Thursday, March 16, 2017

Bob's Burgers Season 7, Episode 12 Review - Gene Belcher and the Candy Factory.

In this week’s episode of Bob’s Burgers, when Gene’s favorite chocolate candy gets a major makeover, with the flavor and look, he takes up to corporate headquarters to get the people behind the candy to change it back. All while Teddy goes all not-so Mission: Impossible with stealing washed up golf balls in what looked like the subplot that the writers are running out of idea when coming up with this episode. In my spoilerific review of the Twelfth Episode of the Seventh Season, titled “Like Gene for Chocolate”.

Still in the string of the levels between “okay” and “fine”, this episode…was a good one…when it comes to the A-plot of the episode. This episode seems felt of a mix bag because while the A-plot of the episode with Gene trying to tell the company behind his favorite candy to change back to its original state was enjoyable, in your opinion, the B-plot of the episode…don’t know if I want to call it questionable, but I would say it was…typical, or in this case, poor. Because although the subplot of the episode with Teddy taking up the golf balls to possibly make some quick cash, and I really like that wild chase scene with Bob and Teddy, but it’s what happened after that occurred. In the last minutes of the episode. It seems that it had been cut off. No ending. It’s like when you noticed you only have five minutes left to finish story writing for your English Class and had to come up with an ending that sadly you know it’s gonna be rushed. Not calling for a Deus Ex Machina eques ending like in “Itty Bitty Ditty Committee”. More like it was felt rushed to end off the subplot. Like what some people say when the Bleach manga series ended back in August of 2016. But all and all, I think it’s a good one, but felt like a mixed bag. So anyway, time to break the episode down.

Episode begins with Gene about to present his presentation for his class for History Diorama Day and…okay…guys…guys…time out. Time out! Can we talk about the image below for a moment here?

Yeah, another Courtney non-speaking cameo. Two in the row this season. Jesus Christ, Writers. Jesus H. Christ. It almost seems like you’re really pushing Courtney to be back into the spotlight. Just because it’s a Gene-centric episode, doesn’t mean you had to put Courtney in the background. It’s not like in the recent Valentine’s Day episode back in February when you see a non-speaking cameo from Courtney, despite that we haven’t seen her face, only see the backside of her. It’s like when we see the Gene subplot of that episode, you were probably thinking that Courtney would play a role like in last year’s Valentine’s Day episode? Well, no. That spotlight been taken by the Lunch Lady. So, if you’re expecting Courtney to come back…don’t expect it in the distant future. Anyway, back to the episode. Gene has presented his presentation for his History Diorama, which is a jab to Ancient Greek architect and his presentation…in a form of various popsicle sticks…

…an unfinished product. Really? Look, I don’t want to judge an 11-year old’s attempts to reconstruct a piece of famous piece of history. But…that looks like if the architect or construction worker has no experience and didn’t read the blueprint before building. Anyway, so after that little presentation, guessing that Gene bombed it so hard, what better way to get through after a hard day of school like eating candy, most importantly, chocolate.

Yep, chocolate. And come on, who doesn’t love the dark, savory, delicious flavor that melts into your mouth the moment you took a bite out of when you’re enjoying your time of piece. Okay, that seems that I’m taking this into the wrong side of the aisle here. Oh god, imagine me doing this review on video, saying what I said earlier with slow music playing in the background. I like to apologize here to bringing it up. You can send your hate mail once I said something that could be cringe-worthy. So anyway, Gene eats the chocolate and we have that one scene that I probably enjoyed that would be…

Gene envisioning himself with the mascot of the chocolate candy that he always eats blasting off into space. It’s like when a child saw something that has something to do with the topic of Space and then boom, that kid now want to become an astronaut. Want to explore into the depths of Space. Oh man, imagine Gene as an astronaut. Can someone do a fan art of what I said. You don’t have to that, but if you want to, that’s fine. Not my call. Of course, before and after that little experience that we just saw, Gene noticed that he now need a refill of the candy and now had to head over to the store to buy more. But little does Gene did not know once entering the store is that his favorite candy has gone through a transition. What do you mean exactly? I mean the chocolate candy that Gene enjoys in the past has got a major makeover. Both the design and possibly the flavor. That’s like, let’s say, chicken nuggets from McDonald’s.

