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Bob's Burgers Season 7, Episode 1 Review - The Flu-zard of Oz | yahoo201027's Bob's Burgers 50th Episode Review.

Hello peoples of the Internet, if you are reading this, you may or may not have been aware, we’re now in the Fall 2016 season, meaning that football’s back, pumpkin spice lattes are in full swing, and the air changes from hot to cool, unless you live in an area where the High Temperatures is either around or above 90 degrees, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Goddamn it, Houston. Anyway, if you haven’t read heard the news from yours truly, keeping on spamming the news on social media, that I’ll be planning to become a water-tarian. Meaning that I’ll be eating water and water alone, so I hope you can respect me and treat me like a normal human being…NAH, I’m just fucking with y’all, This is my 50th Bob’s Burgers Review, so LET’S PARTY, BITCHES!!!

That’s right, the title says it all, this is my 50th Bob’s Burgers episode review, mentioned in my Season 6 Finale Review back in May. And wow…here I am, reaching the mile high point when it comes to the reviews. And…when I reviewed Presto Tina-o back in January of 2014 to the Season 4 Finale a few months later, thought I was gonna cancel it after Season 4, but then I was like…nah, I’m gonna continue it, had to change the platform, add some satire and references of pop culture and current and past events, etc. Etc. Thus, my reviews for the Fifth and Sixth Seasons caught people’s attention…some, four years since the founding and it remains small. And like to thank the people who read my reviews, who some became fans, I’m not gonna name names, And it weren’t for you guys, I wouldn’t reach the magic number. So here to 50 Reviews and let’s hope I can reach to 50 more before hitting the magic number of 100.

I need to get out more, but enough of all that, let’s get the 50th Review started with the Season Premiere of the series and in this week’s episode of Bob’s Burgers, Louise comes down with the flu where things goes down south when a mishap happened, causing Louise to never forgive her family. Which leads her to a dream-like world to amend her wrongful ways. This is my spoilerific review of First Episode of the Seventh Season, entitled, “Flu-ouise.” Seems appropriate since we’re now in the Fall season, meaning that Cold and Flu Season has now arrived. Try not to get sick, folks. A message from your doctor.

This episode was an amazing start to kick off the Seventh Season, not to mention, the 50th Review. Probably one of the best season premiere episodes that I’ve seen since Season 5’s “Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl,” I mean, we got an episode spotlighting on Louise and her actions when she comes down with the flu, after being mad at her family following a simple mishap that includes Louise’s favorite toy, Kuchi Kopi.

Speaking of Kuchi Kopi, the voice actor behind the toy comes back since “Crawl Space,” you know, that scene when Bob was hallucinating while hiding in the crawl space in the building when Linda’s parents visit. Yeah, he’s back, reprising his role as the now deformed Kuchi Kopi when Louise hallucinates herself into an unknown world, her dream world, which leads to a journey to that castle with a few obstacles along the way, which maintained I’m guessing possibly between 50% to 80% or 90% of the episode. And I think I know it reminds of. Yeah, it sort of reminds me of The Wizard of Oz when Dorthy and her dog entered the Land of Oz after being knocked out when the tornado hit the farm. And the pathway to the castle with a few obstacles reminds me of the Yellow Brick Road. And instead of four people, it’s two. Okay, time to get this out of the way so we can move. I have a confession to make, I have never seen the Wizard of Oz. Ever! Now, let me hear this out, don’t press the back button. NO! You, pointing at you, don’t press that fucking backspace button! Your life has meanings in this review. Listen to me for once!

Okay…reason why I said that because I haven’t got the time to watch it. And even if I did have the time, I’ll end up bailing out from watching the movie, possibly during the first scene. That’s the same with The Breakfast Club when I did my “The Runaway Club” review. Only saw some TV shows that parodied the movies. For The Breakfast Club, it’s the Nickelodeon show, Victorious. And now for The Wizard of Oz, it’s Phineas and Ferb. Remember when Phineas and Ferb did a Wizard of Oz parody episode when Candice got knocked out when Phineas and Ferb were trying to clean the house, which leads Candice to a world that looks really similar to the Land of Oz, REALLY similar. Where the fairy, portrayed by Isabella, told Candice to follow the Yellow Brick Road, found and joined by A Scarecrow (Baljeet), A Lion…bear…thing (Buford) and a Tree (Jeremy) where there’s some obstacles along the way, with the Wicked Witch of the West (Doofenshmirtz) trying to get the red rubber boots. Well…this episode is NOT the case. Because there’s no Yellow Brick Road, the weather looks fucking depressing, it’s like my area in the Springtime. Oh, let’s not to mention that instead of Dorothy, the Cowardly Lion, the Tin Min, and the Scarecrow, it’s Louise and a deform Kuchi Kopi.

