Sunday, September 28, 2014

Review: Doctor Who Series 8, Episode 6: Clara and her Two Boys against the Killer Robot

In This Week's Episode of Doctor Who, Clara has some explaining to do when The Doctor is in disguise hunting for an Alien Robot, all while hoping her BF Danny Pink don't interact with The Doctor.

This Episode is mostly on Clara, who is exactly busy between her date with Danny Pink and Traveling with the Doctor. I don't know if this is Character Development or not, but here in this week's episode, it looks like a choice between the two, can someone say 'Drama!"

The Doctor is in disguise in this episode as The Caretaker (Janitor) using the persona "John Smith". We haven't heard the name and The Doctor infiltrate the school in disguise since Series 2 Episode 'School Reunion'. Everyone greet him with hellos, Clara in the other shock. She thought that she won't be traveling with the Doctor in a few days, but when The Doctor came in as The Caretaker, Yeah...I'm so sorry for you Clara.

The Doctor mentions River Song in this episode, in which some of the fandom just squeal in feels while talking to Clara, he said that both The Doctor and River got into a huge fight. Wonder why they're fighting about? And speaking of feels and referencing in this episode, The Doctor creeps in Clara's conservation with Adrian, the teacher with the bow tie who looks like Matt Smith's Doctor. The Doctor thought that the bow tie teacher was a good match for her, but nope, wrong person Doctor. Which raises my question, does Clara still misses the 11th Doctor?

The Antagonist in this episode is the killer space robot which I forgot his name that shoots laser beam bullets. We first saw him when he kill off that cop in patrol when entering the gate, and that's why The Doctor is in disguise, to take out the robot. His appearance is like a robot with crab legs, no wait spider legs, who wanted to wipe humanity off the universe. The Doctor, along with Clara and Danny, took on the robot and the midway and almost endway point of the episode all while not trying to destroy school property.

The Invisible Watch made an appearance in this episode, still patent pending, on which The Doctor is invisible while demonstrating in front of Clara.

  And following the Invisible Watch, Clara gave the Invisible Watch to Danny to get into the TARDIS without the Doctor noticing, but...The Doctor has a keen sense of people, so yeah...way to go Clara.

Speaking of Danny, we finally got Danny noticing the truth on Clara on why she so late on dates. Clara told Danny that she traveled with The Doctor although time and space. She also told Danny about the TARDIS, which Danny freaked out about how it's bigger in the inside, which is pretty normal for a new companion. However, The Doctor and Danny's Encounter with each other started off with a rocky start, between Clara and him being a solider, which The Doctor hates, looks like Danny need to work things out with Clara to not get into The Doctor's Bad Side. After beating the killer space robot which I don't know the name, Danny told Clara that if there's something wrong between her and The Doctor, she insisted on asking him for help.

Danny isn't the only one who wants questions, also a student in the school. We got the name of the student named Courtney Woods, who saw the TARDIS while looking for paper towels after a spill in the Geometry Room. She grew suspicious before Danny in this episode. No wonder she call herself the Disruptive Influence. Disruptive Influence, Oncoming Storm...Courtney Woods for Next Companion. Unfortunately, I think that's not gonna happen due to Space Sickness when in the TARDIS while sending the killer robot in Space. 

And look who decided to show since Episode 2 of this series, it's Missy. Walking through an office in Heaven. Moffat, you better tell us by the end of the series who Missy really is? Cause this is really getting annoying.

Reaction/Thoughts: So What do I think about this episode? Well, I say this is a pretty good episode. The Doctor in disguise is what we haven't seen since in the school since Series 2 while taking on a foe. Clara distracted in between both Danny and The Doctor made her go crazy and decide. We don't know if this is one way to tell that Clara might leave the show on Christmas. Danny finally noticed that both The Doctor and Clara had traveled since when the 11th Doctor found her in modern day London, and not on the Dalek Asylum or Victorian London. Still don't know if Clara still misses the 11th Doctor? Or whether or not we will find Missy's identity because apparently, Moffat need some explaining to do. I give this episode...

...8 and a Half out of 10. Stay Tuned Next Week for Episode 6 of Series 8, "Kill The Moon" on which The Doctor and Clara lands on the Moon and creepy stuff happened on the Moon...wonder why the US never step foot in the Moon ever since. What are your thoughts of this episode? Leave your comments below.