Most recently, in 2016 when McDonald’s make some major changes to their chicken nuggets by making them with 100% white meat chicken with no artificial changes. That the major fast food chain had been working for years. Yet, the design of the box like the design of Gene’s favorite chocolate candy has changed. I’ve been living on this planet for almost 20 years now, and I’ve been through a few changes from my first time eating McDonald’s around I guess the early 2000s to a design change to the box in I think around 2007, 2008 I believe. I think the taste may have changed as well, I’m not sure. Till all the way to last year with another makeover, and it took the ingredients with it. The taste seems a bit different. That’s like what Gene is tasting when trying out the newly looked chocolate candy, a different taste that doesn’t taste like the candy that he used to love. Oh wow, poor Gene. Never to live the day that his favorite stuff in the world, besides music, would had to go into a major change. You could imagine what Gene is thinking at this very moment.

Welp, we broke Gene. Better start reboot him. Don’t worry, he’s fine. It’s just he’s upset that his favorite candy has changed that he has no choice but to file a complaint to the company, in which that failed because the company failed to reply. And that’s where Gene begins to raise the white flag, or was about to when he noticed another opportunity to get the heads to change the decision of making changes to his favorite chocolate candy and that is to go to the tour of the factory and sneak into the office of the guy who owns the company and…not gonna lie but the current boss of the company…

Yeah…looks like someone in his late 20s to early 30s. Anyway, the guy’s name is Ferdinand Spratt and we found out from him in this episode like when we were introduced when Gene sneaked into the room, it revealed that he’s the remaining person with that last name. Or like because he’s the boss, he can whatever he like driving around on that vehicle that can go up and down, probably either don’t know of forgot the name, but of course, you’re the boss, you can do whatever you like.

Of course, that’s not the point, for the most part because the reason Gene is here with Ferdinand is of course, change the design and the taste of his favorite chocolate candy back to its original state. In which, Ferdinand agrees…in like a snap of a finger. But of course, in order to change back, he need to get the guys in suits in the boardroom meeting to agree. So technically, you need a majority vote to let that happen. Whether either to make the people happy or fuck them over. It’s like politics, only with candy. Imagine, the US Department of Candy. Imagine if that was a thing and President Trump picked someone to run the agency who happened to be a dentist. That would be a major low blow to the Republicans. Anyway, so with that now going through, Gene and Ferdinand hang out from what I said earlier with driving around to throwing chewed gum to the windows. Which I feel so sorry for the window washers who had to clean that up. And of course, had to come up with ideas of their own…that included urinals. Yeah…let that sink in because that could end up becoming a thing. Oh, I’m sorry, was a thing because the next day Gene visits Ferdinand over at the factory, the so-called “pee-pee platter” has been turned down. Thank the Lord for that. But also, the idea of changing Gene’s favorite chocolate candy back to its original state has been declined. Which really hurt Gene’s feelings and felt betrayed about this. See, it’s like politics…goddamn it, Democrats. You had one job! So yeah, Gene felt betrayed and of course, his friendship with Ferdinand has been strained and that leads to the following night with Gene lying flat in his face on the couch, feeling sad. Thinking that all hope has lost and began to throw in the towel. That is until Louise come up with a plan to lift Gene’s spirit up by go back to the factory tour, break away from the group, and sneak into the boardroom to get the board members to change the candy back into its original state. So…you told him to do that to raise Gene’s hope up but earlier in the episode, you agree with Gene’s decision to give up? Really? Okay, Louise. Okay. Um…how do you like it if one of your favorite things becomes affected by the change? Come on, file your complaint. It ain’t gonna paint a pretty picture, huh Louise?

