Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Bob's Burgers Season 6, Episode 6 Review - Dinner for Too Many

After a 2 month hiatus, not to mention a schedule push thanks to football, which, please don’t do it again next year, network execs, we are back, bitches! In this week’s episode of Bob’s Burgers, the Belchers throw a dinner party for Bob’s new friend while Louise is on a mission to break Mr. Frond and Gayle apart following a feud. This is my spoilerific review of “The Cook, The Steve, The Gayle, and Her Lover”.

First off...yeah, gotta talk about the hiatus we faced. We were off for 2 months, with “Nice-capades” being the last episode to air because, you know, Christmas in November. And of course, thought we’re going to return Last Sunday, but got pushed because two teams decided to duke it out in Primetime, and we’re not talking about the debate. It’s nice to see the episode again after a two month and two week hiatus but it looks like this will be the only episode to air in the season because we’re going to be on hiatus again.

Yep, heading back to the waiting room after the last hiatus, now you know how both the Gravity Falls and Steven Universe fandom feels. And this will be the only time you’ll see me doing the Bob’s Burgers review for this month only till February. January 24, Football. January 31, Grease...even though I don’t watch the movie...please don’t kill me, moviegoers. February 7, of course, the Super Bowl even though it’ll be airing on CBS. So we don’t come back till the 14th, which is Valentine’s Day. Unless changes happens during the break. So yeah, got to get that away. So let’s head to the review before you head off and bash your head to the nearest wall.

We started 2016 for Bob’s Burgers with...Louise in Frond’s office...oh Louise. Yeah, Louise landed herself to Mr. Frond’s office for bringing a grabber to the school. But this isn’t the first time Louise landed herself to Frond’s office for disorderly conduct, she pulled a fake eye prank in the gym when the ball hit her in the face and brought a pinata to the school.

A pinata!!! Anyway, Frond give Louise detention, which to Louise, predictable because I’m guessing she’s been in detention way too many times. And that’s where she gets really upset when Frond confiscated her grabber to his bag.

Yeah, she got really upset over this, and Tina warned her about this when she entered the restaurant. It’s like Tina is looking after Louise to not fall into a dangerous path. Either that or I’ve been checking on the Democratic Debate a bit too much.

We got to introduce to Steve, which is Bob’s guest of honor in this week’s episode when putting on the dinner party. I mean, he just met the guy and now he wants to throw a special occasion? This is going pretty fast here, man. You just know the guy. And of course, got to talk about the guy’s appearance. Because the guy dress up like Indiana Jones, even though he denied that because he’s an archaeologist. For a second there, I though he’s just dresses up like that he’s either a Indiana Jones or a Harrison Ford fan because if Steve is a Harrison Ford, then it’s gonna suck for him because in the new Star Wars, his character...

Okay, my supervisor tells me that I’m not allowed to give away spoilers to people who haven’t seen the movie. And that’s I’m allowed to give away spoilers to this episode only. So’ve been warned. Or I’ve been warned. Whatever direction this will take. Anyway, is it me or the friendship between Bob and Steve is taking it to another direction because it almost feels like Bob is hitting on the guy, even though Bob’s already married to Linda and Steve’s recently got divorced. I have nothing against this. I mean, there is a possibility that Bob is 100% Bisexual or Pansexual. Even though the guys at Cartoon Hangover declared Bob as a Bisexual. He is “Mostly Straight”, revealed in the 2013 Thanksgiving Special, which to me...Bi-curious. He’s Bi-curious. No questions asked.

We also got to meet Steve’s son, Zander, who is a 10 year old...crushing on Tina.

Okay...let’s talk about this. It’s not even a full month into the new year and already...THIS happens. Why in the Holy Name of...The Doctor...would you make another boy fall in love with Tina, not to mention...bringing in the BULLSHIT known as the pairing debate! Darryl, Zeke, Jordan! 2015 has been a major problem for the TinaJJ shippers. We thought we left the bullshit behind us...but NOOOO!!! This has to follow to FUCKING 2016!!! *sigh* You people have issues man. If this keep on happening in 2016, I will have Drake’s “Back to Back” on stand by if this keeps on going. Like I said in my “Land Ship” review, this ship needs to be canon as soon as possible by the time Season 6 comes to an end in the late Spring so we can end this already!!! Okay, rant over because Tina is not interested in him but Zander will stop at nothing till he steal Tina’s heart. And speaking of stealing, we found out that Zander steals stuff because...yeah, growing up in a divorced family can really have an impact to the child. And of course, in the duration of the episode, he steals some stuff in the house without anyone noticing. Man, this child need to be monitored.

Of course, the spotlight of the episode, without a doubt is these two love birds...

Yep, Frond and Gayle. We know that these two were a couple in “Gayle Makin’ Bob Sled” and in this episode...Gayle told the family that she’s bringing in a special someone, which is revealed to be Mr. Frond. Something tells me this episode is before the events of “Gayle Makin’ Bob Sled”, I’m not sure because I think we follow by Production Code, which you see in my Rating and Information Graphic. God, these two are very confusing as a couple. Help me out here, people.

