a best friend at his side. The part of Bob and Teddy exercising to help Teddy to lower his cholesterol is probably one way to show the two's friendship in the works, even by the time they went off to a stunt double camp. Yes, a stunt double camp for the entire weekend. 

 Both Linda and Teddy think that Bob cares about Teddy as a friend, but Bob thinks not. He worries about Teddy's health, but as a customer, and not a friend. Did Bob just took a sip of instant a**hole in the morning before working out? The reason why I say that is because of one thing, he can't stand of being with Teddy for one weekend in Stunt Double Camp. And Teddy heard the whole thing while catching on fire on the second day of camp. Wow, way to ruin the moment Bob.

But don't fret, he makes things up after learning that Teddy just ordered a giant hamburger enough to kill Teddy through breaking out through the window by the manager. Who knew saving Teddy from getting a heart attack and die is through a failed stunt work with real windows. The glass is hard and real that I think the glass pieces just went into Bob? Aww...friends.

Now the whole Bob and Teddy workout friendship thing is one thing for this episode, ladies and gentlemen, the NOT soon to be Olympic sport, 'Freezer Wrestling'!!!

So how did the 'Freezerdome' came in? Let's see...

The idea of freezerdome came from Louise, Tina, and Gene dumping a gallon of water to the floor and have to wait for a day to see the result. 

So when Linda saw the freezer floor into ice and with the kids playing, looks like Linda just became the ringleader and the game has begun.

Ice is already invented Andy and Ollie. The match-up in the freezer is a nice touch up on the action on which we haven't seen for like...ever. So when it comes to the first match, Louise and Rudy, I see people feeling sympathetic to Rudy. Well, the guy's asthmatic and frail, what do you expect. Not really...we do like Rudy as a character. Poor Rudy, there is next year, right?

Then came Round 2 or 3 with Tina and Zeke. I wonder this round is about Jimmy Jr.? Anyway, the match was short, and Zeke won against Tina. That match was the shortest of them all, and I saw the Tenten/Temari match back in the Chunin Exam Arc in Naruto. Or is it Kankuro and that Stretchy Guy? Anyway, Zeke won, and poor Tina.

Then came the semifinals with Gene and Louise. Which raises my question, how did Gene made it to the semifinals and who did he match up against. Either Jimmy Jr, Andy, or Ollie? The fight between brother and sister is one thing, but using the fake an injury excuse to beat out the opponent was right down genius for Louise to take Gene out of the match. Did she learned that from watching the World Cup? Perhaps.

And then it came to the final match between Louise and Zeke, a 13 year old against a 9 year old. And let's see...comparing the two. Besides the two being the different age and grade, Zeke's in the wrestling team, and Louise...she's Louise, she can kick anyone ass. Okay, I know that this isn't truly the stats I intended, but let's face it, that is pretty close. Zeke is a challenge for Louise in this final match because: 1) he's bigger; and 2) hormones? You'll be the judge of that. Anyway, when Louise is about to lose to Zeke, she did have a lifeline in hand, or in this case, an item. It's like Super Smash Bros. when an item came out of nowhere during the duration of the match, and you want to get it before your opponent get it. Once you (or the opponent) get the item, like for example, a hammer, you (or the opponent) is invincible. It was crazy when played it in the Nintendo 64 version, I mean come on, who here feels power hungry when getting the hammer? So the fart jar from the beginning is the only option to beat Zeke out, with a help of Gene, who is next to the jar. Yes, farts beat people. 

Congratulations to Louise for winning 'Ice Wrestling 2K14' Let's celebrate with the 'Kiss my Butt' song and dance!

Wait, is it me or is Linda doing that 'bout a week ago' dance that people on Vine are doing? 

bout a week ago, week ago.

Reaction/Thoughts: What do I think about this episode? I think it's pretty good. The concept of Bob helping Teddy to lower his health risk was a nice moment to his favorite customer, and by customer, I mean friend. And yes, I said friend. You're welcome. The 'Ice Fight' idea was a bit spectacular, but also drawn the real plot for this episode, talk about plot devices. Louise beating everyone out in the ring proves that even though Tina won 'Favorite Character' from Entertainment Weekly, who would've forget about our favorite bunny hatted female. Friendship between two adults was spotlighted and the ice match was a fitting way to add some action into this episode. I give 'Friends with Burgerfits'... 8 out of 10. Anyway, next week, it's Thanksgiving with turkey, and...a festival in the pier? Yes, The Fischoeders are throwing the Thanksgiving Festival in the Wonder Wharf and looks like Bob is boycotting his favorite holiday, just like the internet when they went from Halloween to Christmas, damn you retail sales!!! I'll catch you guys next week. And let's hope the 9:30 slot works for this season.