Thursday, January 14, 2016

Adventure Time Season 7, Episode 19 Review - Stop Motion Killer of a Storm

Day 4 of the week of New Adventure Time and we got to see the Stop Motion episode that been announced in Comic-Con last year and now, here it is. So in this stop-motion episode of Adventure Time, Finn, Jake, BMO, and LSP prepared themselves to face a serious storm incoming their way. This is my spolierific review of “Bad Jubies”.

Of course, since the animation in this episode is different, that means you might see me saying some odd or bad about the different animation that we got. And I gotta say, unlike the three past episodes, I like this guest animation better than these three combined. No hating on the main animation here but man, the animators must really did their best to make the episode happen. But that’s enough about the animation, let’s talk about the plot.

The plot of the episode is of course about Finn, Jake, BMO, and LSP trying to prepare themselves for an incoming storm that looks like it’s coming from “The Day After Tomorrow”. Yeah, you call it Bad Jubies, I call it Global Warming. Tell that to any politician in charge. Anyway, as Finn, BMO, and LSP prepare for the imminent storm, Jake stared at the sky, thinking something and that’s something we got to talk about.

Apparently, while Finn, BMO, and LSP prepping themselves to face the storm, it’s like he’s one with nature with animals all around him but scared away when BMO came in then LSP when telling him that he didn’t help out with the preparation of the storm, but Jake uses an excuse to get out of a situation, which lead to the near end of the episode to find out that what Jake was working on are good vibes, meaning that the killer storm that been threatening the Land of Ooo are bad vibes. Look at that, positive vibes beat negative vibes. And not because the writer of the episode was listening to Pharrell’s “Happy”. Trust me on this, people.

The design of the bunker is not what the blueprints the gang made...not like what the blueprint would have imagine, reality not exception. Luckily, it’s underground, so they’re safe. Because after LSP ate all the food rations (despite that the food expired about almost 30 years ago) and the cans and bags blew away to the outside, BMO got mad at Finn for not sealing the hole completely. I mean...who uses wood to seal up the hole? I mean, take it from me, a guy who pay attention to the weather, that if the storm has wind speeds, over 110 mph have a hole. And that’s from the EF Scale of the Tornado Range.

Speaking of tornadoes, the tornado, twin tornadoes to be exact, broke into the bunker, ready to kill a bitch. Voiced by voice actor Kevin Michael Richardson, never forget that voice, that was one heck for a jumpscare for the gang until Jake brings in the positive vibes against the storm, and that’s where the storm recognizes the sound of bird calls that he haven’t heard since he was a little cloud. Dude, you’re a cloud, you pretty much here bird calls everyday. Anyway, Jake got the storm into a positive vibe and hand over the journal that he worked on to be positive for once and that’s where the storm clears out and the Land of Ooo is spared.

Also, can we talk about the part where BMO transmitted the Weather Alert. Because it looked a tad similar to the old local forecast graphics that The Weather Channel used in the 1990s. Yeah, only 90s kids and weather geeks remember this...or search it up on YouTube. And of course, the tone that they use is NOT your typical alert tone that Americans hear every time an emergency is taken place whether it’s a Weather Alert like a Tornado or Severe Thunderstorm or a Civil Defense like a riot or an attack that you’ll have no control of your TV, Phone, Computer, Tablet, or Radio and will transmit you to the White House. If you have AT&T U-verse, you know what I mean. Remember that day, that was crazy. Could be a mishap or maybe NBC really want to get some ratings. Anyway, that tone that they use is not like the same tone you encountered, because in the Wikia, they’re not allowed to use those tones because they might trigger panic for the United States, which is of course, a false alarm. And don’t want the repeat the false alarm mishap from the radio stations in Minnesota and Indiana in 1971. I did my homework on this, kids.

Reaction/Thoughts: So what do I think about this episode of Adventure Time? Out of the four guest animation episodes, this is by far, the best I see in years in this fandom. Nothing trippy, or confusing, or high on LSD, the animators must really did their hard work to put up with this episode. And the plot of the episode seems to not disappoint me...well, LSP kinda dragged it down a bit, but episode’s good. Doesn’t disappoint. Loving the positive vibes that Jake created to bring the calm during the storm the Finn, BMO, and LSP, not to mention, The Storm. And I gotta say, I really love it. But that’s my opinion. So all and all, I give “Bad Jubies”...

...a 9 out of 10. Amazing work coming from Lepore and I really love the animation and the plot of the episode, doesn’t even disappoint at all. But of course, that’s my opinion, what do you think about this episode of Adventure Time, tell me about it in the comments below. And stay tuned tomorrow as we end the week of New Adventure Time episodes with “King’s Ransom”. So that’s it, guys. I’ll see you, later!