Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Bob's Burgers Season 6, Episode 16 Review - The Boyz are Breaking Up.

In this week’s episode of Bob’s Burgers, after hearing that Boo Boo from Boyz 4 Now is exiting from the group, Louise signs up to get Tina a chance to meet the now solo artist...

All while a piece of history is about to tear the Belchers and Pestos apart after being found. This is my spoilerific review of “Bye Bye Boo Boo.”

So this episode took a major jab to the music industry, mostly on the topic when it comes to the breakup of a certain music groups. And this week is that one example because in this episode, the band Boyz 4 Now is now the Boyz are NO MORE when Boo Boo, the youngest member in the group, decided to break out to do a solo career. And of course, when it comes to the news of a member of a popular music group exiting the scene, you get the fan reaction to this. And it’s not pretty, believe me. I guess the only thing I can compare to this episode is when the fangirls went all out sadistic when a member of the certain popular music group left the scene. Unless you didn’t know, back in March 2015, One Direction member, oof...I mean FORMER One Direction member Zayn Malik announced that he’ll be leaving the band. And that caused the 1D fandom to explode with anger and tears. So much, and this is true, that fans had to ask President Obama on Twitter on why he wasn’t responded to the whole thing. Like, how is this a national issue? We got things that are more important more than this, like the war, the economy, the environment. I mean, I like to see ONE 2016 Presidential Candidate to talk about this issue on Zayn leaving 1D. I’ll leave you a photo link in the text below.

And besides 1D in the whole “Breakout” topic, it’s the past bands that also got a saying like when Justin Timberlake leaving N’Sync or Beyonce leaving Destiny’s Child and what happened to them after leaving? Major success in the music industry. And it could work out the same way for Boo Boo...if his life don’t go way south enough to create problems for the fanbase. We don’t want a Justin Bieber incident to this guy.

Of course, we got continuity in this episode with Louise still crushing on Boo Boo and trying to deny it following her first concert back in Season 3. And she tried it so hard to keep it in secret from everyone to find out. Everyone...except for Tina. I mean, it was pretty obvious for Tina to found out about Louise’s little crush because she was in the concert with Louise, even though Louise was forced to do so. Who remembers that episode? Come on, it just cannot just be me? For more on that, I’ll get 2013 me to the spotlight. Take it away, 2013 me!

Oh yeah...forgot about that. Because to tell you the truth, I was NOT in the fandom back in 2013. I wasn’t in the fandom till a year later. And besides, not the first time a character that Kristen Schaal voiced is obsessed with a boy band member. Remember in the Season 1 episode of Gravity Falls named “Boyz Crazy” where Mabel, a character that Schaal also voiced, gone boyz crazy when she kept the boy band that she liked all to herself. This is nothing like that in this episode in this series. Anyway, Louise, with the help of Tina, Gene, Andy, and Ollie, now signed up to win a chance to meeting the now former member of Boyz 4 Now by getting every signature on the clipboard but with one thing to worry about, and that is not letting the Boyz 4 Now fan club to find out about this.

That’s right, before the whole fiasco took place, the fan club decided that they are calling for a boycott on all Boo Boo merchandise till he crawls back to the band and reunify. Or in this case for a title of the whole boycott, “Boyz 4 Now or Bust.” Everyone except for Louise agreed to the idea of boycotting the sales in products and tickets during the meeting...well...not just Louise because another member in that same fan club, surprising that it’s a dude, not that’s anything wrong with that, don’t like the idea of boycotting. I mean, the Boyz 4 Now fan club is like the Republican Party right now with Trump now becoming the presumptive nominee, they don’t want to support Trump, but you have some others supporting him in the General Election. Same goes to N’snyc fans when Justin Timberlake left the group or with Destiny’s Child fans when Beyonce left the group. Of course, with Tina now helping Louise to get the signatures, the leader of the fan club, Kristy, kicked Tina out just for supporting Boo Boo, just for entering the contest that Louise signed up to meet the exiting member. I mean I get, you want boycott, that’s fine. You want to support, that’s fine as well. Don’t get me involved in shit that could ruin relationships and pissing off certain groups. I don’t play with that...yet.

And then there’s the downside in all of this, competition. So what we know from Robin, the guy in the fan club, tells the gang that Kristy and the rest of the Fan Club has signed themselves up for the contest, not to meet Boo Boo, but to vomit on him on the roller coaster ride. And to make things worse, she’s one step ahead to winning the contest. With the help of her dad of course. Meaning that Louise and the gang now had to get the signatures before Kristy and the fan club does before the day of contest. And well, the only way to win the contest and a chance to meet Boo Boo is to pretend that signing a petition. A petition to save the whales! Yes, nothing says going green like pretending to give a shit just to win a contest. You know we have the internet for that, right? not try this at home, kids. Anyway, Louise, Tina, Gene, Andy, Ollie, and Robin got the most signatures in the last minute but it was too late because Kristy and the rest of the fan club has already won the contest meaning that their plan is going as plan as they meet the exiting member of the Boyz 4 Now group and had to ride with him in order to vomit on him. In which Louise tried to tell Boo Boo to warn him that they’ll be puking on him but no luck in the first and second try because of security blocking her way. Thought that she some sort of crazed fan, we remember when Louise slapped Boo Boo in the face when a boarding the tour bus.

