Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Bob's Burgers Season 6, Episodes 11 and 12 Review - Down to Bounce and A Goat Named Destiny.

In this week’s NOT one, but TWO episodes of Bob’s Burgers, The kids tried to give Rudy an amazing birthday by stealing a bounce house from a rival party while Bob faced off against a wild pigeon invading in the restaurant in the first half while in the second half, the kids are off to find a mythical two butted goat while the so-called “Lin-sanity” takes over the restaurant, and we’re not talking about Jeremy Lin here. This is my spoilerific reviews of “House of 1000 Bounces” and “Stand By Gene”.

"House of 1000 Bounces"

First off, let’s address the elephant in the room...talking about the time slot. So after TWO YEARS of being stuck in a sucky early time slot and almost getting our asses canned, we FINALLY...FINALLY got our old time slot, back to the very beginning!!! And let’s hope we can stay that way for Season 7. Just to let it out there people, we’re back to at the ol’ 8:30/7:30 time slot and looks like we got a busy month ahead since we got new episodes filled in for the 3rd, the 10th, the 17th, and the 24th. So we’re finally catching up following a messy schedule clutter and it’s looks like April is not the only month that is busy, looks like we’re going to catch up as we enter the month of May. So anyway, that’s enough about that, and let’s head to the first episode of the double episodes, “House of 1000 Bounces”.

So...raise your hands if you’re surprised to hear Rudy’s coming of age when Louise, Gene, and Tina arrive at the part?

Yeah...that what I thought. So it’s revealed in the episode that Rudy is turning Nine, yes people, NINE!!! As in Nine Years Old. So I’m guessing Rudy was Eight Years Old when we first met him back in Season 3. It’s kinda surprising to hear that. But for me, it’s not the first time to hear someone’s age been revealed whether that someone is younger or older. I believe the last time I heard an age revealed is back in the Steven Universe episode, “Steven’s Birthday”, when I heard that Steven is 14 years of age while his friend Connie is 12 and three quarters years of age. Age is but number, everyone...unless your writer and decided to pull a surprise to the viewers just to screw them over.

Of course, at Rudy’s party, we did get to see some characters making their return to the spotlight. First off...

Sasha from the Season 5 episode, “Speakeasy Rider”, still mad at Tina for costing his team the race to Louise. Dude, it was a year ago, let it go already. So I’m guessing the reason why Sasha was brought up to the episode is because of while Rudy’s party is happening, his cousin, Dahlia, is having her party taking place. I’ll talk about her later in the review but Sasha was in good use as a double agent for both the kids and Dahlia when it comes to the bounce house. But we’re not done here yet folks. Because here’s character number two making her return since Season 4.

Yeah, if you think I’m talking about a certain redhead that we haven’t seen for a really long time, sadly, we were wrong. So Harley makes her return in this week’s episode, making the characters that have made their return since Slumber Party to three. This is getting sad here people, Jessica really need to come back. I mean I get it, Kathryn Hahn, the actress who voiced the redhead girl, is very busy with other work but come on writers, I know you have to wait for the perfect timing, but time’s up. So anyway, like Sasha, Harley became a big help to the Belcher kids when getting the bounce house to Rudy’s party. But she’s not alone with this because another one is being brought back since his last appearance in Season 3.

It’s Jeremy. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, he’s the guy who stopped Louise’s plans to ruin Thomas Edison’s name in the science fair by snitching to Dinkler. Yeah, that guy. Also helped out in the whole hijacking the bounce house fiasco. So yeah, three characters making their return in this week’s episode to help out the Belcher children to make Rudy’s birthday party a day to remember. #MakeRudysPartyGreatAgain.

But I think that’s enough for the character department for now as I talk about the episode. The episode overall was enjoyable to watch. You have your normal Belcher kids hi jinks mixed with making Rudy’s birthday party the best by getting the bounce house from Dahlia to Rudy in one swoop following hearing that a mix up has been declared. I mean, you were once a child, you went to either yours or someone else’s party and the only thing you want to go in a event like this, besides the cake, is the bounce house. You love that bounce house, so much that you don’t want to leave. Just remember kids, if it’s super windy outside and it’s yours or someone else’s party, do not get a bounce house. Someone will die.

The Belcher children, Harley, and Jeremy wants the bounce house to Rudy’s party so they can enjoy, but Rudy on the other hands have other plans to make his party perfect without a bounce house. Unfortunately, they don’t listen to a single thing that Rudy is doing. For God’s sake man, it’s Rudy’s party, let Rudy do his thing! Which leads to them in Ranger Jail.

