Sunday, October 05, 2014

Review: Bob's Burgers Season 5, Episode 1: 80s Movie Musical. Gene's Musical vs. Courtney's Musical leads to One Awesome Show

Hello people of the Bob's Burgers fandom...I'm Back!!!!

That's right, after a 5 month hiatus since the 2 part season finale, we're finally back. The fandom has a pretty good year with winning a Emmy for 'Outstanding Animated Program' and the character Tina Belcher for winning Entertainment Weekly's 'Best Character on TV'. Bow down to the queen.

And now we start Season 5, even the show's 5 year anniversary isn't till 2016. Any who, let's start the the spoilerific review of 'Work Hard or Die Trying Girl".

And like the Season 4 Two Part Season Finale, no opening. I thought we're not gonna get the opening when something serial is happening, but this time, lead to a musical brawl between Courtney and Gene.

Courtney makes a reappearance since her introduction in the Season 3 episode 'The Unbearable Like-Likeness of Gene', in which Courtney just suckered Gene into being her boyfriend but wanted to break up with her, but couldn't due to daddy being in the jingle business. Broke up with her in the hospital then died. But back alive and break up with him. Even by then, don't want to go back due to her annoyance, with the Belcher Family agreeing to that.

Everyone have their own stories on the first half of the episode following the announcement that the Fall Musical is right around the corner...

First, Gene. Not letting Courtney in after following what happened in Season 3, although her moves are good, I don't remember Courtney saying 'I'm Annoying'. Great story, Gene. Said everyone but Courtney.

Then Courtney's side of the Story with Gene being greedy and two tacos that fast, be careful what you eat Gene. You remember the last time you ate a taco, toilet and hot sauce don't mix.

And then a Third One, Yes, a Third One, this one comes from Louise. Finding the location for the play is one thing when rivaling another play is to be in the basement when the auditorium is at. And Tina and Gene cheering 'Louise is the Best'...Louise, you manipulative little child...thank you!

Zeke, Rudy, Andy, Ollie, and Darryl got rejected from Courtney's play, so Gene and Louise are casting for them to get the roll of the play, but due to Gene's competitive spirit and judging skills, looks like Gene is doing the play by his own. The one man show, said Louise, probably the hardest thing to do when your an actor. 

Also, where's Tina at a time like this?

Wait, don't call Tina a traitor, even though she betrayed Gene and Louise for Courtney's play, we got a explanation of the reason why Tina wants to audition, and one reason only...Jimmy Jr.'s butt, the booty.

With two plays, come competition, even though it's competition, like Capitalism, you have to take down the competition. Let's say Gene's 'Die Hard' musical is one company and Courtney's 'Work Trying' (please correct the title) is the other company. Louise told the entire audience to ditch Courtney's play and head over to Gene's play in the Boiler Room, despite the small space and heat. 

That's where we left off from the beginning with the feud. Frond calling off the play is a bit messed up and cruel. I'm a supporter of the arts and let's face it, that bull. But then came Gene saving the day when he told Courtney to combine both plays into one. Yes, there comes a time when you had to help out your ex at a time of need.

And then the most important part of the episode, the combined musical. What do I think about the musical? 

I mean the school doing their parts, Gene and Courtney share a number...

...Tina and Jimmy Jr.'s Dance Number...

...Even Louise rocking out with a blond wig. Which she has to take off her hat, put the wig on, and put the hat back.

And of course, at the end when Bob talked to superstar Carly Simon, who made an surprising cameo. Who knew from the gal who wrote the song for this episode. Wait, maybe I misread that wrong. Yeah, I could be wrong.

Reaction/Thoughts: What do I think about this episode? Well, like the first episode of the new season like Gravity Falls or Doctor Who, Bob's Burgers is now going on strong. The return of Courtney Wheeler is a bit surprising to me since Season 3, but not getting back together with Gene. But the kiss at the play, when Courtney said to Gene that the kiss was not in the script, it questions me that if they could get back together. But the answer is a big fat no on going back together.

And also had to talk about Tina and Jimmy Jr. on the start of the 4th half, that's a bit too far, you're both 13...or 14. Tina's 13, but I don't know Jimmy Jr.'s age, maybe 14. Ah, I'm getting a lot of hate for this.

But all and all, I think this is a pretty good episode. I give this episode...

...9.5 out of 10. But anyway, Next Week...there's no new episode, according to my guide from my cable provider. I could be wrong though. I'll wait till a plot synopsis comes out. But until then, I'll see you then! Have a good week everyone!