Sunday, October 19, 2014

Review: Doctor Who Series 8, Episode 9: The Clara Oswald Adventures. What is Missy planning?

On this week's episode of Doctor Who, Clara is substituting for The Doctor, who is stuck in a Mini TARDIS, all while taking on a hoard of Murals. Yeah, I don't know why?

Fanart by minos123jordy of Tumblr

Clara is in charge of being The Doctor in this episode, and I gotta say, Clara being the substitute for The Doctor is my favorite part of this episode as the TARDIS shrinks down to merchandise size. I don't really see the companion taking the lead in a episode of Doctor Who like ever. Hell, he even had to give both his Psychic Paper and Sonic Screwdriver to Clara to do the job.

But if you watch Doctor Who for a long time, like me for a year, you know that the first rule of being The Doctor is that The Doctor always Lies. Well in this episode, Clara just bend the rules. When she told Rigsy that she is not what she seems, as in playing Time Lord, that got The Doctor pissed off. Calling her the 'Doctor of Lies'. It's the first time being a Substitute Doctor, what do you think you were gonna say?

We meet a guy named Rigsy, who's in community service, not for volunteering hours, but for vandalism with graffiti. See, this is why the question has to be brought up, 'Is Graffiti Art or Vandalism'? You Decide.

The enemy in this episode is called the Boneless, which look like 3-D Murals come to life, but looked Paper Jammed. Although it's October, this is a spine chilling alien that comes out from a jammed printer or copier that comes to life. 

The Doctor creating a machine to beat out the Boneless is a nifty idea while his TARDIS shrinks down to purse size. A Two-Dis? Is what is being called. Two-Dis sounds like TARDIS, but the name seems a bit short for Two Dimensional, or 2D. But at least it can beat them out...or put the TARDIS back to full size.

The Doctor told a speech comparing to what the 11th Doctor said back in Series 5 episode, 'The Eleventh Hour', telling that the world is protected when he is around Earth. Telling the Boneless to get out of the planet like how to tell off The Atraxi after finding Prisoner Zero.

Look who decided to join us after 3 episodes ago, Missy. After the scene with The Doctor calling The Doctor an exceptional Doctor and that goodness has nothing to do with it, she looks at her iPad, which I did not know you can get iPad in heaven, thank you Steve Jobs, she looks at Clara, calling her "My Clara".

Okay...I don't know what's going on, but shit has now hit the floor. Series 8 Finale happens on November 8th and this is the 9th Episode...what is Missy planning for Clara? And will somebody please tell us Moffat who's Missy really is!?! The suspense is killing us!!!

Reaction/Thoughts: What do I think about this episode? Well I think it's a pretty good episode. Clara being The Doctor's substitute for a episode is held off perfectly because I haven't seen a companion taking the lead of a Doctor Who episode since Amy back in the Series 5 Finale. The Boneless are a bit look like Paper Jammed Murals printed off from a Broken Down Copier Machine, but they look menacing and spine tingling, but not so much to beat out last week's antagonist with the 66 seconds on the clock. And really, what is Missy planning to do with Clara once we reached November? Maybe she could be the woman who gave Clara the phone number to call The Doctor and everything was planned? my point of view, Missy could be the real life female version of Aizen.

...I give this episode...

... a 9 out of 10. Next week's episode is full of trees. Is it a museum trip? I don't know, you tell me. Anyway, see you guys next week. Moffat better have some explaining to do with the Missy Identity.