We got introduced to Sasha’s cousin, Dahlia...who’s acting a major bitch. I’m not making this up, the kids want to get into the bounce house, but Dahlia says no because it’s only for her birthday party and only her and her guests can get in. Which leads to the kids taking the bounce house while Sasha is occupying Dahlia and her guests with a toast. The plan did work, even though Dahlia noticed the kids taking the bounce house to the lake from the party.

Kinda surprised that the bounce house would still stand on a lake, carrying weight. I’m no science major, but I’m pretty sure that the bounce house won’t stand. But I guess I maybe wrong. Mainly because when it comes to water, it can still float. But when it comes to wind, it’s going to fly away to god knows where. Just basic bounce house science here, folks.

So Rudy’s dad made a comeback in this week’s episode, trying to keep the party organized before things goes downhill when the kids tried to steal the bounce house away. But while the operation is fully functional, the kids and Sasha has to keep the two adults, Rudy’s dad and Sasha’s aunt who are both divorced, occupied by setting these two up. But my only question here is this, what happened to the woman that Rudy’s dad met back in Season 4? I guess the only theory I can make up is that maybe things are not working out between the two, and maybe that’s why the kids and Sasha had to pair these two together. But that depends on who’s calling the shots in that theory, Rudy’s dad or that woman from the Wine Train?

Unfortunately, the kids’ victory of taking over the bounce house turns short when Dahlia leads a liberation front to retrieve the bounce house. You’ll think I’m making this up, but apparently, I’m not. You seen movies, when the enemy took over a fort or something, the side that took control first will fight back. Even if it means damaging or destroying the place. Well that what Dahlia and the guests from Kings Head Island are doing to get Louise, Gene, Tina, Harley, Jeremy, Andy, Ollie, and Rudy out of the bounce house, even if it means drowning them...even though no drowns in this episode, thank god. But the bounce house has came down just like the Berlin Wall.

The Park Ranger almost makes his return in this episode, surprising that he didn’t remember Tina back when she was in custody in Season 4’s “Uncle Teddy.” The ranger responds to the fiasco going with the two parties fighting over by sending the kids from Rudy’s party to Jail. Ranger Jail, because there’s a huge difference. Anyway, we got to see Ranger Jail...which is a couch with traffic cones surrounding it in half a yard of a diameter. Wow, the Government Shutdown back in 2013 must be a bitch for the Park Ranger.

Speaking of Ranger Jail, back to Rudy. The guy has prepared an alternative to make the party perfect by creating a puppet show but of course, the rest of the kids want the bounce house, which they did get it and ended badly which landed them in Ranger Jail.

Anyway, after hearing what Rudy said, with him getting mad then sad in matter of seconds, the kids will have to do anything to make Rudy happy on his special day, after feeling bad for ruining it. So to make this up, they’re doing the show that Rudy created to make up for what they did to ruin the party, and I gotta say, it was a nice thing to do help out Rudy. Even though they are now free to go, they want to stick around and make a show for the birthday boy. Aw well, Happy Birthday to you, Rudy.

The B-plot is also enjoyable to watch, which is shocking (to me) because the last one or two B-plots are going nowhere in my sake. In this B-plot of the episode, Bob, Linda, and Teddy faced a pigeon invading the restaurant. And only Bob is afraid of the bird, thinking that it’s going to attack him. Thinking that nature is out to get him. Thinking that it’s an eagle. Speaking of eagles...

Yeah...that was a good day. I think we know who’s Mother Nature is endorsing in this Election.

So while Bob is in hiding in the basement, Linda and Teddy caught the pigeon, but the pigeon when the two caught it was harmless. So to put it straight, when Bob sees the pigeon, he thinks it’s harmful. But when Teddy and Linda sees the pigeon, it’s harmless. It just a innocent little pigeon that accidentally got in the restaurant. If it’s a bird that accidentally went inside your house, then it’s fine. But I live in Southeastern Texas, and it’s Springtime, meaning that I would be facing creatures like cockroaches, or ants, or way worse like possums, or raccoons, or moles. Let the record straight that the Belcher household once faced a raccoon problem, just an FYI.

So we got a reason why Bob’s afraid of pigeons and it because of what he witnessed back in his childhood days when he heard a noise from a certain room, enters the room, sees a group of pigeons, and the pigeons attacked him. You think that this a real event in Bob’s life, but however, that’s where Linda and Teddy are calling bullshit on this because what Bob said when he first encountered a pigeon, is similar to the one scene from the classic horror film, “The Birds.” If you don’t know what “The Birds” is about, I’ll tell you in a special edition of History Lesson 101, called History Lesson 101: Movie Edition.