You’re not helping, Oprah. Anyway, the family is happy for Gayle for finding the right guy...all except for Louise, who just went into Frond’s office earlier this episode. And it looks like it’s up to Louise to break these two up, and of course, had to bring Tina and Gene along to the ride. Even if it means sabotaging the dinner party.

The part where Tina sings a song in Spanish...I’m kinda torn on this. I mean, on one side, I want to laugh my ass off, but on the other side, maybe offended because of how Tina pronounce things in Spanish and I’m Hispanic born in the United States. But then again, my Spanish is awful, despite that I took Spanish Class for my Junior and Senior Year. It was mandatory, okay. But of course, this plan is a bust and it looks like Louise is going into Phase Two. Also, since when Tina is taking Spanish? Looks like we’ll never know.

And it looks like Phase Two is the doll that Frond made for Gayle to celebrate their second date made out of his dead grandmother’s shawl...okay. Louise found the perfect opportunity, along with finally retrieving her grabber, to lock the doll away in her room until finding out before cutting off to commercial that the doll is stolen. Heads to her room to find the doll, only to found out that it was missing. And guess who stole it?

Zander. Of course. Which is kinda surprising that Louise didn’t even noticed that Zander went to her room to take the doll away. So I’m guessing Zander is the third person in the series who went into Louise’s room, with the two being Teddy and Jessica. Anyway, Zander stepped the doll into the sewer, which to Louise, is fine because she’ll say that Zander did it, which in order for Zander to confess, he wants a kiss from Tina, which again, bullshit. But the person who sees bullshit right now, Tina. The girl broke Louise like it was nothing when Louise tried to frame Zander, even though he took the doll from Louise’s room, even though Louise took the doll from Frond’s bag! I mean, look at Tina’s facial expression...

Okay, stop it.


Okay, fine!!! Man, it’s like Tina’s expression is staring at the face of god. Good luck sleeping tonight, kids. Anyway, thanks to Tina’s consent staring...

...stop it! Louise got the family attention by getting the doll out of the sewer that Zander stepped into and gives the doll to Gayle who loved it so much, she didn’t care that it was covered with trash...that’s unsanitary, man.

Of course, gotta talk about Teddy. Dude don’t like the idea of Bob bringing Steve into his life. Afraid that he’s gonna be replaced. So much that he hasn’t appeared in the duration of the episode except for the beginning and the ending. Of course, his jealousy faded away when he helped Bob to not lose Steve. And it worked. It’s like his jealousy has dropped from 100 to 0 in just one episode. Yay, the three amigos! Okay, four because...Mort.

So what do I think about...wait, there’s another thing to discuss in this episode...

Tina wearing a retainer. Since when she wears a retainer? Because, this was surprisingly popped out of nowhere when Zander steals her retainer, yet again, boundaries. Of course, this could the retainer that Gene found behind the counter in Season 3’s “The Deepening”, but then again, maybe not. So this look like this mystery will never be solved.

Reaction/Thoughts: So what do I think about this week’s episode of Bob’s Burgers? I think it’s a pretty good one to start off the new year. When it comes to the continuity between the events of this episode and “Gayle Makin’ Bob Sled”, It’s confusing but of course, I think we have to follow the production code of the episode, I don’t know how the whole timeline in this works. Something tells me that this episode is way before the Thanksgiving Special because in this episode, the Belcher family did not know that Frond and Gayle are dating but in the episode, “Gayle Makin’ Bob Sled”, the family knows about this. I don’t know how the whole continuity thing works here in the Bob’s Burgers fandom, but I think we got how Frond and Gayle came to be...sort of? Of course, gotta talk about Bob, tried to impress his new friend with a pot roast dinner party...that lead him to the bathroom. I mean, Bob worked really hard to impress the guy and hoping nothing goes wrong...well if you have a daughter who tries to sabotage your sister-in-law’s chances of finding love at her second date on the same night as your dinner party. Zander...oh boy...this boy will have no chance of winning Tina’s heart, even if he comes back, and I hope he doesn’t, zero chance, man. Time to pack your bags. His character overall...I mean, I have nothing against children who live in a divorced family, but this, I don’t know what to say but Zander kinda annoys me, mainly because he’s acting a bit like a creep around Tina. Not to mention, steals stuff without anyone noticing. Still kinda surprised that Louise didn’t know that Zander went into her room. Let’s also mention Tina’s Spanish...again, I’m torn on this, whether I should laugh or be offended on this? People like the song, so I have nothing against this. So all and all, I think this episode is the perfect start for the fandom for 2016, seems a tad predictable, but it’s a good one to watch for the people who have been waiting for two months and three weeks for a new episode. I give “The Cook, The Steve, The Gayle, and Her Lover”...

...a 9 out of 10. Like I said, this is a very good episode, perfect start of the year for the fandom and I gotta say, this episode doesn’t disappoint me and just be thankful we don’t head back to THAT again. But anyway, no new episode next week due to football or the week after that or the week after that, but tune in February 14 for our third Valentine’s Day Special where Gene and Courtney host the morning announcements but will their romantic history interfere with their jobs? Looks like we’re to wait and see in the Seventh Episode of Season Six, “The Gene and Courtney Show”. So that’s it for me, and I’ll see you guys later.