Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Bob's Burgers Season 6, Episode 9 Review - Good Couch Hunting

In this week’s episode of Bob’s Burgers, Bob and Louise, mostly Louise, take matters in their own hands when the family refused to replace the old rusty couch for a new luxurious one from the Furniture Store. This is my spoilerific review of “Sacred Couch”. And just like last episode, not to be confused with “Sacred Cow”, only it’s not a cow ready to head towards the Slaughterhouse, it’s a couch that is ready to be replaced.

Yes people, we’re talking couches in this week’s episode of Bob’s Burgers as both Bob and Louise noticed that the couch that they have since the beginning of the series (or in Fandom talk, since both Bob and Linda moved in) is becoming run downed and getting old that it’s time to replace the old couch with a new couch. I mean, when the Belchers are having talks on whether or not the couch should be replaced, we got flashbacks on times when they sat on that couch. Like when Tina chewing on the padding when she’s in the teething phase...

...or when Gene puked on Bob’s Back...

...or when Bob and Linda play fort with Louise..., memories. Sadly, this is the only time we see Tina, Gene, and Louise as babies all together. Come on writers, it’s time to see how the one of the Belchers kids, no matter who will be taking the spotlight, it’s time to see flashbacks on that. Anyway, thanks to a Democratic Vote from the Belcher household, three out of five members don’t want the couch to go. Yeah, three out of five members don’t want the couch to head towards the dump, now you know how Democracy works. Happy Election Season, Everyone! Anyway, the vote has been official by Linda, Tina, and Gene on keeping the couch but Bob and Louise ain’t having it. It’s like even if a choice has been made by voting, Bob and Louise, or the Burn Unit, is like, “You know what? Fuck the results, we’re taking this in our own hands.” And what do you mean by that? It means that if Linda, Tina, and Gene are not going to get rid of the couch, Bob and Louise are going to make them change their minds by making an “Accident” happen. And by “Accident”, we mean Louise creating mischief by cutting the holding support of the couch so that the next time the Belchers hold their Family TV Night, the couch will break. And it did happen. That lead to Linda, Gene, and Tina making up their minds and thus, it’s time for the old couch to go and for the new couch to take over.

If there’s anything I know about Furniture Stores is that it’s like a store where you can rest, even though the employer will think that if you found the set for you to take home. Plus, furniture ain’t cheap. Believe me, I checked. The duration of the episode takes place in the Furniture Store when the Belchers saw it on a TV Commercial with the Sofa Queen, voiced by Wanda Sykes, to get their attention. Which of course, lead to the replacement of the couch. And all while Bob, Louise, and Linda are couch hunting...

Yeah, Tina and Gene get their little side plot by trying to jump into the high chair. Really, a high chair? Like trying to taste a teaspoon of Cinnamon or jumping into a frozen lake isn’t enough? Yeah, Tina and Gene challenge each other by jumping into the high chair, which ended badly when they got stuck. It’s all fun and games till someone gets stuck on a high chair and/or break it...and/or a trip to the hospital. DO NOT try this at home. Which I’m pretty sure you’re gonna ignore this message. God, this planet is heading to hell.

Heading back to the couch hunt, they found the perfect couch that can fit all five Belcher family members and it’s like they’re ready to take the new couch to the Belcher household, trying to enjoy the moment. That is until Linda overheard what Louise said to Bob about destroying the couch and that may have hurt Linda by a milestone. And of course, the only way to get Linda on board with replacing the couch and forget what both Bob and Louise did to damage the couch is to get the Sofa Queen to make Linda better. Which of course, lead to Linda forgiving Bob and Louise for sabotaging the old couch and had to take the new one.

The reconciliation scene was something to talk about when the Belchers prepare to hold their Family TV Night when finishing up dinner when Louise noticed a paper towel trail from the kitchen to the living room at the window where she noticed the old couch on the sidewalk.

Yeah, the part when both Bob and Louise saw the couch outside finally realized that they’ve made a mistake and they want to get the old couch back. So NOW you care about the old couch after wanting to get rid of it in the beginning of the episode? Well, you know sitcoms, if someone makes a mistake, that person has to fix it. Anyway, the little reconciliation scene made the Belchers heading out and getting their old couch out from the sidewalk. But...

Yeah, the couch is gone. Good job, Belchers, you thought about it for TOO LONG and now the couch you love is gone. Yeah, great timing, guys. Of course, we did got the identity of who took the couch from Teddy. Found out it’s a teenage band and according to owner of the place where they play, they burn couches. Again, not good news for the Belchers as they trying to get their couch back from the teenage band members at an abandoned warehouse by the abandoned railroad tracks. Man, what up with teenagers and abandoned places? This isn’t Gravity Falls.

Bob tried to reason with the teenage boys but got denied because they found the couch fair and square and got a front row seat of a couch burning, or was when Bob told the boys if he can give them another couch to burn, which of course referring to the new couch the Belchers just bought. Which lead to a successful deal and a photo op. Yeah, the group want a perfect photo of them in front of a burning couch with Bob as the photographer. Trying to get a perfect photo but the guys shut their eyes for photo even though Bob wants them to open their eyes. Just open your eyes, dammit! And speaking of burning, I’m guessing those teenage boys are...”Feeling the Bern.” Please vote for Bernie this Election Season. I’m not giving away anything, just asking.

Reaction/Thoughts: So what do I think about this week’s episode of Bob’s Burgers? To be honest, I think this week’s episode is okay, but there were some ups and downs for some parts in the episode. Although the couch would take the spotlight, it feels like the spotlight of the episode is pointed on either Louise, Bob, or Linda with Tina and Gene being the background characters in this week’s episode. I really enjoy Wanda Sykes being the guest star in this week’s episode as the Sofa Queen. I don’t know but it’s like she been out of the spotlight from sometime now in my opinion, but aside from that, she did an amazing job as the Sofa Queen in the commercial and of course, trying to comfort Linda following overhearing Bob and Louise that hey sabotaged the old couch to get the new couch ready to go. Of course, we got the reconciliation scene when both Louise and Bob saw the couch outside and they feel so bad for ditching the old couch that they wanted it back but didn’t realized that the couch was gone by the time the Belchers made up their minds yet again about couches. Just be lucky they don’t have any couch gags planned in the future. The ending of the least the Belchers got their couch back. Okay, to be honest, the ending of the episode seems a bit off for me. Even though the Belchers got their couch back, to be fair, it’s like watching a negotiation being made rather than a Sunday Night delight. But did enjoy Bob trying to get the perfect photo even though the three teenage boys closed their eyes trying to take a photo with a burning couch in the background. Don’t try closing eyes while taking a photo on Picture Day. So all and all, I think this episode is all couch emotion and dialogue to fill in the time. I give “Sacred Couch”... 8.5 out of 10. Like I said, could be better. We did get an episode that all about the couch and it’s history, and I really do enjoy the flashbacks of the Belcher children as toddlers for a brief second. Come on writers, we need an episode with one of the Belcher children as toddlers! And of course, this episode have some ups and downs when it comes to the plot department. I guess you could rewatch it and tell me what you think to prove me wrong. Anyway, that’s it for this episode and tune in March 13 when the students at Wagstaff face a Lice Infestation. Will the students be fine after this event? Will Tina get affected following volunteering to help out with the nurse? And will we finally see what’s under Louise’s hat?! Looks like we’re going to wait and see in the Tenth Episode of Season Six, “Lice Things Are Lice”. So until then, I’ll see you guys later!