Of course, it ain’t a Wizard of Oz parody episode without a musical number. NOT one, but SEVEN musical numbers, yes, Seven, I counted at the time of the Live Blogs. And with the musical numbers, come along the introduction of Louise’s dolls coming to life, playing toll booth, telling the two to stay the fuck away from the castle. I mean, what’s something in the castle that the dolls don’t want Louise and Kuchi to come in? Don’t know, but I guess we’ll wait and find out in the latter part of the review. Anyway, we got introduced to the first doll in Louise and Kuchi’s way, a bear named Bakeneko.

Huh…why do I have a feeling I’m back doing a Manga Chapter Review, Bleach ended before the episode came out, by the way. Anyway, Bakeneko is the first stuffed doll to show up in front of Louise and Kuchi, telling them to back away from where they are headed. And I think it’s no surprise who’s playing Bakeneko, it’s H. Jon Benjamin, the voice of Bob. Guessing the voices of her family playing a role as the stuff animals has something to do with Louise’s conscience when getting mad at them for ruining Kuchiki Kopi and told them that she’ll never forgive them for screwing it up. Anyway, we did get a musical number along the way in the journey and we’re now stumbling into the first one when Bakeneko told Louise and Kuchi that everything was fine when the sun was shining, everything was peaceful, and Bakeneko was lying down in his what look like a summer home, trying to work on his tan…then, everything changed when the castle was built. But apparently, for Louise…

Yeah, ain’t nobody got time for that. Because something tells me the force is strong with this one when Louise took down Bakeneko with an oar, down to the water where he has fallen, which leads both Louise and Kuchi to the next area. And well, another obstacle, another blockage, and another musical number coming from a different face, this time, an octopus…trapping Louise and Kuchi Kopi with her tentacles…

*sighs* I’ve seen enough anime to know where this is going. But, that’s not the case in this episode, ha ha ha, some of y’all have a dirty mind though and it makes me sick. What’s wrong with you people?! Anyway, the octopus got Linda’s voice, not to mention, her personality like Linda’s. But of course, also told both Louise and Kuchi to stay away from the castle. But of course…cue the meme…

Ain’t nobody got time for that. And boy, that was something because while the octopus was talking, Louise and Kuchi come up with a plan to escape from the tentacles and distract the octopus by going around all willy-nilly enough to tie the cephalopod and getting out to continue their journey, and holy shit, it worked. They’re finally free from the clutches of the octopus and head off to continue the road to the castle. And I think you may or may not know what happens next do you once Louise and Kuchi exits the forest?

Yep, two more stuffed dolls come in to play, blocking Louise and Kuchi from almost reaching their destination. With both Tina and Gene’s voice and coming in style, riding on jeeps. How fucking sweet is that, you have two stuffed dolls coming in to block Louise and Kuchi from entering the castle, and they ride jeeps like their in a desert expedition or in the military, serving overseas. Anyway, thought they’re gonna sing, guess that count in the Musical Number Count for this episode, both Louise and Kuchi just went all Grand Theft Auto and stole the two jeeps and drove off to the castle, and arrive at the castle they did. But not before closing the door bridge to prevent an angry mob from coming in. Going up to the second floor, look at the window, and told the mob that they can’t get it. Throwing a major fuck you to the mob that they told both her and Kuchi to stay away, and look at that moment later, ignore the warning, beat the bear, octopus, and what ever those last two are, and reached the castle. All that…and no luck finding any coins in a box, or find a mushroom that makes you a foot taller, or a flower that give you fire powers.

But of course…we got another musical number, this time from Louise, so there’s no problem…of course, Kuchi scatting…yeah…something tells me that probably doesn’t fit throughout the song. Besides, there’s only room for one scatman in the entertainment world.

