Sunday, October 05, 2014

Review: Doctor Who Series 8, Episode 7: The Moon Abortion Controversy. The Series mentioned Tumblr!!!

On this week's episode of Doctor Who, The Doctor, along with Clara and Courtney, heads to the Moon with astronauts all while spiders invade from inside the moon. Yeah, if you're a fan of the show and have a fear of spiders, this episode was not made for you. Happy October from the Doctor Who Fandom!!!

The plot of the episode this week is on spiders invading the Moon in the year 2049, which is right now, not hoping what we are hoping for. I mean of course, 2049 is just 10 years away from 2059 when the 10th Doctor saved people from Mars, thinking that time can be rewritten but instead he fucked up big time. Yeah...the future can be pretty scary.

This episode made some references withing our lives in the 21st century including some important topics, and one of the topic that was important was featured when found out that the Moon was an egg and had to destroy it is 'Abortion'. Some people were Pro-Choice, some were Pro-Life and on this week's episode seems a bit of both. Don't know if this could be the most controversial episode of the year or the series, but The Moon as an Egg? I'm a bit confused right now. 

Another reference is the Tumblr reference on Doctor Who.

Okay, calm yo tits. Which would be the message after the fandom heard it from Clara talking to Courtney. The tag was flooded with expressions after hearing Tumblr on the show this week and they were excited. However, I saw the posts and noticed that the Mobile Version looks a bit changed. Looks a bit like Instagram or Google+, but who cares, the show mentioned us!!!

Who knew Tumblr is still around in 2049. At least it's not Twitter...

The spiders are the antagonists of the episode and like I said at the beginning, if you or a loved one watched this episode and have arachnophobia, this episode is not suited for you. This episode is on the outlook of the space spiders, are they spiders? Are they parasites? What ever it is...KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!

The Moon crumbles away turned into dragon? NASA better had to explaining to this. After Clara, Courtney, and Ludvik escape the Moon into the Earth and watched the Moon crumble...then the Moon becomes new again. They escaped the Moon following adding a bomb into the Moon, but stopped. See, this is why I don't get Space Science. Seems confusing.

But the major point of this episode is Clara telling The Doctor to back off. This is one side of Jenna Coleman that the fandom haven't seen for awhile. And she even told The Doctor that he wasn't helping at this time of need when the Moon was about to hatch. There some rumors since Series 8 started is that Jenna Coleman is leaving the show at Christmas, and look what happened, the meter is heading towards an all time high. Meaning that when Clara told The Doctor off and tell him to leave Earth, the possibility of Clara leaving the TARDIS for good has risen to a 30% chance. 

Reaction/Thoughts: What do I think about this episode? Well, I think it's a well matter episode full of references, controversy, and drama at the end. The Moon as an egg was a bit confusing for me due to straight that the fandom just bumped the 'How the Moon was made' topic to the weird category, don't tell your science teacher that. Clara telling The Doctor off after not helping them and run off on The Moon was a bit a complicated, but it's nice to see a companion tell The Doctor, Hurtful, but yet well made. I give this episode...

...a 7 out of 10. Next Week episode's is Mummies on the Train, Space Train that is! Looks like Doctor Who is taking Halloween a bit too seriously. But that's how the fandom roll. We'll see you then!!!