Monday, November 10, 2014

Review: Doctor Who Series 8, Episode 12: Death by Emotion. Doctor, Clara, and UNIT vs. Missy and Cybermen.

Death, the final part of life and the topic that nobody wants to ever hear about. People question where are we suppose to go when our time is up? In this week's Series Finale of Doctor Who, the dead are converted into Cybermen and The Doctor will face his toughest challenge yet against The Master (or Missy).

This is where we left off last episode...

...Yes people, Missy is revealed as The Master and the Cybermen are invading. Two of The Doctor's biggest enemies combined for this series finale. And I gotta say, this is pretty good. Although, there some concerns on why Missy (The Master) is doing this, playing with the dead and turned them into Cybermen? There is one reason for this, and it's creating a Cybermen army of the Dead. It's like the Edo Tensei (Reanimation) from Naruto during the 4th Shinobi War.

It's not just The Master and the Cybermen returning. UNIT also made a callback as well, along with Kate and Osgood, which we haven't seen since 'The Day of the Doctor'. 

And of course, Osgood's outfit for Series 8. Last year in the 50th Anniversary, she wore the 4th Doctor's Scarf...

And now this year, wearing a bow tie like the one Matt Smith's 11th Doctor once wore when he was The Doctor, she even said the line that the 11th Doctor always say when it comes to bow ties.

God, I miss Matt Smith already. Clara facing off with the Cybermen in the beginning is a bit tense. But also...a bit dodgy. Remember when Clara said the whole 'Clara Oswald has never existed' phrase coming out of her mouth in the trailer? Yeah, that freaked the fandom out. Well in this episode, she said the line, but with a twist.

Yeah...time to bring this up again...

...Yes, Doctor Clara is back in business...for a while at least for the beginning half of this episode. The only reason why she had to lie to the Cybermen for being The Doctor is get out of danger. Which created more danger. Wow Clara, you lied to Danny, you lied to The Doctor, and now you lied to the Cybermen. should be an actress instead of a English teacher. But that was a bit of an alter-ego. And I thought alter-egos involve costumes, like this for example...

...or this...

...or definitely this...

The Master fully returns when he, which now a 'she', kills someone off, said by Moffat in 'Doctor Who: Extra'. So which character did Missy kill off...Osgood. Yes, Osgood. We only saw her for two episodes in this revived series and this is what Moffat repay us! No backstory, no development, no anything! Two episodes and you dead. Osgood should have ignore Missy talking, but she kept on yapping, yapping, yapping. Missy whisper Osgood's ear saying "I'm gonna kill you in a minute" was indeed threatening. I thought she was bluffing to escape. But when she pull out Missy's handcuffs from her pocket and escapes towards Osgood, that was scary, even for The Master's way of getting out of being detained. And so, there goes Osgood, into dust. In the hands of The Master.

The Plane going to crash is well executed in this episode. You thought it will be snakes on a plane? Well, try Cybermen attacking at the plane's windows. Who knew entering the cyber cloud can lead into dangerous problems with Cybermen flying towards you like Iron Man. Also, Missy escaping by blowing up the door of the plane was dare daring like you see from a James Bond movie. Throwing Kate out was a pretty dick move to pull by dropping her to her's like Moffat is ready for a killing spree. Also sending The Doctor as well to drop to his death, but he got the TARDIS waiting for him at mid air by going James Bong LARP-ing on this episode.

But of course, Missy escaped. By what? A teleporter.

And so we jumped to Clara in the cemetery. Wait, how Clara jumped into the cemetery? Oh yeah, that one Cybermen. Clara walked up to that Cyberman holding a death paper crumbling up in it's hand. Who's that Cyberman? It's Danny!

So I guess he pressed the 'Delete' button on the iPad. Danny turned into a Cyberman was to hard to watch for the fandom because you can see Clara so sad to see Danny like this, though he's already dead, as the shape of a Cyberman. 

So Clara turned on the emotions on Danny's Cybersuit and the Cyber!Danny hugged Clara, but The Doctor told Clara to step away due to the straight that you get touched by a hand of a Cyberman, you get deleted. 

And then came Missy coming in Mary Poppins Style.

Now this is where people draw the line when it comes to emotions is Danny making a sacrifice on saving the Earth and it's dead. A last line of duty, getting the Cybermen army to disband the clouds and put the dead to sleep. This is pretty much heartbreaking, yet heroic.

And just in time for Veterans Day, we like to thank Danny for his honor on this show. Let us take a moment to remember him in his best moments in this series.

Danny and Osgood aren't the only ones going bye bye, looks like The Master is going away for a really long time, or at least for another series or two. Not before she taunts The Doctor, along with telling the coordinates of where Gallifrey is at. And so, we say goodbye to Michelle Gomez as The Master.

But wait, if The Doctor didn't take down Missy, who did? Well guess who decided to come back from the dead for one scene only, The Brigadier. Although the actor who played The Brigadier, Nicholas Courtney, passed away in 2011 and that makes his character passed away as well. In this episode, his dead body was converted into a Cyberman. Taking down Missy and saved Kate from falling to her death. And look at that, he finally got his salute from The Doctor.

The Doctor and Clara finally tell the truth to each other after 11 episodes of lying to each other. One thing for sure is that The Doctor finally found Gallifrey. There some speculations that The Doctor did not found Gallifrey and that Missy is lying to him. How would she lie, The Doctor did send Gallifrey into another universe in the 50th Anniversary. 

The Doctor isn't the only one hurting, so does Clara. After losing Danny, don't know how she feels. After the truth coming out and a two weeks of feels, look like Clara and The Doctor are parting ways. Isn't it too early for Jenna Coleman to leave the show so soon? Since the series started back in August, there have been rumors that she leaves the show in Christmas. And this seems too soon for her. Anyway, The Doctor and Clara has part ways.

Reaction/Thoughts: What do I think about this epi...wait a minute...

Yes, we got a unexpected welcome from Santa Claus. Yes, The Santa Claus, ol' Saint Nick. That ending was a bit unusual to end the 8th Season of the Revived series. Of course, it is the build up for this year's Christmas Special in December. This is like Series 2 all over. Well...Happy Holidays from Doctor Who.

Reaction/Thoughts: What do I think about this episode? Well I think this is a pretty good episode. I did not expect a lot of death from Missy as The Master. Damn it Moffat, you hurt the fandom a damn lot. Danny and the rest of the Cybermen army that Missy created making a sacrifice was breathtaking and heartbreaking all in the same time, although Danny is already dead, it feels like it's time to let the dead in peace. What I really think of this episode is pretty amazing, I mean last season, we got a missing incarnation of The Doctor, and this year, the return of The Master and the Cybermen. Also, when Clara said that she's The Doctor and the opening titles came up, Jenna Coleman's name was bumped up first including her eyes after Capaldi's name. That was a bit of a tease.

I give this episode...

...a 9 out of 10. The only I reason why it can't be like a 9.5 or a solid 10 is the ending with Santa Claus. Speaking of Santa and Christmas, Next Episode is the Christmas Special with The Doctor, Santa, and Clara, yes Clara, because I heard that she's coming back for the holiday season, fighting off against...stuff that looks like the creatures from the movie 'Alien'.

...Anyway guys, that's a wrap on Series 8. And Happy Holidays from yahoo201027!!!