Yep, that title belongs to Scatman John, my friend. Rest in Peace, Scatman John. Yes, he died in 1999. Look it up. Just Google it. Anyway, the song in celebration with Kuchi scatting got briefly interrupted when another Kuchi Kopi comes in. The one that is NOT damaged by Linda’s mishap.

Why does it remind me of Chapter 559? Or Episode 321? Two people of the same name…god, where’s Eminem when you need him? So yeah, we got another Kuchi Kopi in the building, the OG, man. The OG has arrived at the scene. And holy shit…

This looks really conflicting right now for Louise, who’s the real Kuchi Kopi? Who’s the nice one? Who’s the bad one? I mean, it’s like watching a TV show or movie that I can’t think of a name when you are stuck between two people who are the same, even though you found out that the two people who has the same appearance appears to be identical twins. I mean, imagine that what I mentioned made it to the show?

That considered a hypothetical scenario that I created, but something tells me we can afford one violent scene per episode. And yes…

I’m calling the fight between Louise and Bakeneko violent. I mean, the fight with oars as swords…no died though…but holy hell, that was pretty violent to kick off the season. Well…not really, it’s not on TV-14 or 15% of TV-MA, more like TV-PG-V. Anyway…

I did mention the button with the hypothetical scenario, and found out that the button that the undamaged Kuchi Kopi told Louise to press was the button to get out of the dream world, huh, why do I have Over the Garden Wall vibes? Anyway, that button, also found out that if Louise press that button, she will forgive her family for the mishap that caused her to go to the dreamworld. And look at that…more singing.

Look, I have NOTHING against the musical numbers, okay with either one or two numbers, but we got seven songs to kick off the seventh season. We’re not in competition with other shows who has musical numbers in the past like The Simpsons or Adventure Time or Steven Universe. Pretty sure Phineas and Ferb has more than this episode with their musical version of their first episode. I don’t if there’s a record for most musical numbers in an single episode, but if there is such a record, in my book, that episode would be the record holder with this episode coming in second. Anyway, Louise now has to make a decision on her own, does she has to push the button, destroy the castle, and forgive her family for what she did earlier in the episode? Or will she NOT push the button, get stuck in the dreamworld, not forgive her family, and might slip into a flu-like coma? Choose wisely…

Have you made your decision, Louise?

Okay, so the die has cast, Louise chose to press the button. Thanks for playing, everyone! So yeah, Louise has decided to press the button, which leads the castle to crumble down in a earthquake like or demolition like state, which of course, the sun has returned to the dreamworld. Meaning that Louise finally woke up from the dreamworld, 100% flu-free. Which leads to Louise apologizing to the family and of course, getting a new Kuchi Kopi with the old, damaged one being replaced. But we’ll get to that later as we now head to the B-plot of the episode.

While the A-plot of the episode is all about Louise and her road to reconciliation, the B-plot focuses on the family trying to get Louise’s forgiveness by fixing the now-damaged old Kuchi Kopi that Linda dropped into the toilet when picking it up from the bathroom.

Wait…isn’t Louise nine years old and she has to carry a toy to the bathroom? It’s…uh…kind of weird isn’t it. She almost ten years old and she still carries the toy to the bathroom. But then again, she is still a child, plus she did use the toy as a night light. Not like there’s anything wrong with it. I mean, there are some adults who sleep with a night light or with a stuffed animal…but, that’s another discussion for a never time. Anyway, short story short, Linda messed up, the family tried to fix it, but left the oven to dry the wet Kuchi for too long, which lead to it’s deformed state, and that Louise mad that she will never forgive them, which leads Louise to the dreamworld. So after that whole fiasco with the now deformed Kuchi Kopi and Louise now mad at them, they had to call Teddy for fixing the doll that the Belchers accidentally left it for too long. And Teddy’s answer for fixing the doll is to use heat to fix it.