Movie Lesson 101: Movie Edition

“The Birds” was created and released in the year 1963, the same time the Civil Rights Movement was flaring up, all eyes are on Vietnam as the once separated country begin to what look like a unwinable war, and conspirators were having a field day revolving around a certain president. I’m on to you, guys. And the movie that got people’s attention is the hit film, “The Birds”. It was a movie about what would happen if flying animals attack human beings for no apparent reason, try comparing bird attacks to drone strikes. Of course, it was directed by the great Alfred Hitchcock, may he rest in peace, and maybe that’s why it was a box office hit, with $11.4 million, or in today’s terms: $88.7 million. Yeah...let that sink in for moment. I think that should be enough for today’s lesson.

Bob was planning to free the pigeon in “Free Bird” moment till he realized that the pigeon can’t fly because it is covered in olive oil. You do know you can clean the oil out of the bird, right? You know, give it a sponge bath, use some Dawn to give a wash. By the way, I was NOT sponsored by Dawn, just to let you guys know.

And of course, we end the episode with Bob taking a bubble bath with the pigeon. Holy hell, he’s bonding with an animal. And I gotta say, this was a very nice moment for the two. Both this and the kids making up for ruining Rudy’s party by doing a show that he created, this was a very good episode. I’m not joking, this is a very good episode. But that’s just the first one of the double episodes as we head to the second one of the double episodes, “Stand By Gene.”

"Stand by Gene"

Time to address the other elephant in the room. It’s the ONE HUNDRETH EPISODE!!!

That’s right, everyone, this is the One Hundred Episode of Bob’s Burgers. We have finally hit the milestone, my brothers and sisters as the show celebrates it’s one hundred episodes with double episodes airing on the same night. And I gotta say, it’s time to party! Cue celebration GIF!!!


Originally, this episode is not the one hundredth episode because the upcoming episode, “Glued, Where’s My Bob,” was going to be the 100th episode, but apparently, there was a screw up with the production. Meaning that the upcoming episode will NOT be the 100th episode, it will be the 107th episode. So uh...have some virtual cake as you read the review.

Hope that everything turn out alright here. So anyway, Happy 100 to the show and here’s to hundred more as we now head to the magic number of 200. Maybe if the show reach 270, it could end up becoming President of the United States...but of course, the show has to be 35 years of age. So let’s head to the review, shall we?

Like “House of 1000 Bounces”, this is an amazing episode to watch. From one hand, we got the kids going into a forest in search of a mythological creature that Gene overheard on the beach. While at the other hand, Linda is owning everyone when it comes to the game of hoops. And we begin with, of course, the main plot of the episode.

So the kids decided to take a road trip to a farm in search of a two butted goat. And at first, when the plot synopsis was revealed, I thought the writer(s) behind the episode was pulling my leg, thought we’re going nowhere with this. But after watching this episode, surprisingly, this was very well written as the episode progresses.

But something tells me that maybe the real journey is not about the two butted goat, but maybe the REAL journey in all of this is about destiny and destiny alone. And for a second there, I thought the real journey is about friendship and junk, but destiny works too. And this following a little trip to the candy store, receiving chocolate bars, and got a little message in the wrappers like their fortune cookies. Maybe next time, we find golden tickets so we get into Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. Why do I have a feeling that this isn’t going to work?

So with Tina, Gene, and Louise going on a road trip to find the two butted goat, looks like Jimmy Jr, Zeke, Tammy, Jocelyn, Darryl, and Rudy will be tagging along for the walk, adding support for the plot. But apparently, Rudy, Zeke and Jimmy Jr stick around till the very end, with Darryl, Tammy, and Jocelyn surprisingly dropping out from the hunt as just the plot reached the climax. And in another surprisingly food for thought, only Zeke was supportive with Gene’s hunt for the two butted goat, leaving the rest with Team “It’s just a myth, let’s drop the act and go home.”

Oh Jimmy Jr, what are we going to do with you? While the hunt was in progress, Zeke hang out with Gene when hunting for the two butted goat, which makes Jimmy Jr a little jealous over the two bonding. Afraid that he might end up getting replaced. And both Tammy and Jocelyn tried to encourage Jimmy Jr that to tell the two, mostly Zeke, that, “Hey! I’m here too, you know! Don’t forget about me!” And thus, that is how the term “third wheel” came to be. Man, Jimmy Jr must be hating the idea of becoming the third wheel in this episode. But tills the end of the episode with both him and Zeke patching things up by doing a little wrestling.