So anyway, the next day comes in and it looks like things are going as planned. Louise, Gene, and Tina breaking apart from the factory tour and leads Gene, hiding in a rocket ship cutout and you probably thought the plan is about to fall apart when the Belcher children got caught by the security guard? Actually no, because Louise and Tina got out from it, or in this case, prevented it, when Tina and Louise told the guard that they mistakenly got split away from the group and that’s where the guard led the two back to the group, leaving Gene enough time to get to the boardroom meeting. Without of course, getting caught. Look at that, Gene is pulling Solid Snake? Remember Solid Snake? When Snake sneak into enemy territory and his only way to create, a sneak attack is to use a box as a disguise. Look at that, Metal Gear Solid reference. Only except of course, Gene did reach to his destination.

Of course, Gene’s speech to the boardroom…gotta say, Gene did give it his all to convince his plea to change the look and ingredient of his favorite chocolate. And he uses the boardroom members and their love for candy for an example. You know, to get their attention. To get the majority vote by getting the people’s attention by telling them how they feel. And I’m bringing up politics again because it almost reminded me of a campaign rally that gathered like a boatload of people in attendance and you only listen to that candidate not because he or she is well known, but because of what he or she believes in. What their platform stands that got the people’s attention. Okay, it’s kind of like that but you get the point. And the point is that Gene’s speech got the boardroom into gear and now ready to get his favorite chocolate candy back to original state. And that’s where we end this main plot in a happy note for everyon…

Was…was supposed to get back its original state until it was shot down. What happened?! I thought Gene’s little speech would verbally slap the sense out of the boardroom members and of course, to the factory workers. I don’t know how that would end up getting filibustere…oh wait, that’s right. The cost. Yep, found out getting the candy back into its original state is gonna cost a ton load of cash, so that’s why the idea has been shot down. Sorry Gene. At least you tried…like two…three times. But hey, at least you didn’t give in. So, that’s something. Of course, gotta talk about Linda in this plot of the episode because…

Yeah, from her and the kids’ first time entering the factory to the end of the episode, she’s becoming addicting to candy. Mostly due to the sugar. Yeah, like eating cat food back in “There’s No Business Like Mr. Business’ Business” was a thing. Remember that? Of course, was surprised at the end when after Gene got the boardroom’s attention to change back but failed to get it through due to the cost. Yeah, her teeth turned blue. It’s probably the same when you were a child you once ate a candy that it turned either your teeth or tongue into a different color? Yeah…it’s like that. Also, Linda…you might want to lay off from the sweets. I’m not saying it in a rude way, but it just…you know…it’s unhealthy. Eating way too much sugar can lead to some major health problems, most importantly, diabetes. I’m not telling you to stop eating candy. I’m just…you know, worried about your health. So…I don’t know, eat less. At least…I don’t know, one day a week or two. I’m not a doctor or a nutritionist. Oh yeah, and there’s also tooth decay. Just to throw that in. But anyway, it was an enjoyable plot for the episode. Would want to give the episode a good grade…if it weren’t for the subplot.

I mean, don’t get me wrong here. I like Teddy. I have nothing against Teddy. Would’ve been call it a side character, but his position has changed to main within the latter part of the series. But of course, him picking up washed up golf balls in a golf course…I feel like the writers are seriously running out of ideas here. Or this case, felt kind of rushed. Mostly in the ending of the subplot, oh wait, that wasn’t rushed, it just ended…in point blank…without an end. No conflict resolution. No falling action. No denouement. Like I said in the beginning of the review, it’s like if you have five minutes left to complete your short story essay for class and you had to come up with a shitty ending. I’m not mad, I’m just…you remember in my “Bye Bye Boo Boo” review with the subplot of Bob and Linda getting their plaque because a mobster got shot in the restaurant around the 1920s-1930s and that’s where Jimmy Pesto begins to take that history and makes it his own? Remember how that ended? Yeah…Bob didn’t do anything after calling that Historian to do a reality check to Jimmy, and decided to let him have his fun. Yeah…I been reviewing this series, with a so-called iron fist, for three years now. And I thought that was the worst. But this…if I ever do a parody to the “Everything Wrong with (Blank) in blah, blah, blah”, this subplot could be it. Although…