Oh my god…um…yeah, the Belchers tried that with the oven to dry the oven, but because of leaving it too long, it got deformed. The Kuchi Kopi doll is NOT stuffed, it’s plastic. As in, if you leave it that long in the high heat, it will either be deformed or one of it’s limbs will melt away. Now with Teddy using the heater of his own, a hairdryer…

Yeah…that failed too and made the situation even worse. Yeah…something tells me that heat and plastic. Or something…I don’t know, I’m not a scientist. I’m NOT Bill Nye. Okay, so after the attempts to fix the damaged Kuchi Kopi failed, that leaves the Belchers and Teddy to get into drastic measures to gain back Louise’s respect, they had to get a new Kuchi Kopi to replace the deformed, damaged one. However, that’s maybe impossible because it is late at night and stores are all but closed at night. Well, the next scene we’re going is not one of them.

Yep, Bob and Teddy visited the store that was supposed to be closed for the night, but since this was an emergency, the owner, who is wearing in his robe, the store to open to get Louise a new Kuchi Kopi. And I want to describe the store for a moment, this isn’t your typical toy store, feel like coming in through a store with stuff that is full of collectibles and fandom merchandise, like a comic book store or in this case, an outlet store in a mall like Hot Topic or BoxLunch. Or in this case, the closest to one of those two. Anyway, only to get the Kuchi Kopi doll for Louise is to get through story time. Yes, Bob and Teddy had to get through story time in order to get the toy. That’s like getting through just one social event without causing mayhem in order to earn an award…no…wrong analogy to think of…okay, what about getting a gold star if you behave well in class, yeah, that’s perfect to think of. Anyway, really love the B-plot because it shows that the Belchers are trying their best to get the replacement Kuchi Kopi to gain back Louise’s respect following Linda’s mishap with the toilet and the rest of the family’s mishap when leaving the drying process a tad too long. However…there’s one major flaw in this week’s episode, revolving around the very scene I just mentioned when Bob and Teddy had to get through story time. Guess what it is?

Okay, the screencap gave it away, it’s that one concern parent at the door, asking for the owner to come in to get another toy for her child, the same thing as what the Belchers are dealing with and guess who voiced the parent in this week’s episode? That’s right, Comedian Amy Schumer guest stars in this week’s episode and…okay, 20th Century Fox, if you’re reading this right now, this is concerning around the promotion concerning around this episode of Bob’s Burgers, not to mention The Simpsons and Family Guy not too long ago when finding out that Amy Schumer would guest star. And…you guys are just promoting Amy Schumer and Schumer herself, and she only a cameo in these episodes for the season premiere, whether it’s the parent that I mentioned in Bob’s Burgers, or Mr. Burns’ mom in The Simpsons, or that female construction worker in one of the cutaway gags in Family Guy. That’s not guest staring, that’s making a cameo. And don’t get me started with the whole “uninformed” comment around Hillary Clinton. I mean, I don’t Trump in the White House because he’s a con artist, a racist, a sexist, and a dumbass. And I am for a woman president, but I will not vote for Hillary Clinton in November. I will vote for Jill Stein, the other woman running and the only progressive running. At least she’s honest. At least she cares on the issues that been going in America right now. You don’t own my vote. I am voting for my conscience, not fear because of the whole two-party bullshit of a system. Okay…that’s enough of me ranting, and I know I’m so gonna get hate mail once the review is over with. God, I just can’t wait till the election is over with in just two months. So we can put this to rest. Sooner or later, I’ll had to step in to the ring or in this case, bring Abraham Lincoln or George Washington back from the dead.

Anyway, Bob and Teddy finally got the new Kuchi Kopi as Bob driving Teddy home, and of course, I sense a connection with delivering the new toy with the two Kuchi Kopis we see when see the undamaged Kuchi Kopi coming in, interrupting both Louise and the damaged Kuchi Kopi’s Lion King of a victory song.