While heading to the farm, the kids has to face some serious obstacles to prevent them from getting to their destination with the first being an electric fence blocking their way to enter the wilderness. That where the dropping out begins where the hunt begins with nine people, after getting through the electric fence, seeing a poison ivy field across the river, we now have six, with Tammy, Jocelyn, and Darryl dropping out. With Gene, Zeke, Jimmy Jr, Tina, Louise, and Rudy still hunting for the goat.

So we finally got to see the two butted goat following a disappointing look from Gene after seeing a one butted goat. And to add some information about this is that of course, Louise and Gene made a bet that if the two butted goat is real, then Louise has to clean the mess. But if the two butted goat is not real, then Gene has to clean the mess. Which of course, they saw the two butted goat coming out from the barn house, and thus, Gene won the bet. And they get to pet the goat, courtesy of the farmer who owns the two butted goat. Also had to address that we have the censored bars on the goat due to the straight that these blog editing sites can be a tad sensitive.

And of course, while the hunt is still going on in the duration of the episode, we got Tina looking for her own destiny. And by that, I mean looking for a soul mate. With nine people, we have five guys, and four girls. We have four boys in Tina’s list, i.e. Jimmy Jr, Zeke, Darryl, and Rudy, that could end up becoming her soul mate. First up, Rudy. So I’m guessing we’re playing a little game here when it comes to who’s the right match for her. So, without further ado, is it Rudy?’s not Rudy. And there’s a reason why. Actually two reasons. With the first, of course, being the age difference. Tina’s 13 years old and Rudy just turned 9, that’s totally way out of Tina’s league. And second, when it comes to Rudy and the shipping game, I think Louise should be the viable candidate for that. But then again, Rudy’s 9, Louise’s 9, they’re not ready for love just yet. So if it’s not Rudy, we head to contestant number 2, Darryl. So, could Darryl be Tina’s potential soul mate? Survey says...

No! It’s not Darryl. And let me tell you why, remember back in Season 5’s “Can’t Buy Me Math” when both Darryl and Tina fake dated to get their crushes’ attention? Well, unless you’re new to this, Tina and Darryl have nothing in common. So apparently, that cannot be right. So if it’s not Darryl, we head to contestant number 3, Zeke. So, could Zeke be Tina’s potential soul mate? Survey says...

Really? Well in Tina’s point of view, not gonna happen. In the viewer’s point of view, it’s a bit of a mixed match. And I can tell you why. You know that Tina can’t stand Zeke, you know, at each others throats when it comes to Jimmy Jr. But don’t forget, there were some moments where Tina helped out Zeke and Zeke helped out Tina throughout the series. Like in Season 3’s “Broadcast Wagstaff School News” when Tina busted Zeke for being the Mad Pooper, he stated that the reason why he did is because it was mix of doing it for fun and a potential accident with the last one for helping Tina out when it comes to getting a top story for the school news. Or in Season 5’s “Midday Run” when Tina helped Zeke breaking out from the principal’s office when hearing that the whole bringing the mascot costume to the nursing home was confirmed to be true. And do not get me started with the whole love triangle thing back in “The Oeder Games”. So if it’s not Zeke (in Tina’s perspective), that leads one final contestant and *sighs* why do I even bother, it’s going to be Jimmy Jr, isn’t it? Show me Jimmy Jr...

What? Really? A mixed match as well? Well...that’s something to surprised about. For a second a there, if you’re a Tina/Jimmy Jr shipper, this episode is probably not for you. If you thought we’re gonna get either a love confession or kiss number 4, which I think it might be surprising that we get two kissing moments in one season, we were wrong. The moment was ruined when Jimmy Jr told Tina that she has goat poop on her shoe. But in Tina’s perspective, that’s okay? Because Louise told Tina that he’ll find someone sooner or later, Louise’s 9 years old, I don’t think nine year olds give out advice. But, don’t worry Tina, you’ll meet your special someone somewhere sometime in the future.

The B-plot of the episode has a sports feeling into the mix with Linda and Bob having a competition to see who can shoot some hoops. And just in time for the NCAA Final Four Championship...

Really? We’re down to two? Okay, I guess just in time for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship...

Really? Villanova won the game? Okay, just in time for the NCAA Women’s Basketball Championship...