I do like that little chase scene with Bob and Teddy running away from the guard and his dogs. There were some few laughs. I kinda liked it. Mostly from Teddy thinking that he’s about to get caught while being chased with Bob on the wheel. But…that was the highlight for me in this subplot of the episode. Oh right, gotta explain why Teddy is doing this? Reason why he’s doing this…to make a quick buck by washing the golf balls that hit the water from the golf course and return it to the course…yeah…return the balls that you stole, despite that you were probably thinking that, “It’s not stealing. I’m just gonna take the balls, wash it up good and new, and return it back for a bargain price.” However, yeah, it did not paint a pretty picture for Teddy. Mostly because management want to price it. But Teddy went all, “Hell to the no”, when it comes to that. Saying that why he had to pay the price if he’s the one who is totally risking his life to get the balls out of the water with only a garden hose as a breathing tube. It’s like Teddy is not fucking around when he had to do it. Turning it into a one-man operation. Well, two-man operation because the next day, he told Bob to tag along to do one final job. And he even pressured Bob, well, don’t know if you want it to call it pressure? More like taunting because he called Bob’s place of work a dead-end job. Like what the hell, Teddy?

And of course, the night of the “break in” that lead up to the chase that should’ve ended the subplot in a either good or bad way with Bob tagging to help Teddy. And you can totally see the look in Bob’s face when he saw Teddy putting on padding like he knows the dangers that Bob did NOT know, or this case, didn’t tell Bob about it till as they about to enter through the gate. Yeah…that almost sounded like lazy writing here. Anyway, things were going fine here. You know, they got the balls in the buckets, after a few attempts, mostly on the breathing tube that Bob was carrying, until of course, they got caught and began to ran off, which leads to the chase scene that ended the subplot abruptly. Yeah…put in the comments below to create how this subplot would’ve ended?


So, what do I think about this week’s episode of Bob’s Burgers? Well…I think it was a good episode, well…define “good” because the A-plot of the episode was enjoyable at its best. Do enjoyed that little speech that Gene made that he tried to get the boardroom’s attention to change both the ingredient and the taste of the candy back to its original state. But of course, failed, due to the cost. At least Gene got a happy ending because the B-plot of the episode…it felt rushed, it has no ending. It ended with the chase scene. And although I like that chase scene, I kind of wished the writers would come up with a resolution but even with that…it could end in a poor way, probably in a Deus Ex Machina type of ending that summed up the ending of “Itty Bitty Ditty Committee”. So, in which plot is better in this episode, the A-plot with Gene trying to get the company to change his candy back to its original won that round. Man, this is “Bye Bye Boo Boo” all over again. This is that episode all over again with the A-plot taking all of the glory and the B-plot has taken a trip to Pity Island. It was so bad yet enjoyable, it’s like you got ice cream only to find out that your parents are getting a divorce. Actually no, that’s referring to Adult Swim dropping One Piece. Yeah, it’s “Bye Bye Boo Boo” all over again. It’s like trip down memory, only that you want to forget that the B-plot ever existed. So all and all, I think this episode was a mix bag with a good main plot and a subplot that should’ve ended in a moderate ending. Seriously, make up an ending to that subplot. I don’t care if it ended up in FanFiction or Achieve of Our Own, or Wattpad, or whatever you used to write that ending. I can take that either way. So I give “Like Gene for Chocolate” …

…an 8.5 out of 10. Like I said, the A-plot was enjoyable, do like that scene where Gene slapped the sense out of the boardroom to get his plea going, but got shot down due to money. At least he tried guys. So…proud of you, Gene. Of course, the subplot, the B-plot…would’ve ended if we have the time. It’s like the ending was scraped. Would’ve ended it in a Deus Ex Machina type of way, but uh…ew. So…yeah…I don’t care, make up the ending of the Bob/Teddy golf ball subplot in the comments. And tune in March 19 when Linda chaperones Tina’s weekend, guess in order to get to bond with Tina. All while Bob takes cares of Louise and Gene for the weekend. Well…that should be better than the subplot that we got. In the Thirteenth Episode of the Seventh Season, “The Grand Mama-pest Hotel”. So tell me what you think about the episode? Do you like it? Do you hate it? What do you think about Gene’s little speech that would’ve got the change back to the original state? How do you think the ending of the Bob/Teddy subplot would’ve ended? Tell me what you think in the comments below and I’ll see you guys later.