Anyway, we now head back to the reconciliation scene with Louise, waking up from the dreamworld, now feeling better, her flu is gone, and now noticing the switch with Louise holding the new Kuchi Kopi with the family taking the old, damaged Kuchi Kopi away. And it’s really sweet for Louise to finally amend her wrongful ways when telling the family that she will never forgive them for what they did and now that she apologizes, Louise’s trust in her family has regained. And let’s face it, Louise is an emotionally attached character, she has her ways, and even though she can be mischievous and demeaning, she can apologetic and whenever she like apologizes or something, it feels like a flock of birds that represent the feels attack you in one fatal swoop, The only other characters who are emotionally attached I can think of is Amethyst from Steven Universe and Sasuke from Naruto. Of course, when Louise apologizes to the family, talking about her flu-like dreams that she has to encounter, the family still think that it’s the flu talking, because you know, when you have the flu, you can have some hallucination that some people don’t even know what the hell you’re talking about. Which leads to the Belchers time to give Louise some medicine, which…she’ll might spit it out or throw it away. Yeah…remember kids, if you don’t want to get sick and end up hallucinate yourself in a dream-like state, be healthy, eat healthy, and carry a bottle of Germ-X hand sanitizers. Or get a flu shot, I don’t care which.


So what do I think about this week’s episode of Bob’s Burgers? Well, this is an amazing episode and an amazing way to kick off the Seventh Season, probably better than the First Episode of the Fifth Season. And this episode is one huge musical episode, mainly because, and I did count during the Live Blogs over at Tumblr, seven musical numbers in one episode. Possibly a record for the series. Overall in my book, a close second. Like I said, we’re not in a competition to see which series has a lot of musicals. We’re not trying to make it on Broadway. This is not Hamilton. Anyway, both the A-plot and the B-plots are enjoyable in this week’s episode. Really love the idea of Louise taking a journey to lead her way to the castle, of course had to take on some obstacles along the way, only to find another Kuchi Kopi, the undamaged, brand-new one on one side and the damaged, old Kuchi Kopi that Louise traveled with on the other. Which leads to her pushing the button and of course, has to apologize to her family. Really enjoyed to have Bob, Linda, Gene, and Tina’s voices to play Louise’s stuffed animals as Louise and Kuchi had to get to the castle, but has to get through them first, quoting freaking Gandolf with the whole “You Shall Not Pass” ordeal, but you know Louise, not taking any chances and just go for it, beating Bakeneko with the oar, tying the octopus up while distracting, and just carjacked the two monster dolls to the castle. The B-plot is also enjoyable as well with the Belchers, with the help of Teddy, trying to fix the situation that Linda has created when dropped the Kuchi Kopi to the toilet, by drying it in the oven, but…that didn’t work because they left the oven for too long, which leads to the old doll deformed. Teddy tried to help by using heat, but I guess that didn’t work as well. Which leads to Bob and Teddy on the road to get a new one. At least they tried. So…pat on the back, get a gold star for trying. Of course, the Amy Schumer character thing was the one major flaw in this week’s episode and I don’t want to repeat the rant I just did. So we’ll leave it at that. And oh boy, for the 50th Review, this is the longest worded review I have ever done. Feels like writing a term paper that make you want to write at least 10 or 15 pages, this take 8-9 pages in just 2-3 days, hours after the episode was done premiering. So all and all, I think episode is the perfect start to kick off the Seventh Season, making the beginning of Season 5 look like a cheap gimmick. So I give “Flu-ouise”…

…a 9.5 out of 10. Like I said, perfect way to kick off the season and of course, the perfect episode to do the 50th Episode Review and I want to say thank you, the fans, for getting me through this, all the way to this very review. And let’s go reach 100 reviews…as long as I don’t kill self-esteem or social life. But anyway, no episode next week, October 2nd, but tune October 9th when we rock the boat…let’s hope the upcoming episode don’t end up like the Titanic. In the Second Episode of the Seventh Season, entitled “Sea Me Now.” And I just realized we’re sharing the night with the Second Presidential Debate between Clinton and Trump…yay in a weak way.

But before we end the review, time to play a new game that I think of during the Summer months called, “Where the Hell is Jessica?” She is looking for Rey’s parents? Is she training for the 2018 Winter Olympics? Or is she looking for the nearing Waffle House? Funniest Comment that made laugh whether in the comments, in my Tumblr inbox, direct message me on Twitter, or comment on one of my Instagram posts, will be featured in the next review. And speaking of comments, leave me a comment if you enjoy the episode. Do you enjoy this week’s episode? How do you think how Season 7 will go after this episode? We’ll we see more musical numbers in the future? And do you think Louise is an emotionally attached character. Tell me, along with your answer to the “Where the Hell is Jessica” answer in the comments below and I’ll see you guys later. We’re back bitches, woo!

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