Really? UConn won the championship? Oh wow, we’re a day late. Back to the B-plot, when it comes to who’s the sportiest member in the Belcher family, Linda pretty much swept the floor when she shoot some wrapped up napkins into the trash bin like it’s a game of Basketball. And of course, to top all that, Teddy and Mort joined in to play the game, getting their asses beat by Linda. And here’s a little revelation about Linda, she once played basketball in the Fourth Grade...and won. I mean, if she played a school sport team in middle and high school, she would’ve got an scholarship, she would’ve played in college basketball, and getting to play in the big leagues. God, imagine the endorsements. She probably end up getting her own shoe company. Heard of Air Jordans? Here’s Air Lindas.

Damn Linda, back at it again with those trick shots. And even in the game of darts, with using napkins as the dart, Linda would still win. She is unstoppable when it comes to sports. Don’t if Baseball or Soccer, or Football (American) is capable for Linda to take over. She beats Bob, Teddy, and Mort in a game of basketball. And she beats Bob, Teddy, Mort, and Mike the Mailman in the game of darts. It’s “Lin-sanity” here in the restaurant in this week’s episode. And I’m pretty I might end up getting sued for using the term “Lin-sanity” if Jeremy Lin or his team read this. Anyway, I don’t know who has the best day in this episode, Gene or Linda? Honestly, I think that those two had an awesome day with Gene finding a two butted goat while Linda outscoring everyone in the restaurant, something tells me that both “House of 1000 Bounces” and “Stand By Gene” are tied when it comes to the plot, but we’ll let the rating system decide which one of these two episodes get a perfect rating.


So what do I think about these two episodes of Bob’s Burgers? Yeah, I said TWO because oh my god, these two are amazing episodes, no wonder we have to wait for so long...promise me we won’t do that again in the near future. Let’s begin with “House of 1000 Bounces,” this was a very good episode in both sides of the aisle. I could wrong on this, but I think this is the second episode that Regular Sized Rudy has taken the spotlight. I mean, I like Rudy, he’s like a fan favorite in the show, and I mean come on, who doesn’t love Rudy here? The whole taking the bounce house from the rival party fiasco was something to enjoy to watch when the kids tried to make Rudy’s party more enjoyable, but of course, that ended baldy when the bounce house came down when Dahlia and her guests decided to take it back, even if it means tearing it down. I really enjoy the show that the kids did to cheer Rudy up on his special day following the whole take the bounce house, even though it’s only for a few moments we pan off to another scene, but still, I think it’s a nice thing that Louise and the gang has pulled off to cheer up the birthday boy. Really enjoyed the plot with Bob and the pigeon, never imagine the B-plot to be enjoyable since the last two B-plots were kinda going nowhere. I really enjoy the little scene with the end with Bob bonding with the little pigeon in the tub when cleaning the olive oil out of the flying animal. And I would never imagine of bringing up a horror movie classic reference to be added into the mix. As for “Stand By Gene,” like “House of 1000 Bounces,” this was an amazing episode. The plot in both aisles was handled perfectly with amazing animation along the way. Really loving Gene’s upbeat enthusiasm when hearing about a rumor of a two butted goat which led to the hunt. And I really like the idea of a little Gene and Zeke bonding, but of course, Jimmy Jr tried to break these up by trying get Zeke’s attention acting like what Third Wheels do best, trying to get attention by breaking these two up. Of course, Tina’s finding a potential soul mate while on the hunt was a tad down to me because we knew that who Tina’s soul mate was going to be. It was so predictable, that you probably can’t stand a certain ship from getting attention. And if you’re a Tina/Jimmy Jr shipper, this episode is probably not for you when you thought Jimmy Jr was gonna confess his feelings or getting kiss number four ready to go, but the moment was ruined when Jimmy Jr noticed that Tina has goat turd on her shoe. And the B-plot of the episode does not disappoint by a mile with Linda outscoring everyone in the restaurant, seriously, call a sports agent and get Linda to play in the big leagues. Maybe...a little trip to the Olympics this coming Summer, you know what I’m saying. But anyway, all and all, these two episodes are enjoyable and amazing to watch, totally worth the wait. Let’s just hope the schedule won’t fuck up again for the next season so we can be on queue. I give “House of 1000 Bounces...”

...a 9.5 out of 10. And for “Stand By Gene...”

... 9.5 out of it’s a tie, but it doesn’t matter because I’ll say it again, we have two amazing episodes, both enjoyable to watch and totally worth the wait for common fans, and it looks like April and May are going to be a majorly busy month when catching up to the magic number of twenty-two. Speaking of upcoming episodes, tune April 10th as Bob prepares to sell an old friend’s bike to release him from jail following a dispute in the Thirteenth Episode of Season Six, “Wag the Hog.” Until then, that’s it for me and I will see you guys later.