Of course, like I said, if you boycott shit, that’s fine. If you want to support it, that’s fine as well. That’s what Louise was saying to everyone in the crowd when she spilled the beans about her obsession with Boo Boo. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with confessing about something that you are obsessed with. It doesn’t make you a bad person. We’re all human here, there’s nothing to be afraid of. I mean for Louise to confess her love for Boo Boo, at 9 years old, isn’t she way too young to be ready for the romance stuff? Well...she is, but there’s nothing with love at a young age. We all had childhood crushes back in the day, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Including myself, which I will NEVER tell you about it. Also, it was kind of hilarious that Louise slapped Boo Boo again after the guy not noticing their last encounter. After the slapping, he was glad to meet Louise again. I mean, for a second there, I thought he’s gonna say, “Oh hey, you’re the girl who slapped me back in the tour bus. You’re not gonna slap me again, are you?” Don’t worry guys, no charges were made in the making of this episode. But there were some vomit, so there’s that.

The B-plot of the I have to say it over and over again? It’s not that good. It’s going nowhere. So what the B-plot of this episode about? Fighting over a piece of history. This should be exciting because as a guy who is good at Social Studies, this topic should interesting for my expertise to tackle. A historian spotted a booth at the Bob’s Burgers restaurant with the historian noticing a booth that he thinks that a mobster got shot while eating a steak. That because the booth IS the place where mobster got shot in 1931. And this is during the time of Prohibition (and the Great Depression), so I guess he got shot by a rival gang because during that time, multiple mob gangs rule the city with an iron fist (and a rifle). Here’s a little history lesson about prohibition and the rise of mobsters.

History Lesson 101: Prohibition

The 18th Amendment, better known as prohibition, was passed and became law at the height of the 1920s where lawmakers ban alcohol and alcohol sales in a way to reduce alcohol related crime like domestic abuse. Thought the ban on alcohol was going to reduce crime across the country. However, that backfired because instead of reducing the crime rate, it raised to the roof. You have speakeasies coming out of nowhere where owners of those places smuggling alcohol to people who are really desperate for a drink. And with the rise of crime, comes organized criminal groups like the mafia in the Northern States in cities like New York and Chicago with the most famous mob boss in US History, Al Capone. Where does this connect with the B-plot of the episode? You have rival gangs where if you were in their footsteps, you ain’t getting out, you just shot and die by a gang that is rivaling your own. Anyway, with the rise of the organized crime and the downfall of the US economy following the Stock Market crash that created the Great Depression, lawmakers made a huge ass mistake and created the 21st Amendment where the sale of alcohol becomes legal again, which lead to the age limit of drinking, which here in the United States, is the age of 21. Hence, the 21st Amendment.

Bob and Linda finally got the restaurant some recognition with a plaque mailing to them, everyone except for Jimmy Pesto who has copied that historical day by making it up. I mean, who has the balls to make up a piece of history that already occurred once?! Well if you make up a holiday, that’s...your problem. Anyway, with Pesto now copying what the Belchers did to receive the plaque, Bob and Linda has to draw the people to their side, where the real history took place. But the people only care of what Pesto said because, why not? Which of course, lead to the pair calling for the historian to come in and seal the deal about the whole brew haha that been taken place. But however...

When that historian came in with the Belchers at the Pestos, Bob sees Jimmy really happy and want to forget about the whole thing...are you serious? I can’t...I have to keep it 100 here folks, but in my own words, this is probably the worst B-plot I have ever seen as a reviewer. And I seen worse in the past I said, this B-plot has gone nowhere. And here’s something I have to say about this season, so far this season, the focus for this season is on the kids rather than the adults, with the exception of “Gayle Makin’ Bob Sled,” “Sexy Dance Healing,” and “Sacred Couch.” And those A-plots are actually better then the B-plot. Is like the writers behind the episodes are like running out of time and didn’t make up with a good ending. I’m just keeping it 100 here. Let’s hope next episode don’t screw this up.


So anyway, what do I think about this week’s episode of Bob’s Burgers? Well, I think it’s an okay episode with a watchable A-plot with the continuity mixing in to the batter with a weak B-plot rotting it in. I would never imagine seeing continuity being filled in this week’s episode with Louise still having a little crush on Boo Boo, even after hearing that he’s exiting from Boyz 4 Now to do a solo career. Of course, it’s nice to hear and see Louise confessing about her obsession with Boo Boo, with full confidence whatsoever and like I said, there’s nothing wrong with confessing about your obsession. We all have our obsession(s) and it’s human nature to have one. It doesn’t make you a messed up person...depends on where your confession is heading. Really enjoyed the A-plot of the episode. The B-plot of the episode however seems pretty weak in my taste, mostly around the ending of that plot. It was nice to add some history into this so I can get into the action, but like I said, this B-plot is going nowhere, does not get me at all. So all and all, I think this episode is love continuity and history at its weakest. I would give a high rating for episode with the A-plot being good to watch, but with the B-plot being weak, I have to give “Bye Bye Boo Boo”... 8 out of 10. Like I said, really enjoyed the A-plot, really loving the continuity to be added there, with a really weak B-plot with a really weak ending. Feels like it’s going nowhere here. But anyway, that’s enough with that, tune in May 15th as when Bob and Linda send Tina to Horse Camp, she has to say adios to her imaginary horse. Plus, Actor Paul Rudd will be the horse. In the Seventeenth Episode of Season Six, “The Horse Riderer.” So until then, I will see you guys later!